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In Topic: Breaking Down the Offensive Line

Today, 02:14 AM

Jeremy Igo aka ZOD


excellent photographer with well known connections to hot chicks

created an amazing site in 2003 for my favorite team

has good taste in pie

****unknown sexuality*** took a photo of Brandon William aka swole bones that almost turned me from homer to homo.....lol


I applaud you for your username.  That's pretty damned amusing.

In Topic: Player Look-A- Likes Bucs Edition

Today, 12:10 AM

Maybe we should call it a "Fua".


The Fua Vortex:  many men try to escape the sucktitude, but just can't quite pull it off.  Or out.  No, no, I meant off....

In Topic: Player Look-A- Likes Bucs Edition

Yesterday, 11:48 PM

Fat women in lingerie make me cackle every time.   Look at the Fupa on that one.  Wish I had a telestrator so I could circle it.


I read that as Fuapa.  Which made that both incredibly more awesome and more disturbing simultaneously.

In Topic: Predictions:Who's going to be cut?

29 August 2014 - 08:56 PM

Fua was a suck-fest like no other suck-fest. Nobody on this roster is a Fua.


Matt Ryan wears braided belts.


can't think of another acronym beyond Forever Useless Atrocity

In Topic: My team sucks...

29 August 2014 - 07:16 PM

my two favorite usernames I've ever seen are still "godmusthatethebills" and "thebillsmakemewannadrink"

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