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Dxterity's 2013 Carolina Huddle Awards (Superlative Nominations)

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That was the first time I've ever laughed at one of fug's posts.

There is a first time for everything.


And most likely the only time.

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It's the offseason and I have an original idea so lets have some fun. What if for the Huddle awards this year we created a new type of awards. All the bland "best looking" or "most loved" get kind of boring wouldn't you agree? So I've come up with a system to make things more entertaining. We give out awards named after Panther players/staff that go along with what they are like. I've listed some examples below please feel free to add more or tell me to go fug myself.

The Armanti Edwards Award - "Why are you here?"

The Jordan Gross Award - "Funniest Huddler."

The Luke Kuechly Award -"Most contributing Huddler."

The Greg Hardy Award - "Strangest Huddler."

The Sam Mills Award -"Most beloved Huddler."

The Steve Smith Award - "Always gets the last word,"

The John Kasay Award - "Oldest Huddler."

The Marty Hurney Award - "Most moronic Huddler."

The Charles Johnson Award - "Biggest pie *****."

etc... Feel free to add some more! If anything it's original, please don't hate me.

Contributions from Huddlers

The TopCat Award - "Hottest girls in sigs." (jamos14)

The Cam Newton Award - "Most Awesomeness/Swag actually has fans on a message board." (L-TownCat)

The Ron Rivera Award - "TBD"

The Thomas Davis Award - "Most Inspirational Huddler." (iamhubby1)

The Jon Beason Award - "Most aggressive Huddler." (iamhubby1)

The Josh Norman Award - "Most trash talking Huddler." (iamhubby1)

The Brandon Lafell Award -"Worst grammar." (Frash Brastard)

The Sione Fua Award - "Largest bandwidth waster." (SCP)

The DeAngelo Williams Award - "Most immature Huddler." (iamhubby1)

The Olindo Mare Award - "TBD"

The Star Lotulelei Award - "Best Rookie Huddler - Member for one year or less." (h0llywood)

The Frank Alexander Award - "Most promising Huddler for Mod." (h0llywood)

The David Gettis Award - "Most perverted Huddler." (h0llywood)

I just want to remind everyone this is not a thread for nominating people yet this is only to get award ideas. The actual nomination thread will come at a to be determined date.


Who are these people?

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