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  1. I hope they package them in a trade for a defensive center, ideally with Hayward thrown in. Need one ASAP and we have enough young guys to develop as is. I agree with this. Would be very dumb and risky for the whole thing to be a sham but slam dunk picks like AD to the Pelicans and Patrick Ewing to NY in the first one were just way too convenient. As far as tanking goes though there's just no point anymore with the new odds. 14.5% chance at the #1 at best and bottom 5 teams have basically an equally shot at it.
  2. Could see them making him a sideline analyst with Brady in the booth. The new Tony Siragusa.
  3. No reason to flip he's got more than enough to own all three if he wanted. The Glazer family who own the Bucs and Manchester United have a fraction of Tepper's wealth.
  4. To bring Christian Pulisic back to BOA I'm pretty sure. The Liverpool vs Dortmund game was Tepper's first go at soccer in Charlotte if I remember right and Pulisic was the big draw.
  5. /thread Mother's passing led to weight gain which led to jokes/criticism that he was in no state to handle.
  6. I hesitate to even call it limiting his usage because we don't need to give him the Todd Gurley treatment, just not the highest snapcount in the entire league like we've been.
  7. don't understand how this board can acknowledge that the entire offense was a shitshow from top to bottom and then make conclusive statements on the QBs in the same breath. The passing game is going to better this year no matter what.
  8. Comes down to whether he believes McAdoo + the new o-line can make the difference.
  9. Cam threw one pick and got benched, you don't do that to a guy you seriously view/want as a possible starter. Sam went on to complete that game with almost the exact same completion percentage
  10. Yeah based on the fan engagement last year when Cam returned vs Sam's starts I think Tepper would invite such a "distraction."
  11. Nah I think his hesitation is Rhule. I believe Cam's totally down to earn the spot if given a fair chance at it. He thought he was getting that last year but Rhule pulled that "Dual QB" crap to try and redeem Sam. Lot of us have speculated that Cam was forced on Rhule by Tepper to re-engage the fans and that's the best explanation we have for that nonsense. Rhule doesn't want to see him flourish because it would just prove that every QB decision he's made here has been wrong. My hope is that his seat is so hot now that he'll swallow that pride and just do whatever it takes win. Having Cam on the roster only helps the team.
  12. Didn't see this mentioned but Fitterer also reiterated that Cam's still on the table and they're in touch. "The more competition we have at that position the better."
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