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Are Cam and Rivera adjoined at the hip?

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iamhubby1    2,895

I love all you mother-fugers. And I don't have an IP address. Cuz I use over the air internet. Yea, that's the ticket.

Hog mollies allow you to compete. But it is the skill players that get you the wins. On this team, we have very few skill players, or quality hog mollies.

IF Rivera is gone and Gettlemen hires a new coach. That coach will have to have a plan on how to best utilize Cam. Or that coach better have an OC he trusts to best utilize Cam. Cam IS OUR FUTURE. If you don't believe that...there is no helping you.

At this point in time. Cam is being hindered by Coaching, a not so good O-line, and a lack of skill position players. Until all that changes. Cam will be crucified as a loser because he cannot single handedly lead this sad sack of a team to the playoffs.

Cam will be a Panther long after our next coach comes and goes. Unless that next coach has THE PLAN, or an OC with THE PLAN.

Just stop with all this Cam is gone stuff. Our next coach better have a Cam plan or he won't be our next coach. Simple and Plain enough?

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koolkatluke    474

This thread should have ended already. I've already showed that most 1st round QB with any success can go thru 2 or 3 coaches before they are given up on.




Another example :


How many coaches was Jason Campbell not attached to???

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FootballMaestro    2,500

I think Dave Gettlemen, or even Stevie Wonder can see Ron Rivera has way more to do with the Panthers problems than Cam Newton. I'm certain of that. 


Ironically, if Rivera would have actually tried to score on that last drive (instead of trying to run the clock out) last week, Cam could have had 3 TD's 1 INT, and 280 yds with a win, and the Panthers 2-1 now. Would anyone have questioned Cam's game then? Of course not. They'd be cheering him. But that's the difference between a good head coach, and game plan. 


These things aren't perfect (lots of "ebb & flow", and variation). And Cam's HC didn't even give him a chance to extend a lead in a game (last week), cause his HC, Rivera thought a 3-6 pt lead was good enough. It was insane. SMH


That's on the HC. And I"m sure DG can see that. It's only the OP's feelings, being transferred to DG, I feel. 


Cam's safe, and always has been. 

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Lords0fPain    265

I don't think so, but Cam has to improve to stick around. DG can give him more time and build the supporting cast, if it doesn't work out he gets his own QB and puts him in a good situation.

I love Cam, but he has to get better in several areas or we need to part ways.


He needs to used properly, the best QBs have freedom to what they do best, not when they are square pegs being forced in round holes...P Manning, Farve, Elway, Rogers, brees....don't think it MUST take years to get there. Cam (and everyone around him) does well, when he has the freedom.....

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