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  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think he has much trade value at this point.
  2. I’d trade the Martin twins for a cheese sandwich at this point just so Borrego doesn’t have the choice to start them or give them significant minutes. I’d even trade them for Alonzo Ball, the lesser known 4th Ball brother.
  3. You are kidding yourself if you think they were actually offering something for him and his contract to be a backup QB. They were more likely offering to take him off our hands if the Panthers gave them a 5th rd pick or something like that.
  4. I think you are either overvaluing our assets or undervaluing theirs. The difference in this years draft pick position alone would cost us quite a bit. And I don’t care what the report is about the Texans wanting a defensive player: young, recent, t5 pick QB prospects on rookie contracts hold a lot of value when talking about what a team gets back for trading a franchise QB. Not to mention both the Jets and Dolphins have other good young players of their own they could offer. I think if those teams are serious we would probably have to beat their offers by an extra 1st rd pick or so to ma
  5. I wouldn’t blame them, he just signed a contract a year ago and was happy to take all the signing bonus money, etc. But now to him it’s a trash organization that he wants nothing to do with. Tough spot to be in, if you cave then you tell other players they can do the same thing and you’ve already paid him a huge signing bonus.
  6. Seems like an extremely long shot. The Jets and Dolphins can both offer much more enticing packages that include young QB prospects and higher draft picks. I just don’t see how we get him over those teams.
  7. Hope he’s been working his ass off but nothing can replace the time he’s missed. We’ll see but I won’t hold my breath on him making the final roster much less any sort of significant impact.
  8. I just hope we don’t have to give up too much to get a team to take him.
  9. I would think you can make a nice pretty stat for almost every NFL QB with a clean pocket.
  10. He looked promising before injuries. I think the huddle opinion of him is at partially based just on him being a Hurney second round pick, and not entirely objective. No reason to count him out entirely at this point in his career.
  11. This is not a Deshaun Watson update. Somebody should RE-title the thread immediately. The fact this has 17 pages for a hypothetical from David fugging Newton is bonkers.
  12. Hornets “legend” played 2 seasons and forced a trade. Why we celebrating this guy? Just a step above Kobe as a “Hornets legend”.
  13. Can you imagine if we had a former MVP QB on a cheap one year contract to just see if he could still be a franchise QB and then move on with a high draft pick if he couldn’t. Maybe if we had something like that we wouldn’t have been forced to sign a bridge QB for 3 years.
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