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  1. If it doesn’t work out with @SBBlue, i’ll be interested.
  2. Wharton did start out his career in 2004 as a Guard but then played T from 2005-2007 before moving back to guard for the 2008 season. He wasn’t a bad tackle, he was just a better guard and the switch was possible after they drafted Jeff Otah to play on the right and were able to move Gross to the left side, and move Wharton from LT inside to Guard. So the guy you’re saying is being laughed at, turns out to actually be correct with his statement, that Wharton played T. Whether he’s the second best, that’s up for debate.
  3. Damnit, you beat me to it.
  4. Jesus christ...idc who gets the shot or not, whatever you do just stfu and respectfully let everyone else make their own decisions.
  5. I always thought we made the best move, was shocked to see the amount of hate given when the sign and trade for Terry happened. I guess the hate was more towards the amount we gave Terry rather than Kemba leaving. But there were very few people here who did think we came out on the best side of the situation, including myself. Outside of this, basically everyone in the national media was trashing us.
  6. Excluding the Steelers and Cowboys since they play 4 preseason games, the Panthers and Colts are the only teams who have 3 games in a span of just 12 days. The rest of the league is at least 13 days (Chiefs, Jets and Vikings are the only ones with 13 days, majority of the league is 14-17 days)
  7. Yup, extremely smart from them. Im just talking about for the people who think bigger cap space means that we’ll be able to sign our pending free agents and still have a lot to spend on others in free agency.
  8. This changes nothing. Players are gonna end up asking for more, and still take up the same amount of percentage of the cap. Just expect a bunch of players “resetting” the market.
  9. Premiering this Thursday, May 27. A behind the scenes look into the off-season moves from the Fitterer hire, the Darnold trade, and the draft. https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-confidential-presented-by-coca-cola-to-debut-on-thursday Excited for this.
  10. If our line is average, that stat line is definitely the floor. Can't wait for the season.
  11. What about the bubble butt boys.
  12. Would be nice if he turned out like Greg Hardy, just talent wise/draft value of course. Also, it mentioned we did not address the position further in free agency or in the draft...didn’t we sign DeQuan Jones and draft another DT with our last pick?
  13. Matt Amendola beats out Joey Slye and proceeds to kick the game winning FG in superbowl 56.
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