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  1. “Feedback from the Iowa staff was not positive” This is the most concerning part. It’s one thing to be immature off the field but still be coachable and a good teammate. It’s another thing when you are not well liked by the coaching staff.
  2. I see a lot of weird conclusions in here. The fact that Tackles with longer arms don’t always succeed means absolutely nothing. The fact that Joe Thomas had below average 33in arms doesn’t mean a lot. Unfortunately, Christiansen has more than just slightly below average arms, he is in the bottom of the bottom. That does not bode well. I obviously hope he succeeds, but I don’t have high hopes at LT. Guard may be better for him.
  3. I agree, draft grades don’t mean poo, so what’s the point of citing them. You know, it’s ok to acknowledge when they fuged something up, which they obviously did. They looked at it as a “calculated risk” and the risk did not pay off, so they had to trade down again. I understand their thinking, you look and go, “ok, we’re trading back 13 spots and we have x number of guys we like, what are the odds that 6 offensive linemen and 4 defensive backs are taken.” Pretty low right? Rookie mistake from a first year GM. Let’s call a spade a spade. I’m sure they like who they got, but they were also
  4. I fugging told y’all. Outsmarted themselves with that first trade down in the second. That’s why this draft is a low grade for me.
  5. I don’t really buy that there wasn’t a player taken between our original 2nd round pick and the 52 pick that we were hoping to get at 52. I think the second trade back in the 2nd round was a reaction to the guys they wanted at that pick no longer being there. Based on that I would have to give a pretty low grade on how the draft was run. I think the best trade back spot was the first round where we could have, for example, traded back with the Bears and picked up an extra first round pick next year and gotten Caleb Farley.
  6. I really hope so. I was on board with picking up Darnold but would really love for that second we gave up to not turn out to be at the top of the round.
  7. At a certain point, quantity just works against you. There are only so many roster spots and only so many starters. A lot of these picks won’t be starters because of the numbers game, so is it really better to draft the depth instead of drafting the best talent and filling out depth with vets and UDFAs? Idk. I’m not inclined to care too much about 4th-7th round trade backs, I just hated the fug out of the second round trade back. The one round it seems like it would have made the most sense is the first, and we didn’t. Jaycee Horne better be THAT much better than Surtain and Farley.
  8. If you have to ask who the dope is, it’s you. Teams know who to call.
  9. First year GM tried to get cute and out thought himself.
  10. Ahahaha, so looks like we weren’t happy with what was there at 52. Shocker!
  11. It almost feels destined that Koramoah will be taken just before our pick.
  12. There’s also more picks in rd 3 bc of comp picks. But don’t let that get in the way of the narrative.
  13. Our practice squad is gonna be stacked!
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