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How do you feel about the Panthers playing in merry old England?

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why dont they just play the majority of preseason games in other countries? send the niners, seahawks, cali teams to japan, send the southwest teams to mexico, the florida teams to the caribbean, the east coast teams to europe, and the northern teams to canada

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Sorry but 'business pros' don't work in a sport that takes a literal physical toll on their bodies. Players who have spoken out about it tend to hate the idea.

Ditto the 18 game season. Fans aren't generally too high on that one either.

Which points up one of Roger Goodell's major failings. While I like what he's done with league discipline, he keeps talking up stuff like the 18 game season and teams in L.A. and London as things 'the fans want', which is crap.

The owners want both, Goodell doesn't have a choice in talking it up.

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