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  1. Despite what some on this board will say, we got a consensus #1 overall QB in a trade up. That just doesn’t happen. And to move up 8 spots for him and only give up what we gave up is a huge win.
  2. That wasn’t during a game. You can find all sorts of reports of guys doing things at pro days, practice, whatever. Baker Mayfield’s 70.5 yard attempt during an actual game was the longest in history. So unless we’re concerned with how far they can throw in shorts with no defense, it’s probably not worth mentioning the unrecorded fables of NFL lore such as Cunningham’s 76 or Mahomes throwing out of Arrowhead stadium or Uncle Rico throwing it over the mountains.
  3. Well considering the longest throw in NFL history was Baker Mayfield’s 70.5yd Hail Mary that wasn’t even a completion, I’d say it is literally not a thing.
  4. You don’t know the difference between somebody saying “x is definitely happening” and “I wouldn’t put it past them” huh? It’s not over exaggeration to say incompetent organizations do incompetent things. Like trading back 17 spots in the first round for the dumbest reason imagineable and only getting 4 second round picks in return. Or re-hiring the coach you just fired a couple years earlier out of desperation and then sticking with him after getting the 4th worst record in the NBA only because the bottom 3 teams were actually trying to lose. Get bent out of shape about people saying they wouldn’t be shocked based on the teams history of boneheaded move though. Lol “bet your house” what a dumb thing to say.
  5. Just like we wouldn’t trade a lottery pick for the last pick in the 1st rd and 4 second round picks. Who could be that stupid….
  6. Clifford would have had Wembanyama playing for the swarm.
  7. Man that’s like saying don’t draft Durant bc he’s too skinny. Nearly every 19/20yr old has to put on some weight for the NBA come on.
  8. I’ve spent a little time reading more about that situation and I wouldn’t say I’m extremely clear on exactly what transpired yet, but I will say after even a little digging it appears that the wording in how Miller’s level of involvement was reported seems a bit misleading. Which is where I think statements like he “supplied the gun” come from. Here’s what I’ve read: he was already on his way to Miles, unrelated to the gun, when Miles texted about the gun. He was unaware the gun was in the car prior to the text. The gun was legally owned by Miles. I can’t find any reporting on what the text specifically said. There doesn’t appear to be any evidence that Miller had any indication that the gun would be used. It sounds like he was simply notified that the gun was in the vehicle. Miles, the gun owner, was not even the one who used the gun, it was a third person. I think saying things like he “supplied the gun that killed someone” is kind of irresponsible based on what I’ve read of the situation. It sounds more like “he returned a gun to its lawful owner, who then supplied the gun that killed someone.” I will admit that I still have plenty of questions. However, if I had a friend unknowingly leave his gun in the back seat of my car, yeah I’m returning that to him as soon as I know it’s there. I don’t understand why people think he should have held onto a gun which didn’t belong to him and he wasn’t licensed to have.
  9. Batted passes should be an o-line stat.
  10. I don’t feel like you can be lukewarm on our offseason, you either love it or hate it. So since we aren’t one of the lowest teams, I expect that we’ll be one of the highest on this particular list.
  11. Yeah I’m sure no doctors diagnosed him or anything and he’s just being lazy. It’s just so easy to make poo up like that and get away with it while under the scrutiny of billion dollar organizations. /s
  12. We just finished with 7 wins how would it be a 40% increase? And that was 7 wins with a historically bad coach, an interim coach, and the worst QB play in the league from 3 different starting QBs.
  13. Lol, we used to call it skin-emax. I remember I could find it scrambled on like channel 5 and I knew if I watched after 10 or 11pm or something like that I would catch a scrambled boob here or there.
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