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In Topic: When a student fails, do you blame the teacher?

Yesterday, 03:52 PM

I'm gonna say nate blew the block because he's new and just got lost out there. not all, but a large portion of our team is just not dialed in this year. it falls on various levels from head coach, coordinator, position coach, team captains and veterans in the position group, and then down to the player himself. it isn't ron's job to be staying with nate or any other specific player and make sure they're up and motivated for every play and every snap of practice. ron has shown himself to be a delegator and he has shown that he puts huge amounts of trust in others to be accountable and fix their mistakes. our o-line coach is supposed to be a good one and the way he has had to cobble o-lines together for us out of scraps and we somehow have managed to win games shows hes a good coach. Maybe Kalil isn't lighting a fire under the o-line well enough or maybe nate is just only so experienced and will continue to see and learn things he has to fail at before he succeeds.


i firmly believe our coaches are giving our guys the best tools they can give them to be successful in practice. games can be difficult to call sometimes but there are always plays before the questionable ones that our guys didn't execute properly.


we need some passion and we need some urgency. i personally think that has to come from the players. 

In Topic: thomas davis speaks

20 October 2014 - 03:36 PM

Greg Hardy was FA #1 last season. No one was getting paid until he was.

In Topic: The Seattle game *should* be a good game to watch next week?!?!?

19 October 2014 - 06:39 PM

sadly we're still in the mix right now. part of me feels like the 2-0 start and the fact the rest of the NFCS sucks has hurt our team. We aren't taking the losses very hard yet this season because somehow we're still in 1st place and thus still in the playoffs. If we were bottom of the division then maybe things would change.


Maybe we need to lose early so we have a hole to dig ourselves out of. right now our team is just wallowing in doing enough to get by. even a loss next week may not change that.

In Topic: When you don't stand up for your players

19 October 2014 - 02:52 PM

If greg Hardy is found innocent he absolutely did not let the team down. Jerry Richardson has let this team down again. He did during the lockout. He did during john foxs last year when he refused to spend. He did during the ref lockout. He does everytime he threatens the city that the team could be moved if they don't give him money for the stadium. Disgraceful. Keep your fake tears and go the hell away.


Greg put himself in a situation where he is being sat out for likely the entire season when we handed him 13 million dollars. Whether or not he is innocent isn't going to do anything for this team and frankly I don't even care about the outcome anymore, the damage to the panthers this season is done. He put our team in an awkward situation, he brought drama and a distraction to the team because of his fuging girlfriend, and as a guy who wants to be a leader and a guy who wants a massive investment in his career here he didn't care enough about any of that to keep himself safe and out of trouble.


He fuging blew it. So did Frank Alexander. So fug both of them.

In Topic: When you don't stand up for your players

19 October 2014 - 02:13 PM

Greg let this team down whether he is guilty or innocent and that's the most important thing to remember about this whole situation.

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