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  1. You’re delusional. Yes my original comment that you are spending paragraph after paragraph trying to make into some huge deal was 100% not that serious. Saying “I would spend a couple weeks in the fetal position if I took 65 sacks” is gargling his nuts? Imagine talking about middle ground when this prolonged ranting about pity parties and nut gargling is your response to THAT post. I made zero commentary on Bryce Young as a QB. Not everything is this big debate about Bryce Young you want to make it to be. Get over it or get a medical diagnosis, this isn’t healthy.
  2. Pity party? Good lord get a grip it’s not that serious. You are the only one derailing this thread with these over the top responses to a totally benign comment. I’m honestly confused how you’ve gotten so triggered here. I promise we’re all ok without you bringing “perspective” to any comment that doesn’t poo on Bryce Young.
  3. From that picture it appears that Mingo is at least a couple feet closer to the camera. I’d guess Legette is significantly bigger side by side.
  4. I don’t blame him. If I had just taken 65 sacks in a season and gone through that dumpster fire, I’d spend a couple weeks in the fetal position watching Netflix too.
  5. Some of the adjustments and catches they made in this video would have 100% been incompletions and “uncatchable balls” with the Panthers WRs.
  6. The draft lottery is a joke. There is 100% a better way to stop tanking. How about if you tank, you forfeit your draft pick. Boom, solved. All the lottery does is punish truly bad teams. The NBA just uses it for rigging and ratings.
  7. Mister “I’ll have to look at the tape because I have no fugging idea what is going on”? Hell naw.
  8. Don’t know much about him but hope he is the right guy. Need to see more effort from everybody not named Brandon Miller. That includes these bullshit nothing burger injuries that guys are just using as excuses to sit on their couches. I was not on board with trading Lamelo before this past season, or drafting Scoot because I felt Lamelo was a guy to build around still. But at a certain point you have to actually play games. Sick of seeing Lamelo selling shoes when I look up Hornets news while he ain’t at games. I’m just getting the feeling he doesn’t care that much about basketball anymore. When he is on the court, he’s still close to the same player that we got as a rookie. His game has improved bits in some areas, but he isn’t coming close to the ceiling I thought he had. He still commits too many turnovers. His shooting percentages are all basically the same. Look at him compared to the improvements other guys from his class have made like Anthony Edwards and Tyrese Haliburton. Very frustrating with all the promise he showed early on.
  9. I get it a bit during the season and during games. Last season was frustrating as hell to watch and several games I just turned off at the half. It was pretty easy, when it was not enjoyable, I simply did something else. Usually I still tuned in for the start hoping that some magical change happened between games, but when it became clear that nothing changed, I just did something else. Same thing with a lot of Rhule’s tenure. I will never understand the Debbie downer excitement police in an off season such as this when nobody has any clue how these moves will all turn out. Legette could be the next Randy Moss or the next Keary Colbert. Nobody has any clue. But it is much more enjoyable to look at the ways in which he can be great, than to try to depress myself by making him a failure in my head already. “Guyz hold on we haven’t been good so you should be sad and depressed and never have optimism” ”Guyz guyz we can’t make fun of the Falcons because I don’t like our QB” I don’t think these people get invited to parties.
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