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A message to the FAKE @$$ Fans

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Don't let the door hit you on the @$$ on the way out!

We retained our HC and promoted from within. Anybody really that surprised?

To all of you that think we can't or won't win anything with Rivera/Shula based on their history in the League you'd better think again...

This team BATTLED for Rivera to keep his job... Said nothing when Chud bounced out... And now we have continuity with Shula.

Do you really think anyone could do worse than Chud??? I don't. Read option 3 plays and punt? LOL

Shula knows Cam better than any coach on the Team... He knows his sideline demeanor, knows when he gets flustered, knows what makes him pissed... Like I said, he knows Cam better than Cam knows himself. Couldn't have made a better hire IMO.

This offense will be much improved! Wait and see... Or don't and get the FUG out once and for all.

Good riddance to all of those who think they know football better than the ones running this franchise.

Very impressed with Gettleman... It took balls to make this call over a Big Name Jackson hire... He made the right choice.. This is the day that we'll remember as the day it ALL turned around for the better.

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TCF dude I beat this team's drum as loud as I could when I got into watching the NFL. Right now I am very disappointed with this team and what they have shown so far this offseason. For that reason I'm going to make exaggerated bitchy comments because I can't beat the damn drum with a straight face.

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I'm not sure how disagreeing with the FO's decision makes you a fake fan.

real fans drink the koolaid, i suppose.

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While i will reserve my own rah-rah statements, i will say that aside from the passionate op i do agree with some of those points. Yes Cam is comfortable with Shula, and you are correct not one offensive player came out and said man we're gonna miss Chud. Yet everyone of them fought tooth and nail for RR. Ive got to give this one some more thought, but i may have to say i like it.

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So 7 of you have identified yourselves right away! That's great...

Let the hate flow through you... Good....Good....

I don't care how unpopular this sentiment is or how many or few agree with me or disagree with me.

It's true. Get behind the move, embrace it... Or GTFO

It's like y'all are some emotional women at "that time of the month" right now. Man the FUG up... Or stop being a fan...

If you find yourself getting super pissed off by what I'm saying, then maybe it's time for some self evaluation

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