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Official Carolina Panthers Madden 10 Ratings

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they will continue to show up if mods continue to put them in the forum were post go to die. i mean, its not like its madden in general, its madden about the panthers.

how is an article about panther player's rankings any different then a madden article about panther player's RATINGS?

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Two Madden threads were moved to the proper forum yesterday and snap, two more show up today. And the reason given is that Madden threads sent there die. HUH? If you guys want to discuss Madden, why don't you go there and discuss? Why should the rest of us who care nothing about it be subjected to them because you're too lazy to switch forums? Probably because complaints about them are what keep them alive. It's just ridiculous if you ask me...

I know it's offseason and the board is a little more liberal. But I'll read 100 "pick up Vick" threads if I don't have to read fantasy threads, that's just how it is...

Nothing against you, it's just so ridiculous...

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I think they have really f*cked the game up with this new ratings system. Deangelo's speed dropped a point, JStew's dropped from 93 to 88, Moose's from 85 to 75... WTF? And Harris's speed dropped to a 74?!?!? Ridiculous.

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They lowered the ratings of each player other than superstars across the board, so ratings will be lower than expected.

However, Gamble got screwed. Beason should be higher. Kemo is better than D Lewis. Otah's pass block is better than run block? Really? How is the run block not higher for our line as a whole?

And what the hell does DeAngelo have to do to get his carrying rating to 99? ZERO FUMBLES.

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Chris Gamble is strangely rated, he's low at 83 overall but his speed is through the roof at 93.

Gamble is not as fast as Marshall.

Wharton is underrated.

Hoover is WAAAAY underrated.

Jake Delhomme with 84 throw power is basically a girl in shoulder pads.

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