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Operation Barbarossa is upon us...<edit> Operation complete!

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Considering where we are as a franchise, with so many young players at key positions, this may be the most defining weekend in franchise history.  Careers may be made or broken 3 days from now. 


For many reasons, including this message board and the camaraderie it has developed in me, this has been my most favorite year ever as a Panther fan and I hope this ride does not end with a whimper.  This game may well be the catapult for Cam, Luke, Star and Ron, the definer for CJ, TD and Kalil and the finishing touch for Smitty and Gross.  I think we can have an effect on Sunday's outcome, but only if we act as one.



If you have a ticket...if you are going to attend this game...plant your ass in your seat at 12:30.  Prepare yourself to yell until the blood vessels in the whites of your eyes burst.  Prepare yourself to tell the good doctor behind you to fug himself when he asks you to sit down.  Prepare yourself to forgo food at halftime so that you are still in that same seat when the 3rd quarter begins.  Prepare yourself for the valleys and the highs that will inevitably come in this game.  Prepare yourself for the game of a lifetime.


The siege is upon us and spirits are high.  We go into battle together.


Operation Barbarossa failed...so shall the Saints.


Panther Nation rise up!


Now, more than you ever have before...KEEP POUNDING!!!


Victory will be ours.












Panthers 34 Saints 13






I love you guys.


My God, what a game!!



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Drunk posting again?


Sober as a judge.  99 year old physical tomorrow.  No eating or drinking for 12 hours.

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I'm in. In heart, cuz...I won't actually be there. In spirit, Yeah, that' the ticket.

Protect our own. Panthers 31, aints 17.

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The same could be said for past few games as well as the next few games. Most important game is the upcoming one. Plain and simple

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operation barbarossa failed because the invading team couldn't handle playing out in the elements where the defending team was trained and primed


if this is history repeating itself the saints will charge hard in the first half, stagnate in the third quarter, and then freeze, die, and implode for the final 15:00

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