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The NHL schedule is delayed due to a conflict with the Olympics




NHL players have competed in every Winter Olympiad since 1998, but a deal between the NHL, players’ association, International Olympic Committee and International Ice Hockey Federation to send players to the 2014 games in Sochi, Russia, has not yet been finalized. If an agreement is made, the league will take a two-week hiatus in February to allow players to represent their countries.


When it is released, this year’s NHL schedule will have a different look than in seasons past. The new realignment plan has trimmed the number of divisions from six to four and shifted both Detroit and Columbus to the Eastern Conference



Come on, come to an agreement soon! I want to kick some Canadian ass!

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Idiot senator from SC proposed that we boycott the Sochi Olympics because Russia isn't giving us Snowden lol.

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An agreement has been reached for NHL participation in the Sochi Olympics.

Hopefully this means there is a schedule release on the horizon.

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CBS Sports Released There Projected Roster Today...



Dan Bylsma

David Polie



Line One: Zach Parise - Ryan Kesler - Patrick Kane

Line Two: Max Pacioretty - Joe Pavelski - Phil Kessel

Line Three: James van Riemsdyk - David Backes - Bobby Ryan

Line Four: Ryan Callahan - Paul Stastny - Dustin Brown

Extras: Jason Pominville, Derek Stepan


In The Hunt: Alex Galchenyuk, Blake Wheeler, Brandon Dubinsky, and T.J. Oshie

The Lock: Zach Parise, Patrick Kane, Phil Kessel, Bobby Ryan, Joe Pavelski, David Backes, Ryan Kesler, and Dustin Brown

The Likelies: Ryan Callahan, Max Pacioretty, and Paul Stastny

The Bubble: James van Riemsdyk, Jason Pominville, Derek Stepan, Alex Galchenyuk, Blake Wheeler, Brandon Dubinsky, and T.J. Oshie



Line One: Ryan Suter - Jack Johnson

Line Two: Ryan McDonagh - Kevin Shattenkirk

Line Three: Brooks Orpik - Paul Martin

Extras: Keith Yandle - Dustin Byfuglien


In The Hunt: Justin Faulk, Erik Johnson, John Carlson, Matt Carle, and Zach Bogosian

The Locks: Ryan Suter, Ryan McDonagh, and Jack Johnson

The Likelies: Kevin Shattenkirk and Paul Martin

The Bubble: Brooks Orpik, Keith Yandle, Dustin Byfuglien, Justin Faulk, Erik Johnson, John Carlson, Matt Carle, and Zach Bogosian



Starer: Jonathan Quick

Back-Up: Jimmy Howard

Extra: Corey Schneider


In The Hunt: Ryan Miller, Craig Anderson, and Tim Thomas

The Lock: Jonathan Quick

The Likelie: Jimmy Howard

The Bubble: Corey Schneider, Ryan Miller, Craig Anderson, and Tim Thomas

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So they can have 25 players?


Yandle should be on the top defensive line. He leads all american defensemen in points in the last 3-4 years. A guy like that shouldn't just be an extra. Byfuglien is right behind him and is also physical. And no mention of Goligoski? He has pretty good point numbers as well. Orpik's numbers aren't that good either. McDonagh's isn't as good as others and shouldn't be a "lock". Martin would probably be my 8th defenseman choice, but I can see why he is in the top 6.


JVR's stats are pretty pathetic. Wheeler should definately get in over him . Legwand and Stafford should get a mention.


If they can carry a 3rd goalie, Schneider should definately not be it.

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You have to understand that tournament experience is the most important thing to look for, not NHL production. Guys like Jack Johnson and JVR get the nod over players because they have a lot of experience playing for Team USA.  


It makes sense in that you want players that have been there before and aren't going to be intimidated when Canada rolls up with a top six of probably Crosby, Nash, Stamkos, Toews, Staal, and Perry.  

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Almost all the guys have played for USA

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I'm not a fan of Paul Martin's...

I think it would be cool if they had Justin Faulk as an extra... maybe something like this...

Ryan Suter - Jack Johnson

Ryan McDonagh - Kevin Shattenkirk

Brooks Orpik - Keith Yandle

Justin Faulk - Matt Carle

I think it would be wise to mix in some young guys with some older guys.

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I just looked it up and they are allowed to carry 25 players. NHL teams can only carry 23. Both however can only dress 20. So I need to add 2 more guys to my list.

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