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In Topic: Panthers cut Poole

Yesterday, 05:05 PM

here comes a vet

In Topic: Wanna know who should've never been cut?

Yesterday, 05:04 PM

Shoulder injury had something to do with it

In Topic: Dave Gettleman?

Yesterday, 04:54 PM

Bell/Chandler/Foucault...those are our tackles.  Beyond any cap situation, you have to think we could have found something better somewhere.  I just find it puzzling.  Like ....what were they thinking and why'd so many of us convince ourselves they could at least be average?  My opinion of Chandler has completely reversed in 4 games.  


I never thought they could be average lol and complained about it a lot this off season, but the fact is that people just kept complaining so much that others just got fed up and said don't worry about it, it'll be fine, stop beating a dead horse, DG knows what he's doing, etc lol

In Topic: Hardy being advised to sit out season

Yesterday, 04:42 PM

I would think if he's cleared to play and he refuses, that would be a breach of contract.


idk if he had to agree to be put on the exempt list, then I don't see why he wouldn't have to agree to be re activated or something of the sort.

In Topic: Press Conference at 12:30

Yesterday, 02:28 PM

Josh Norman will start as 2nd CB.  


Embarrassing, dude's a 4th stringer on most other NFL teams.....if he'd even have a job.

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