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Thomas Davis to be on Jim Rome show

08 December 2014 - 01:51 PM

He'll be coming on within the next hour.  I'll update with a recap later.

Your tears are delicious

08 December 2014 - 11:14 AM

As epically disappointing as this season has been, yesterday's historic curb-stomping is about as sweet as it gets. 


Let's not downplay how great yesterday's win is in a single game context. 


Take it from the Saints beat writer:




The New Orleans Saints have lost their share of games over the years, but they've rarely lost their gumption or their self-respect or their unity.


They lost all three in a 41-10 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday in a performance that was as embarrassing as it was shocking.


Considering the stakes and the opponent, it was unquestionably the worst performance of the Sean Payton-Drew Brees era. In my 15 years of covering the team, the only comparable stinker was the 2001 regular-season finale against San Francisco, an infamous 38-0 whitewash that prompted Terrell Owens to say the Saints played like a team that had its bags packed.


But those Saints were playing out the string. Their effort -- or lack thereof -- was at least understandable.


No, this performance was so ugly and pathetic it reminded longtime Saints fans of the grim Mike Ditka era, replete with the cascade of boos and beer cans from the stadium rafters.


Remember Mike Tyson pathetically fumbling around on the canvas looking for his mouthpiece after Buster Douglas decked him? That's what the Saints looked like Sunday. A once-proud champion, bloodied and bewildered, desperately looking for the corner or a white towel.http://www.nola.com/...t_story_package-d7a6b35419aedc9a.jpg









WSJ: US Jobs report shows best year since 1999

05 December 2014 - 10:16 AM

Forbes: “If you don’t like this one nothing is going to make you happy,” declared PNC economists Stuart Hoffman. TD Ameritrade Chief Strategist JJ Kinahan pointed out that Friday’s headline number and revisions were “outside any estimate I had seen even on the high side. This is a home run in terms of jobs created.”

Business insider:
This marks the 10th straight month that the US economy saw payrolls grow by more than 200,000, the longest such streak since 1995.

October's report was also revised higher, from an initial reading of 214,000 job gains to 243,000.

According to the BLS' release: "In November, job growth was widespread, led by gains in professional and business services, retail trade, health care, and manufacturing."

Payrolls grew by 50,000 in the retail sector in November, with healthcare adding 29,000 jobs, manufacturing adding 28,000 jobs, and professional and business services jobs growing by 86,000.

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Hornets won tonight

03 December 2014 - 10:26 PM

The Hornets may have lost 10 straight games, but they won the internet tonight.



Another Thanksgiving, another season already over

01 December 2014 - 03:02 PM

In all but one of Ron Rivera's four seasons with the Panthers, the season has effectively been over by Turkey Day.


Three out of four.  If that is not reason enough to clean house, I don't know what is. Last season was an aberration.




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