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  1. Agreed, let's just hope the organization and coaching staff get it right this time in how to build around a superstar.
  2. Possibly the only way the 49ers (or any team) agree to trade for Teddy is if we accept to still take on a huge part of that salary. I don't know exactly how that'll work but hell, I'm all for taking the fully amount guaranteed from this year if it means he's gone and if we can be clear completely from that contract heading into the 2022 offseason.
  3. Yeah I don’t care what they do with him either, just get him the hell out of here. I was just mentioning that for whoever wonders what that trade would mean for Jimmy G
  4. For those not reading the entire thing, and just the title.. Jimmy seems to be their guy, they just want a better backup.
  5. Exactly the same way I feel about him. If he's still available at our pick and the only QB left is Mac Jones, I hope some team that's in the Pitts hype train looks to trade with us in order to secure him.
  6. I would definitely love this draft but the Lions offering their 2nd, 3rd, and 5th just to move up two spots in the 2nd round? Definitely not going to happen. Also, Creed Humphrey isn't dropping to the 3rd round.
  7. True, but that offer is just a starting point, they'll definitely want more than just that.
  8. Yeah but that was only a single 1st round pick that we would've given up AND Teddy. No way to giving up 3 1st's.
  9. Depends on the type of tag, theres three: Non-exclusive, Exclusive, and Transition Tag. Non-exclusive, we can negotiate with Dak, if he agrees on an offer sheet with us, Cowboys can match it and keep him. If they don't match, then he's ours and that's when we have to compensate the Cowboys with 2 1st round picks. Cost of tag is average top 5 salaries in the position of the PREVIOUS 5 years. Exclusive, the player cannot negotiate with any other teams. Cost of tag is average of top 5 salaries in the position of the CURRENT year. Most costly. Transition, same as the non-exclusi
  10. Yup, but in all seriousness now, as mentioned in the tweet, definitely performs well in special teams and has played decent on offense when given the chance. Good move.
  11. Huge news, now we can easily include DJ Moore and Robby in the package deal for Watson.
  12. Still a bad contract for a mediocre player? Always fun going back and seeing some overreactions. I think I was spot on. Besides from the obvious of being 4 years younger than Kemba, and $16M cheaper...I mentioned he could improve, and he obviously definitely has, actually playing much better than Kemba. Plenty people were worried that this was going to keep us in the late lottery, I mentioned we would still land a top pick, and we got LaMelo. While Kemba is averaging 17.2 PPG, on a FG% of .384, 3PT% of .379 Rozier is averaging 21.1 PPG, on a FG% of .496, 3PT% .460 Alt
  13. The flashes he has shown is mostly, if not all on running downs. His issues are on pass protection, big issues. He should be kept around, but just as a backup...definitely need to find someone else to be the starter, he's not it.
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