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vote for Cam yall

30 July 2014 - 01:04 PM

"Which 25-or-under player would you pick to build a franchise around? The people's pick will be revealed on our cover..."


          Andrew Luck

          Cam Newton

          Dez Bryant

          Jadeveon Clowney
          J.J. Watt

          Robert Quinn

          Russell Wilson



Guardians of the Galaxy

29 July 2014 - 07:45 AM

Welp the next *big Marvel film opens this weekend. "Guardians of the Galaxy" will introduce us to the broad cosmic Marvel  universe, which will ultimately lead us into Phase Three of Marvel's plan, at which point the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy will (supposedly) team up to save the universe.


Early buzz for GOTG couldn't be stronger. It's already being hailed by some as the best Marvel film to date. I read a couple of folks saying this film made them feel like a kid again with how fun and imaginative it is. I can't wait to take my 13 year old "little brother".


Early screenings begin Thursday night around 7pm.  I've heard you should see it on the biggest, most 3D screen you can find.



Can't wait.


















*they are all big

fivethirtyeight: How good is Andrew Luck? (and Cam Newton)

28 July 2014 - 02:00 PM

Interesting read that really breaks down the numbers of the overhyped one.



In both sets of value-over-replacement rankings, Luck narrowly places ahead of the Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton, who makes for a particularly interesting point of comparison. Statistically, the two quarterbacks offered similar production a year ago, but their reputations couldn’t be more different. Luck is widely known as a “winner“; Newton has been dogged by criticism as a “stat-padder” who doesn’t deliver in big moments. Those sentiments probably played a large role when Sando’s execs placed Newton in the third tier despite having a quantitative résumé similar to Luck’s. Backing up that viewpoint, Christopher Price writes in Football Outsiders’ 2014 Almanac: “Newton is a very talented quarterback, but nobody in the league would take him over Andrew Luck right now.”

Of course, the biggest reason professed by the executives for their high placement of Luck was his team’s success despite a weak supporting cast, which gets at the fundamental limitations of evaluating individual NFL players with metrics and the eye test. “The evaluators think Luck has carried a subpar roster to a 22-10 record without much help,” Sando writes.

Football Outsiders has a great caveat about individual advanced stats that goes along these lines:

“In 2013, Andrew Luck had 650 DYAR. But what we are really saying is ‘In 2013, Andrew Luck, playing in Pep Hamilton’s offensive system with the Indianapolis offensive line blocking for him and Donald Brown and Trent Richardson providing rushing support, had 650 DYAR.’ “

The truth is that in football, perhaps more than any other sport, a player’s statistics depend greatly on the talent around him. And the common perception is that Luck’s supporting cast is similar to that which went 2-14 with Curtis Painter, Dan Orlovsky and Kerry Collins under center in 2011. That might not be entirely true, but it’s largely beyond our statistical capabilities to test assertions like those empirically.


So, in a certain sense, we still don’t know how good Luck is. He’s probably better than his raw efficiency rates suggest, but maybe he’s not quite as good as his top-tier ranking among NFL scouts and executives. It’s a fuzzy picture of individual value that NFL fans have to settle for while we wait for new ways to more effectively disentangle players’ contributions from one another.


NFL.com: Cam Newton primed to regress

15 July 2014 - 09:04 PM

This night has all the makings for a huddle suicide watch so why not! Go scream into a pillow or turn up some Jack Daniels and feel better.

As a huge Newton fan and believer, this season sets up as worrisome. The weapons around Newton are miserable; the Panthers have the worst wide receiving crew in the league, even if rookie Kelvin Benjamin is effective. The offensive line lost two effective starters in Travelle Wharton and Jordan Gross. The Panthers are counting on their defense and running game to carry them, but it's hard to imagine the defense playing better in a division where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons should improve.

In short: We expect Newton to do his part. He's a young, improving franchise quarterback. But he's probably going to get blamed when the team around him sags.


Nevermind that these are actually some valid points.

Hardy found guilty

15 July 2014 - 08:03 PM

Guilty of assault of female and communicating threats.

60 days suspended sentence, 18 months probation, court ordered program.

I think the judge had her mind made up from the beginning. Did not take into account holder's drug use at all. Hardy stands a much fairer decision with a jury.

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