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The Cable/Satellite TV Sports Bubble

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NanuqoftheNorth    7,925

NanuqoftheNorth, on 19 February 2013 - 01:22 PM, said:

"I pay $98 a month for cable and half of that is for sports?" said Vincent Castellanos, 51, a fashion stylist who lives in Los Feliz. "I've never once gone to a single sports channel.

what are the odds of that?!!!!!

I wondered at the time if the journalist could have found anyone less stereotypical than the guy he quoted. The BIG Ten Network expansion plan with UM and RU is to stick anyone that has basic cable with increased charges in the DC and NYC Metropolitan areas, (regardless of whether basic cable subscribers ever watch one second of the BTN or not) that got me thinking about when the public would finally start to revolt against these constant increases and abandon the 100s of useless cable channels for INTERNET À la carte TV/antenna based HDTV.

Note: "Upgraded" to Windows 8 recently and formatting anything on this site is now a serious PITA.

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Happy Panther    4,005

I agree, everything you subscribe to as a consumer should be ala carte.

Dont think the majors will let it happen, but it should.

Intel is trying to do this


Intel is reportedly on the cusp of delivering something that consumers around the world have been wanting for a long, long time.

Kelly Clay at Forbes reports Intel is going to blow up the cable industry with its own set-top box and an unbundled cable service.

Clay says Intel is planning to deliver cable content to any device with an Internet connection. And instead of having to pay $80 a month for two hundred channels you don't want, you'll be able to subscribe to specific channels of your choosing.

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Kevin Greene    12,297

Intel is trying to do this


Very interesting. I'd like to sign up for that beta.

I see some delays due to programming rights. I hope they roll it out even if the major networks aren't onboard as I can get them all OTA,

I would however bet ISPs, many of them also Cable providers will start nailing consumers for usage fees if bandwidth use goes way up.

Long term I think Intel will have to impliment wireless feeds like phone companies do to control costs.

Let's hope it happens, competition is good.

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pstall    5,759

pick what you want to watch just makes sense. besides im tired of the stranglehold time warner has on charlotte. or at least s char.

yeah i know there is dish and direct. but i want to see u-verse or fios come around here.

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Panthro    10,036

Sports is the only thing people need to watch live. I'd dump directtv if I could watch sports on the web.

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