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Florio criticizes Gettleman hire, calls it "dog and pony show"

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For the record, these statements about Newton aren't what make Theismann a dimwit. He long ago cemented his rep for being a moron.

As to the prime topic, I find myself wondering if the description of the GM hiring process as a "dog and pony show" might not have originated with Darin Gantt. He's expressed similar thoughts on previous occasions.

That is so true. It's hard to believe some of these players have gone from being well respected players on the field, to morons in front of a camera. It's amazing what a paycheck and an oversized ego can bring you.

I do feel for the Panthers because Cam is the face of the franchise and folks like Theismann seems to be reaching to all levels of immaturity to continue showing how far he is willing to go to selling the media created BS that Cam is exactly how THEY see him.

And maybe Joe could take a page out of the other Joe's, Montana, book and stop making a fool of himself by putting down these young QBs.

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I don't think it is. In fact, I'd say our GM search went pretty well. Accorsi deserves a lot of credit.

Doesn't really matter though. Until we start winning on a consistent basis, doubt and scorn will be the norm.

Think of the Jets, Raiders and Browns as examples. It's not like every single move they make is blatantly stupid, but given their current rep, it's no shock if every move they make is questioned.

Sad to say that, at least for the moment, that's us too :(

Give me a healthy o-line of the guys we already have with Newton and Smith, and Keuchly, C. Johnson, Hardy with some Rivera coached up guys on d... We'd beat all of those teams. We are a lot farther along than the media gives us credit.

I wouldn't be surprised to see us play the draft very aggressively if the brass finds the guys they want in scouting. We only have a few roles to fill, but some of them are major roles.

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