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Jack Harbaugh Claims Jim Said Kaepernick Was Best Player In 2011 Draft Back Then

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You must must mean WIN GAMES in the 4th quarter? :sword:

Cause Cam has brought the team back many times during the 4th quarter the past two years, just to watch the defense (no matter what they were rated at the time), cough up the lead for the Panthers to lose the game, such as Chicago, 2nd Tampa Bay and the 1st Atlanta game this year. And there were others. The Panthers should be at least 10-6 now, from those three games alone.

Did you know that during 6 of Andrew Luck's 4th quarter comeback/game winners (one was a 50+ yd FG), the offense turned the game over to the defense with 2-6 min left and watched them hold the lead, no matter how poorly rated they were at the time or to end the season? That's what helps a QB more than anything/stats. It's situational defense when it counts!

Not that Newton played every 4th quarter great (nobody does). However, he certainly made enough comebacks and gained the lead often enough, his first two seasons, but never got the defense to hold up their end of the bargain during plenty of games when it really counted.

There is no question that our defense folded in some games quicker than a 5 dollar lawn chair. And It surely wasn't Cam's fault more than others. But he is not a great last second hero rallying the team in the last 2 minutes of the game. And that is almost becoming commonplace.

I have confidence that he has the ability to do anything he wants to do. The question is whether he has the confidence to do it. Whether he has the confidence like Ryan did when he rallied the falcons against us the first time.

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    • WaPo isn't partners with the CIA. Amazon Web Services, which sells servers to thousands upon thousands of companies and websites, sold servers to the CIA. You can buy your own now right here. Does that make you partners with the WaPo? When Jimmy Dore says "600 million dollars is more than the Washington Post is even worth!" he's being a dumbass. The Washington Post didn't make the deal with the CIA so what they're worth is irrelevant. Amazon Web Services sold them servers, and they happen to have the same parent company as the Washington Post. The thing about Jimmy Dore is that he is absolutely utterly obsessed with Hillary Clinton. Like, utterly obsessed. Everything goes back to Hillary Clinton to him, and his obsession has morphed into skepticism of the Russian investigation, because he views it as an excuse for why Hillary lost. He can't accept the Russia stuff being true because if it's true then maybe Clinton didn't lose on merit. And so his skepticism of the Russia investigation has led him down the path of 'well the Deep State is conspiring against Trump' and 'the Deep State is the real true evil.' He fact-checks nothing. It's Alex Jones level poo.
    • Anyone who can equate any modern presidency at any moment in time with the embarrassment we see right now is off their gd rocker. What is really telling is that we now see that Trump can't just be casual.  He can't just talk it up with other peers.  He can't just chill the f*ck out. Seriously....people like this are weird as hell.   It's been obvious he's the head of a business but not a business savvy guy since the Apprentice.  I don't understand why we want the Sharknado meets 80s bad guy of Presidents.