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Kevin Greene

Your Huddle Poster Top 10 List

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Here's a list of my favorite posters.

Sorry I couldn't keep it to 10.

/rep harlot

You will find me sitting comfortably on page 7.

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You will find me sitting comfortably on page 7.

But you'll always be on page 1 of my heart.

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Page 6???? That's horsesh*t!!!!!!!!!!

It's alright, we saved you a spot on page 1.

Go ahead and cut in line :D

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It'd be hard for me to make a real top 10 because I genuinely like a lot of you folks' internet representations of yourselves and can hate your opinion on one thing but love you for your opinion on something else...

If I had to pick, it would look something like:

PhillyB - for a lot of your opinions, and your cool voyage stories and pics

SmootsDaddy89 - for your snarky sense of humor and for that time you recorded yourself singing and linking us to it

Fiz - probably a legend and a little before his time... he seemed really cool when you weren't the target of his oft-well deserved attention

rodeo, gospodin shuttlesworth, and Sheikh Zula (I count this as one because it is my list dammit) - for our mostly similar opinions of society's hierarchy and social oppression

mmmbeans - for being a seemingly all around good dude, and our shared opinions on things at times... and for having a cool body mod

pstall - for being the only Huddler I've ever met in person and for confirmation bias

Jase, Panthro, Zod, and teh Kurb - for various reasons unique to each of you

MPF, ladypanther, Cat, boo, Cosmo, sunbunny, LifeIsAGarden, Panthers_Lover, and all my other Huddle Womenz (I know I am forgetting a lot off the top of my head) for bringing your opinions on things to the boards and not letting all the creepy dudes run you off

Salty for being my e-bro for years and years

venom, CatOfWar, Floppin, and ChucktownK - for being my brothers in arms

nc_biscuit for the appreciation of a nice set of tittays

Zcustom, DPantherman, and several others who are my FB friends even though we only know each other from this site... maybe one day we'll all get together and hang out somehow

cookingwithgas (IF I RECALL CORRECTLY) - for also being married to a Portuguese yankee and for all the suffering you, too, must go through because of it...

Anyone who remembers SLJ and any of my other alts, and who has ever read and agreed with anything that I have posted

Everyone else who I forgot to mention... You all (except for maybe 3-4 ignorant asshole racist/party toting bastards) have a special place in my heart until the day I die...

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I feel left out.

aww man! You know I just had to go right back and fix that poo, homes!

except... you can't be armed... amirite?!?!?! LOL


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