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Dave Dameshek....Still Mad Bro?

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I had to click the link only because I've heard this guy's name mentioned in the Huddle more than once. Haven't read the article yet, because if this is his resume, I probably won't:


"Dave Dameshek likes football. A lot. He's written and talked about it since last year on NFL.com and NFL Network, and before that on ESPN Radio, ESPN.com, and CBS Radio. Dave is also an accomplished Connect Four player."


"... he's written and talked about it since last year..."

This idiot has the credentials of virtually anyone who's ever attended an NFL football game. He's a nobody who made some cash writing for Carolla and Kimmel and thinks that gives him license to be a sportswriter.



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Here's this guys M.O.


Here operates as a contrarian with all the games and then when there is any upset he can claim he predicted it.


Like a contrarian investor all the blind sheep are amazed how they were able to do that.............but they never add up all the times they were wrong.


I wouldn't want to play the percentages of that approach.

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