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  1. We need the sexiest locker room in the league.
  2. To add, I thought the purple was going to be stronger. If it is this shade, I Fuchs with it.
  3. Would give Bronze to Nathaniel Hackett with Rhule trying his best to take that spot.
  4. Yup, the NFL wants Wilks to win a Super Bowl, sureee...
  5. Facts, some of his crosses were insane how accurate they were. If you look at highlights from the past season, almost all the goals that were from crosses, were from Reyna.
  6. Right? They always phrase it like that to fit their narrative but then they’re never willing to call an early 3rd, a late 2nd.
  7. Wish Reyna would stay but it's definitely just a numbers game now. I believe he's better than Vargas and definitely better than Armour on the attacking side. But his defense liability, also Vargas and Armour being 8 years younger, makes him the odd man out. A definite good spark plug coming off the bench.
  8. He played decent for a backup. He most likely will not be back though. Regardless of who the next head coach is, they’ll want to bring in their own veteran. Yes, including if it’s Wilks…I think he’ll bring in a new OC.
  9. I wouldn’t want to be in Ew Orleans either.
  10. i love lasagna if you know, you know...
  11. This game I think decides whether Wilks becomes the next head coach. The players want him to be the next HC, they’re going to be playing their hearts out. Also I think Wilks will have a few tricks up his sleeve in this game to secure this much needed win both for the Panthers and himself. Score will show somewhat of a close game, but it’ll be closer to a blowout, Tampa just gets a late touchdown during trash time. 26-17 Panthers.
  12. Damn RIP Juan, i’ll miss him. There’ll be no one in this world like him that’ll provide random pictures of whoever the topic is about
  13. the people who take juan seriously and don’t catch on to his frequent sarcasm are the ones who should be banned
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