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  1. How the fug did Marty Hurney get to hire 2 separate head coaches on his way out the door? In both cases we got coaches in over their heads with no clue how to manage a clock or make in game adjustments.
  2. Not with the way our defense just gave up like a 7 or 8 minute drive for them to take the lead. Going for it on 4th and 4 with Cam and CMC is the right call, we just have retarded coaches who don’t call a route past the sticks.
  3. You can underplay it all you want. You said o-line wasn’t a problem, I pointed out 2 plays where the OL essentially ended the game winning drive for us, and one where our starting QB could have easily gotten a season altering injury. And the holding penalty wasn’t bogus and was so egregious the refs were basically forced to call it. I’m no fan of the refs btw.
  4. Was this post before or after Cam smacked his arm off the defender getting pushed into him? Or Moton with the most obvious hold ever on first down of the most crucial drive of the game. I think the post was at least before the 4th down play with the game on the line when Cam pulled the ball down to run and the defenders were able to disengage to make the tackle like they were covered in crisco.
  5. Well he’s injured for one thing. It’s an ok argument to say player execution if it’s a play or two. If it’s “all day” that is 100% on coaching. Coaches also have a say on which players are on the team. Poor talent evaluation is also incompetent coaching.
  6. Part of coaching is coaching your players to execute your gameplan, or making a gameplan your players can execute. Incompetent coaching either way.
  7. We’ll be out coached every week, get used to it.
  8. Joe Brady could have Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, and Steve Smith and he’d find a way to get them all covered.
  9. How is the route not past the markers? Dumbass play call. Dumbass coaches burned a timeout to get to a dumbass play call.
  10. Like wtf how do you do that at this point in the game.
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