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  1. Making “a scene”? Because the guy post some of his workouts and believes in himself? Lol
  2. Think you’re jumping the gun a bit bro. It’s exciting times for us diehards but Reich isn’t Vince Lombardi. Most people are just happy to be past the Rhule era and have the top pick again. Cam transcended football for a bit in 2015. Had white kids across the country doing the dab. We’re not quite there yet.
  3. We were clearly pretty close to signing him. He'd probably be a Panther rn if not for the guaranteed contract. Idk why y'all keep trying to discredit Nat. She admits to having no sources in the organization and she's still more plugged in than any of you.
  4. You make it sound like he's a locker room cancer. Truth is he's just too popular. He's an icon to younger players and everyone knows what's he capable of, so no matter how he behaves there's no flying under the radar for Cam especially on a QB needy team. We saw it happen here. I do think when his shoulder's healthy he's better than a number of starters in the league but as you said, how many games can it realistically hold up for? I am a little surprised no one is kicking the tires when Rhule clearly misused him.
  5. Processing, leadership, and making calls at the line are all things that Young specifically has been praised to death on and more than everyone else. Y’all are going crazy. Maybe it is smoke but they’re definitely hinting at Bryce.
  6. The Russel talk could be a smokescreen still but this is as close to a no on Anthony Richardson as it gets without saying it outright.
  7. Corral is like the same weight as Young but four inches taller, he is definitely skinnier than Bryce.
  8. I know the social media team's glad they don't have to wade through a million FIRE MATT RHULE replies on every post anymore
  9. Cross from Lindsey was gorgeous. Never bench him and Vargas again. Jones did work too. Copetti is a bad man. Really want to see two strikers up top more but this was a critical win
  10. Lineup vs Orlando the back line looks good, I like Vargas starting on wing and Bronic back to midfield, but benching Swid? Also why does Lattanzio hate Nunos.
  11. This fanbase is in for a rude awakening if we expect some rando suits to care more about winning basketball games than Michael Jordan.
  12. Normally I'd be all over it but Odell's too big of a personality to bring in when we're trying to give a rookie QB the reigns.
  13. Acting like we wanted to get rid of him and he wasn't valued here ain't exactly the high road in my book. He's taking it way better than DWill and Benjamin atleast.
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