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Game 46: Charlotte Bobcats: (11-34) @ Houston Rockets (25-23)

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Once again Dunlap fails with rotations and line ups. Jeff Taylor cannot play the 4 and we are now getting abused because of it.

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We were disinterested in the game after MKG went down.

Hopefully he is okay.

This is true... after that injury the atmosphere in the stadium changed and we lost all the momentum.

My observations from watching the game at the stadium off the ball...

1) Harden was not that great... the way Houston played tonight they were very beatable and we should have won this game.

2) Guard defense on ball was horrible... too many times we were getting beat off the dribble... and easily

3) Front court rotations on defense was HORRID!!! They looked slow, slow to react, the front court defenders was just letting people cut inside all night for easy buckets...

4) We make the game too hard on ourselves forcing us to be a jump shooting team... there were sooooooo many selfish offensive plays... positions were players were wide open, and on the fast break were we would take a tough shot instead of passing to the open man... this was the WORST thing to witness because unselfish play would have created sooo many better positions.

4b) Going back to our front court,,, there is a lack of trust an communication between the frontcourt and backcourt... there were so multiple possessions where the a big should have slashed to the basket and would have had a good opportunity where the front court player with the ball could have made a pass to him... yet they hung around outside the box and a bad shot ended up being taken.

The rockets were right for the picking tonight, but we came up short.... Most importantly i hope MKG is okay. Talk about unclassy in the rockets red rowdies section they had various chants going on while MKG was down and the rest of the stadium was quiet worried about MKG. F-ing bastards... Disrespectful pieces of ish is what they were.

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