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#2586824 So it looks like Ric Flair is playing for the other team

Posted by SpartanPanther89 on 05 January 2014 - 01:14 AM

Ok, this is very weird. What are the chances on the same weekend one of our DBs tried to get Ric Flair to do a locker room speech, he declined due to a "previous engagement." That previous engagement being a 49ers motivational speech? Why do I feel like I just got mind fugged? Ok, im very confused right now. This is just too much random at once.


well Drayton wanted him for next weekend, not this one, so this isn't his previous engagement.

#2577742 Impressive Thing I Noticed About Cam's 3 GWTD Passes this season

Posted by SpartanPanther89 on 31 December 2013 - 01:55 PM

It's very true..in fact I remember a certain Minnesota game Cam's rookie year where they played it safe after he almost got hurt and Mare botched


wasn't that the game where we hit the huge 4th down pass to Lafell that he broke for like 50 yds, then Mare missed an absolute chip shot? RIP to my drywall that day.


Another reason to appreciate Gano.

#1959644 The Giants draft record under Marc Ross

Posted by SpartanPanther89 on 23 October 2012 - 01:48 PM

based on our game against them, Barden and Brown should be super bolded

#1852976 Chud's New Playbook

Posted by SpartanPanther89 on 10 August 2012 - 09:25 AM

I wouldn't say those teams had success because of their lack of run game, I think they had success despite their lack of a run game. They had phenomenal QB play to mask their poor running game. Luckily for us, we're now in a situation where we have both a phenomenal QB and a phenomenal running game . This can only be a good thing.

#1769581 Its Been A Great Offseason For Us.

Posted by SpartanPanther89 on 10 May 2012 - 04:17 PM

Norman is a guy who can start day 1? That's almost as funny as Hurney ignoring our DT situation.

We drafted 2 defensive tackles just one year ago, nobodys ignoring anything. Since when was it the expectation that rookies will come in and be stars from day 1? Clearly the coaching staff sees something in these guys and I'm willing to take their word over yours. Not saying that the guys we have are the next coming of Warren Sapp, but I'm not gonna give up on them yet.

#1754645 Carolina Panthers Draft Joe Adams Wr Arkansas

Posted by SpartanPanther89 on 28 April 2012 - 11:34 AM

Marty Hurney is the best GM EVERRRRRRRRR

But forreal, I like this pick. We have a lot of youth and depth at receiver now to complement Smitty.

#1752824 I Love This Draft

Posted by SpartanPanther89 on 27 April 2012 - 07:17 PM

I love it too. Kuechly is a stud and Silatolu's a beeeast. Two guys who can come in and improve our team right away. Why everyone's getting so angry over these picks is beyond me. CB is still a need that needs to be addressed but DT isnt as big of a need as everyone says. We have Edwards coming back and a big group of young talent that clearly the coaching staff isn't ready to give up on yet. I'm quite happy with this draft so far :D

#1752596 Carolina Panthers Draft Amini Silatolu Og Midwestern

Posted by SpartanPanther89 on 27 April 2012 - 06:50 PM

Ya'll need to relax. This guy's huge and he's a beast. And he does help us out at a position that we're thin at. Maybe it's not as big a need as corner, but it still was a need. His potential is through the roof. He can come in and start from day 1 and help us get back to the power running game with Stew, D-Will, and Tolbert and protect our Franchise QB. Clearly our Front Office did some work before hand and this guy must have fit our plans more than Johnson, Worthy, Still, etc.

Was I hoping for DT, CB, or WR? Yes. Does that make this a bad pick? No.

There's still plenty of draft to go...

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