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Melvin White: Keep or cut?

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I was sort of thinking about our cb position and wondering if we should invest a higher pick in the draft, or just look to supplement the position in FA.  Then that got me thinking about Melvin White.  There were a couple of games where he made some brilliant plays, and a couple of games where his lack of experience really showed up and he got exposed....as expected of a rookie.  


Dave Gettleman has eluded to the " answer might already be on the roster" mantra.   Could Melvin White with some more development be that answer?   Overall for an undrafted rookie FA, I think we could all agree that he had a great season and overachieved in a lot of ways.   Will he continue to grow, or does he just not quite have the talent to be our starter next year?


Anyway, just interested to see what you guys have to say.  Have a great Superbowl Sunday everyone.


Go Panthers.

Go Huddle.



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Unlike Captain and Thomas I never saw White get smoked like those two! Yes Brady Brees and other qbs picked on him but obviously they would he was a rookie, but he managed to keep most receivers in check and made a few crucial plays, he will only get better with experience, only fault I had with him was he gave away way to many PI calls because he played man not the ball but again it's a learning process and the kid did good.

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