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  1. Imagine having all those responsibilities and then wasting precious time micro managing social media and taking vacations in the middle of the season. Matt Rhule was one of the worst hires ever.
  2. Completely different draft. Last year most people only had 1 or 2 first rd QBs, some none at all. A lot agreed that they didn’t even have a 1st rd grade on a QB last year and QBs projected to go in the first round were in some cases only because of the premium on the position. That’s a lot different than the 4 QBs all having very high grades not just projections. Also, a lot of teams last year were committed to fresh young QBs like Lawrence and Wilson. Because Pickett was the only QB drafted in the first round last year, the other teams that drafted QBs last year aren’t as committed to them, like Atlanta and Carolina.
  3. Well it doesn’t help when you look at the draft board and can make a case for every single team ahead of you drafting a QB. Yes, some of them have to fall more in love than others to draft one, but you could certainly make a case for even Arizona and Chicago drafting QBs since they are drafting so high. Houston will almost certainly draft one, so should the Colts. If I was Seattle, I would not let Geno Smiths singular good season in the last 10 years keep me from drafting a QB. Same could be said for Detroit, though Goff has been better than Geno throughout his career. Raiders are moving on from Carr, and the Falcons drafted a 3rd rd QB last year just like us, why wouldn’t they take a t10 QB if there’s one they like there.
  4. Yes would be awesome if one of the QB needy teams ahead of us gets Rogers. I don’t know that Carr or Jimmy G will keep a team from taking a QB but we’ll see.
  5. I guess. I don’t know much about this class besides Carter and Anderson and the QBs being the prizes. So if all are gone hopefully we’re not taking a t10 DB again or something.
  6. I’d pass. If he wants to make a lateral OC move to be the main play caller, I would assume it is so that his resume looks better for a HC gig. So if he’s successful you pretty much know he’s leaving and he’s been doing it long enough that he’d probably generate interest after year 1. So best case you’re hiring a new OC in a year, and worst case he falls flat on his face. Seems like a lose/lose.
  7. I like how this clown who knows nothing about the team, the season, the coaching search, didn’t even know the team interviewed Frank Reich and thought it “came out of nowhere” presumes to tell us Steve Wilks should be coach because 6-6. Who gave this clown a voice?
  8. Has it? Didn’t realize OSU ran the same system with the same success every single year regardless of who was coach or QB. I completely forgot about all those JT Barrett 4K yd seasons.
  9. In his defense, it worked out pretty well. I don’t want a guy to go through a progression just for the sake of going through a progression. If the first read is open be decisive and get the ball out quick. It can be looked at positively in that way. We know if we can scheme his first read open that he will get it there. I don’t think it necessarily means he won’t look to his second and third reads if the first read isn’t there, that’s something for scouting to look at for sure.
  10. Pretty sure all great NFL QBs won the college football playoff/Bcs bowl/etc. because that’s how that works.
  11. Remind me, did Fields only play half the season in 2020 or something? Because what I’m seeing is Stroud throwing for A LOT more yards, TDs, with higher avg, rating, similar completion %, and way less sacks. I must be missing something for somebody to call their passing “pretty close”.
  12. “I spoke with Mr. Tepper and Scott, we’re not gonna drop back fifty times, but we gotta be able to drop back ten times.” I hope this means nothing.
  13. Something is seriously off with that guy and a bunch of people are covering poo up and the media is complicit.
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