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It was nice knowing you DeAngelo

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Here's a breakdown of DWill's contract numbers that the new GM will see when he takes over this offseason...

2013: $7.95 million cap hit

2014: $8.95 million cap hit

2015: $9.95 million cap hit

$26.85 million total over three years to keep him. Besides the cost it's also important to note that he'll be 30-32 years old during the final 3 years of this contract.

Now, if we release Williams we still have to deal with some dead money. If we designate Williams as a June 1st cut, this would be his cap hit...

2013: $3.2 million, giving us $4.75 million more cap space

2014: $6.4 million, giving us $2.55 million more cap space

2015: $0 giving us $9.95 million more cap space

By releasing him we have to suck up $9.6 million in dead money but we still end up with a staggering $17.25 million total in extra cap space over three years. Given that the Panthers are going to be ~$4-5 million over the cap heading into the offseason (and next year doesn't look much better) I don't think there's any chance DWill is a Panther next season.

Even if he agrees to take a reasonably sized pay cut I think the cost of keeping him would still be too high. He would have to cut his base salary at least in half, probably more, to stick around and players generally aren't willing to take that big of a pay cut. And in DWill's case he probably feels he's still an elite player and only dropped in production due to being poorly utilized by the coaching staff.

The only way I see him sticking around would be if we promote Brandon Beane to permanent GM. All the massive contracts Hurney dished out in 2011 were laughable when compared to other deals being signed around the league. Any outside GM is going to want to dump this contract (and probably a few others) ASAP.

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actually that's not as terrible as i thought. that's a lot of money to get off the books but when it's broken down like that it doesn't look so insurmountable. 4.75mil next year is pretty significant and that dropoff after 2014 is going to be very, very useful.

deangelo is almost certainly gone. i hope he ends up with a contender for his last couple years, i'd love to see him get a ring.

nice work OP

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The Hurney lovers on this forum kill me. He was awful and average in his best years.

Goodbye Dwill. No more wearing your jersey but I'll still root for you when you don't play the panthers. Shouldn't be so upset you have skills that need to be utilized in another system and frankly you cost too much, which isn't your fault but let's be real.

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He most definitely is, but what does that say about JR by extension?

That he needs to "pay" to have more knowledgeable people about running a team

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