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  1. Also if he isn't the first player to win as an owner I'm sure LeBron is going to try to be, and MJ more cares about that comparison than he lets on.
  2. The cheaper the seats the more belligerent the section is usually.
  3. I don't see Jordan selling the team to make a profit. Think he is personally invested in winning as an owner for his legacy.
  4. My question is what happens when/if Sam goes back to his old ways? Let him finish the season? Put PJ in?
  5. He’s great when his first read is wide open in the middle in the field
  6. Also, again, "cheapness" is reference to who/what exactly? The only examples I can think of are Kemba and Miles and not paying them ended up being the right call.
  7. Not an indictment on the franchise. The whole league was wrong about LaMelo and a healthy Wiseman would have thrived in Charlotte.
  8. It was worse back when it was unusual to root Panthers even in the Carolinas
  9. Fun fact: The Hornets had the box score for their play-in elimination hanging up all last year. In the end they made it back, got blown out even worse the second time, and the head coach was fired.
  10. If this staff is as dysfunctional as believed it's really hard to assess any of the guys we still have questions about. Baker, Ickey, Derrick Brown, TMJ, Tremble, etc. No one is playing to their potential under this clown show.
  11. Tepper's committed to the Year 3 experiment at this point. It'll take public humilation to end it now, like 0-6 or something.
  12. That'll just make it harder for LaMelo to let go. If they let Miles take the court again they should just keep him.
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