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  1. Here's where being a firsthand witness to Fitterer's downfall might pay off
  2. Cliff did us a solid and is leaving gracefully. Respect.
  3. I'm sure he's not wrong but he's got a lot of nerve.
  4. This is a must watch for any fan. The most he's ever said on his career. It's nice to see the guy speaking and living freely now.
  5. I think he's right that Luke would have stuck it out for longer if they had their poo together. Probably best for him that they didn't.
  6. Cam was the high point of this franchise and I'll never fully forgive them for wasting our window with him.
  7. Best for everyone I think. His coaching days are done but I like keeping him around as a consultant.
  8. Still one of the finest looking spirals I've ever seen
  9. We're talking about defenses crowding the box last year though. Could be because they don't think Bryce can throw it, or they saw our origami offensive line, or they knew our bozo coaches weren't calling deep balls, or maybe the league isn't afraid of DJ Chark. We don't know how much each part played into it. It could be any or all of it. I admit I checked out as the season went on so I could have just missed them, but I don't remember many plays falling apart because Bryce underthrew. We're mostly going off the fact that we avoided going deep but I have a hard time running with the narrative that they were working around Bryce's arm when everything that staff did was inept and nonsensical.
  10. We can’t assess that in a vacuum. Defenses don’t care how strong his arm is if the protection and receivers can’t support the deep ball.
  11. We know teams do controlled leaks through these media guys. Look at the NBA with Woj and Shams. Otherwise they'll just find an inside source. Better to atleast control the narrative yourself. I think the calculated leaks from the Panthers are too obvious though. During the push for Watson I remember convenient rumors going around that sounded like they came straight from Tepper's mouth
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