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  1. Tepper and SC have all the leverage so it's not a great look for Charlotte. BoA's perfectly fine.
  2. Graham's confidence can't be that fragile he knows it's a matter of when
  3. Rozier's a real pro because we had too many point guards and he's thrived since moving to the 2
  4. Have him for at least 8 years as long as they're willing to match offers
  5. Brady > Chud. Imagine Brady with rookie Cam.
  6. Division rival interviewing our OC doesn't seem like a great thing for us regardless of the outcome
  7. Yeah this pales in comparison to the "we rushed the play" comment a few weeks ago and by itself it's not bad, but you can see the trend of Teddy's lack of personal accountability come out in both statements. It's always "we" failed as a team, and when he gets around to assessing himself it's essentially "I need to be better so I can overcome our shortcomings." Even that is clearly disingenuous, because in the same breath he says the way he's playing was good enough for previous teams. It's never his fault. I don't think he's an egomaniac, he just refuses to own up to being the reason we s
  8. It really comes down to who they plan on keeping around long term between Anderson and Samuel. I say Curtis since he's younger and Robby's trade value is ideal right now, but unfortunately I think the coaches see him redundant thanks to CMC.
  9. If any of the WRs are going to be dealt it’s Robby since we have him for another year.
  10. Teams aren't going to come out and say it 99% of the time because they'd lose sponsorships and sales and the leagues frown on it. The NBA condemned the 76ers for it and changed the draft as a result. When you're the sort of bottom of the barrel team that's in the running you don't even have to do much to "throw" games anyway. Jaguars have been linked to Lawrence for as long as I've known about him you're fooling yourself if you think they were giving it their all every week and just happened to be that bad.
  11. Hope homie just enjoys the money and cigars for the rest of his days he's given football enough,
  12. The best. Jealous of the Charlotte across the front. I couldn't pull the trigger on a real vintage one but I got lucky and found a hardwood classic.
  13. He bought into his own hype and got humbled. I doubt that with a prove it deal where's he's an expendable backup that he would just go back to partying and slacking same as before. It's no secret that he has to overcome that reputation now if he wants a football career.
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