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In Topic: Picking 8th vs 21st

29 November 2014 - 10:18 AM


Yeah...and finding value in the draft...few hits and a ton of misses. Thanks Hurney! (yeah yeah he had some good drafts too)


2 11 43 Everette Brown Defensive End Florida State
2 27 59 Sherrod Martin Safety Troy
3 29 93 Corvey Irvin Defensive Tackle Georgia
4 11 111 Mike Goodson Running Back Texas A&M
4 28 128 Tony Fiammetta Fullback Syracuse
5 27 163 Duke Robinson Tackle Oklahoma
7 7 216 Captain Munnerlyn Cornerback South Carolina
2 16 48 Jimmy Clausen Quarterback Notre Dame
3 14 78 Brandon LaFell Wide Receiver LSU
3 25 89 Armanti Edwards Quarterback/Wide Receiver Appalachian State University
4 26 124 Eric Norwood Linebacker South Carolina
6 6 175 Greg Hardy Defensive End Mississippi
6 29 198 David Gettis Wide Receiver Baylor
6 33 202 Jordan Pugh Safety Texas A&M
6 35 204 Tony Pike Quarterback Cincinnati
7 16 223 R.J. Stanford Cornerback Utah
7 42 249 Robert McClain Cornerback Connecticut
1 1 1 Cam Newton Quarterback Auburn
3 1 65 Terrell McClain Defensive Tackle South Florida
3 33 97 Sione Fua Defensive Tackle Stanford
4 1 98 Brandon Hogan Cornerback West Virginia
5 1 132 Kealoha Pilares Wide Receiver Hawaii
6 1 166 Lawrence Wilson Linebacker Connecticut
6 38 203 Zachary Williams Center Washington State
7 41 244 Lee Ziemba Tackle Auburn



how does your best pick end up being a 7th rounder,  does this type of poo happen to any other nfl team???? smfh



3 good players out of 25....

In Topic: Voth charts our record in cold weather games...

29 November 2014 - 10:13 AM

Same as Rivera never winning after after a bye. :(


that might be a key indicator of how good a coach does at preparing his team.  14 days to figure out how to stop the Vikings.....

In Topic: Implications of the Rice Decision

29 November 2014 - 10:11 AM

This is the reason you wish and pray so hard to see Goodell ousted. This is why you've started multiple threads hoping this would finally be the end of Goodell. For this right here. Because he's "changing" your precious version of what you think football should be. It's pretty obvious from the other ten threads you've made about Goodell this season that this has been the reason all along but you never out right say it. You have been using this rice thing as means to and end hoping Goodell gets fired for trying to save the image of the league.

Regardless that he's been biggest disciplinarian commish the league has ever had or that he's basically put the league on a course to not implode due to legal trials on player safety but that he made it harder for defensive players and he wants to expand the season by two games.

I get that you're old and you've only known the game one way for so long but you have to admit your little act against Goodell is rather childish don't you think?


Goodell to me deserves to be fired simply because of the position he is in.  He acts like judge, jury, and executioner, so why is it that he gets to blatantly lie to the public? to the players?  He should be fair, and impartial....and this incident compromises all of that, and considering how important "protecting the shield" is should there not be any reprecussion for his failure to protect it?  It just seems like players actions are underneath a microscope. 

In Topic: OLine, Cam holding the ball too long, or bad play calling?

29 November 2014 - 10:05 AM

Here's an interesting stat. Cam has been sacked at least 30+ times in his first 4 seasons including 43 last year and he's on pace to pass that this year.

Peyton Manning in 17 seasons has never been sacked 30 or more times in a single season. That's just crazy. Get this man some goddamn protection.


Number doesn't even include the sacks cam has escaped from due to athleticism.  Pey Manning is a damn statue.

In Topic: OLine, Cam holding the ball too long, or bad play calling?

28 November 2014 - 05:49 PM

Me too.  I read an article about Flacco some time ago.  He was having trouble putting touch on his short passes.  I wonder if it was ALL Dixon.


I have learned enough to take a wait and see approach to anyone Gettlemen brings in.  His success rate is pretty solid.


Well...Wait and saw,  Dixon terrible and irrelevant.  O line as bad as can be. 

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