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#2354623 Desperate Chick @ The Bar

Posted by Harris Aballah on 04 September 2013 - 11:20 AM

Was gonna put this topic in football central? But figured it would turn to smack central eventually. So after getting some espn updates zapped to my phone, I got to thinking? Is it me or do the following orgs seem to be acting like the desperate chick at the bar that will inevitibly become some drunks last resort: Redskins, Jets, & Bills. Starting E.J. seems like a quick attempt to sell out on opening day. While the skins have spent the entire off-season Convincing the fans that rgknee would be the opening day starter, wether the docs or coaches wanted to or not. Keep in mind that from the 1st press conference after the game ending injury(in the playoffs) they were assuring the fans that he was fine. Might wanna ask Carson Palmer about rushing back on to the feild after a solid knee injury? Didn't do him any good. But lastly, Geno has proven himself to be unprepared for a starting role on a professional football team. Ecspecially on opening day. But once again, this seems a desperation towards ticket sales. God knows Sanchez wasn't about to draw in any last minute dollars. Ironically, Smith is probably gonna make sanchez look like montana after this opener? Granted, I'm not saying geno can't make it in the nfl, but clearly seems the preseason did not favor him in anyway. Just my observation. I think these three qbs & the franchises they promote are about to squander future opportunities in the name of opening day ticket sales? Any thoughts?

#2352935 "I'm a Colts player"

Posted by Harris Aballah on 03 September 2013 - 10:18 AM

He shoulda been a cowboy!

#2352921 How bad is Alice sweating the NFL's new purse policy

Posted by Harris Aballah on 03 September 2013 - 10:02 AM

Alice, make sure you read the new NFL purse policy. You don't want to get denied access to your parents private suite in the Shitdome because your little LV man purse is not see-through. You're welcome.

Sweatin like Rob Ryan standing in a long line at an all-u-can-eat bbq rib & beer joint!

#2352220 American Slavery, GET OVER IT!

Posted by Harris Aballah on 02 September 2013 - 06:26 PM

But that is MY point. I didn't start ANY fight. I didn't insult anyone. I didn't call anyone any names. I posted a picture. One that I consider artistic and profound in its simplicity of message. But somehow, THAT is an insult to others. Why?

i don't veiw it as an insult. maybe counter productive given its intention for use. its what follows. & not just from the african americans. clearly most people here posting are frustrated with the racism. which is good. thats productive. we all have that in common. some people see what they wanna see. and thats sad. I see successful black people everywhere i go. i see white heroine addicts in garner. i see illegal ims at work everyday. & i see their kids getting on the school buses. the oppression is not what it once was. its not like any of us are perfect but we are all in it together. i have slaveblood in my family tree so i have to have compassion with the struggle. which is not a problem. the problem is that we have been left to fight a struggle none of us should believe in. I blame the leadership in our communities for not expressing this consent. but you being open about your beleifs is real & necessary. but what good is it if we do not discuss its meaning honestly? cause fortunately, in the end we are all in this together. and thats the understanding I would like to see these conversations turn towards. not bans cause frustration & ire got the best of us. @ least I hope thses guys don't mean some of the rhetoric they post in angst?

#2352027 American Slavery, GET OVER IT!

Posted by Harris Aballah on 02 September 2013 - 05:09 PM

This is the most laughable point of view. Righteous Indignation. It is somehow an insult to the nation to speak of its sordid past. Never mind the fact that for another 100 plus years after the abolishing of slavery there existed an era of almost as severe death and horror for the black population. After that, there was a concentrated effort to minimize, separate, diminish, and discourage the black population targeted primarily in the south. FOLLOWING THAT, there existed an era of police brutality, targeted incarceration, focused drug trafficking and media exploitation. We are still waiting for this era to end. Gonna be hard though because while many scholars agree that it exists, it is still inconvenient to speak of and ALWAYS brings out conversations like this.

You know why there is no thread for those other atrocities? Because you haven't started one yet. I am neither Chinese, Jewish, a sex slave, African nor Irish. I would never presume to speak for them or to rate the significance of their struggle. It doesn't diminish the struggle of my ancestors nor the fight for rights my grandparents had, nor the abuse my parents suffered or the names, fights I went through. Why would talking about it hurt them.

If my history bothers you, then fug you, leave. This thread wasn't meant for you any way. What a self righteous load of BS that blatant racists, pseudo-racists, and all around dilweeds, seem to think that it is the black mans fault he is targeted because hey, he just won't go away. I mean I dragged you in to this forum, right? That one picture was more than worthy of bringing down all the fire and brimstone of that often ensues. Like the picture said, get over it, right?

How can a wound be healed if the people that are hurting ar the ones that are cast aside. No I was never a slave. But my ancestors were. I will not let anyone cast them aside nor will I rest until they are seen for the heroes they were and are given there place in history as the truest and greatest Americans, not an inconvenient truth to be forgotten by those that benefitted the most from their struggle. Think about last sentence for a moment.

Nor will I allow the nation to get away with the abuse of their descendants or allow them to escape the debt owed its citizens.

As I said before this is not baiting anybody. It is meant for those that still feel the sting and still find worth in our ancestors. Nobody went to anybody's inbox and invited them in here to insult others.

you must not understand what I'm saying. I don't care what color, creed or religion is. and neither do hatred, & slavery. with all the injustices throughout mankinds term 1 thing is constant. corrupted leaders and scribes. the people have always been victims of this. and still are. just look at the world & you will see that the sort of tyranny the american slaves(not just african) endured is not race based. so why are we? why take the fight to evryday people who never really had a say? in what century will we become aware that we are all humans & none of us deserve this sort of treachery from our leaders and figureheads? at what point do stop assisting in our own demise? cause as long as wenre fighting over what color we are, we all lose. but I understand that what happened then was wrong. & I agree that our ancestors had many issues. but I don't understand how any of this helps anyone today? all it seems to do is divide us & make us care less for our fellow man.

#2341205 Syria--To Bomb or Not To Bomb

Posted by Harris Aballah on 27 August 2013 - 08:54 AM

To the rest of the worlds populations, it will seem that we are choosing sides in a muslim conflict. Public perception will cost us deeply in this scenario. its because of the types of engagements that we be branded the great satan. there is nothing to gain in this. Mainly, because we've stayed nuetral for far too long. And not just us. the rest of the world has allowed this to escalate to these depths. Clearly a no win for all those effected. And those who will be effected. My hands are up in the air on this one. But my gut says no.

#2337035 A hypothetical about dark thoughts.

Posted by Harris Aballah on 23 August 2013 - 10:14 PM

How many people in your life would immediately leave you as a spouse, friend, etc if all of your thoughts, (good, bad, evil, holy) were immediately released to the world?

I would be rather lonely I think...

If you ever wanna know what its like I would suggest jack daniels

#2336479 Caption this

Posted by Harris Aballah on 23 August 2013 - 03:36 PM

You need to come get your blood off my fugging jersey, you Raven piece of sh%t!!!!!

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#2335642 Tom Brady Almost Gets Hurt... Who Cares?

Posted by Harris Aballah on 23 August 2013 - 08:23 AM

When i saw the replay of blood streaming down the finger of brady? I immediately became concerned for the citizens of Boston. They haven't ever had to deal with life altering crisis's like this. I can only imagine the somber tones of woe throughout the city after 2 major scares in less than a week. Sadly, theres nothing in the cities history that even closely comparable to what they've had to deal with this preseason.

#2335629 Should Getts try to tade for a OL/WR/CB

Posted by Harris Aballah on 23 August 2013 - 08:17 AM

This is clearly the time for Getts to prove his value to the team. A better oline will result in better performances by our wrs. With cuts around the corner, I believe Getts will work his hoodoo and put the oline in caliber with the rest of the nfl.

#2332036 'Bored' teenagers gun down college ballplayer, Oklahoma cops say

Posted by Harris Aballah on 22 August 2013 - 12:32 PM

Hatred is of no color, creed or religion. it just attaches itself to all of the above because we don't publicy condemn the behavior of these deeply troubled individuals. Or the devices and guidance factors that influence them. Instead we blame skin color, or wealth inequality. But I'm sorry, all of these occurances could be thwarted in the home. The absence of humanity is clear in almost everyone of these cases. the one kid referred to himself as a savage bitch on twitter. I wish all these little animals could be so honest.

#2331334 Seattle is loaded.

Posted by Harris Aballah on 21 August 2013 - 07:53 PM

I got a big corny turd freshly dropped into my toilet if any seahawks or their fans want it? Fug the seahawks and their incredible depth. Hope they turn out like 1 of them eagle or dolphin "dreamteams" I'm always hearin about.

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#2329079 What Every Coweieiogirl Fans Says...

Posted by Harris Aballah on 19 August 2013 - 07:51 PM

lmao at a Saints fan sticking up for a Cowturd player.

not surprising seeing how all nola fans were dallas fans in the 90's

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#2324244 McCrory issues first veto, rejecting welfare drug testing

Posted by Harris Aballah on 15 August 2013 - 03:13 PM

as a conservative I have to say that this was a dumb idea from day 1. too expensive for starters. I personally would prefer some sort of community service program to compensate for benefits. but of course we have turned community service into a form of punishment.

#2323955 You might wanna Read Max Henson's Takeaways from Camp

Posted by Harris Aballah on 15 August 2013 - 11:06 AM

anything is possible but i think its more likely the panthers are playing the hand they are dealt and would replace Williams with a 300 pound bar stool if they could.. 

You're still used to Hurney. Thats a deal he might've made. And that would've been the highest paid barstool in all of America!

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