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  1. Either they thought the game and the reps were so meaningless and unimportant that they might as well give PJ Walker the most snaps at QB, or the possibility of Rhule trying to send Corral to the PS is more real than it should be. It’s one or the other.
  2. I remember a few years ago when we drafted Harrison Butker thinking “Surely they wouldn’t spend a draft pick on a kicker who actually looks good and risk trying to send him to the practice squad.” And yet here we are.
  3. Don’t forget cutting Cam in the first place. The move that started this whole domino effect of stupid moves. All he had to do was keep Cam on the final year of his deal and see if he had anything left, and if not move on. We probably would have Justin Herbert right now. Instead he cut Cam and made a lateral move to bring in Teddy while also screwing up every opportunity he had at compensatory draft picks. He didn’t inherit a train wreck, he created one.
  4. I don’t see how it’s putting lipstick on player safety. Apart from completely removing all contact from the game, which nobody wants, these kinds of things are really the only way to address the issue.
  5. That’s not the quote I’m talking about. The quote I’m referencing in op is from a video on ESPN.com, taken from a Matt Rhule presser. ESPN unfortunately did not give me any option to copy link or embed, at least not on mobile. It’s not far down on the panthers team page.
  6. I checked before posting but not past pg 1. It happens.
  7. Listen, I wasn’t misquoting him, I was taking out filler and not typing up a big run-on sentence. He can say “the players decide who plays” all he wants. The point is, no matter what he says, he and the coaches set the depth chart and decide who plays. Now maybe I was misunderstanding when he said his job was to make sure there were good players in the room as in from a cutting to the final 53 perspective as opposed to bringing in guys as a GM. I can accept that. The focus of the quote was that he is a coach not a GM, I was intentionally not focusing on the “players decide who plays” coach speak bullshit.
  8. It doesn’t fit because it is actually not the quote. Maybe Rhule said that too at some point, not sure.
  9. That’s actually not the quote.
  10. Just watched a video of him on ESPN, if I could post it I would. He says: ”My job is not to pick the starting quarterback…my job is to make sure we have really good players in the room.” He’s literally describing the job of a GM. I think somebody needs to tell him his job title is Head Coach.
  11. The media slobjobbing of the SEC has really gotten to some of you.
  12. 5.875 that’s a BIG round down you’re being pretty disingenuous here.
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