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  1. Then bring in competition and let him hold out if he wants to hardball. They moved aggressively because they thought Teddy was the answer and would be off the market fast.
  2. Even if everyone was healthy I don't think you can make a call on the Nixon and Rhule pairing after one game. Hell it's hard to evaluate on Nixon at all without an offseason under his belt.
  3. I don't see any point in doing it mid-season. If it's just about making a statement he could have fired him with Brady. New coach won't push into the playoffs this year.
  4. I'm not saying it was soley Brady's decision, clearly not. But he wasn't some unwilling participant either. He was the offensive coordinator and picked his QB. He has to own that. You're implying that they just forced a rookie OC to replace the former MVP QB which would absolutely have been throwing him under the bus.
  5. I don't buy that they would just pull the rug out from under their new OC. Joe was a hot commodity when he was brought here. If coaching Cam was at all important to him he could have made it a priority as early as his hiring negotiations.
  6. Please. Arguably the best offensive group this team has ever put together. Brady agreed, that's why he thought a JAG at quarterback would make us contenders. A guy he got to hand pick, mind you.
  7. Rhule's ass is on the line and y’all expect him to trust another OC he doesn’t know to try and save it? Or Tepper to just force one on him? This is good. No one else to point fingers at. Everything that happens here on out is on Matt and his Baylor Boyz.
  8. LaMelo is cruising his way to a supermax deal from Charlotte if he stays he's not going anywhere unless things sour drastically. Teams given him the keys and he's made it clear he's not looking to skip the town.
  9. Definitely but that's what worries me. Our pro scouting staff saw no talent outside of the top LT in his class any armchair GM would have brought to Carolina.
  10. Things are bad but not "pull the plug on a seven year deal two years in" bad just yet.
  11. I mean whether he still has good ball left in him or not we are literally in the twilight of his career. If dude is still trucking his way into endzones in his mid to late 30s he's unprecedented, and I think even with good pas protection it's too late for him to become the sort of pocket statue that could play at a high level in his 40s.
  12. Well said. Never thought about it this way. Things may be going differently if the GM was calling the shots but Tepper chose the head coach as king.
  13. Team's collapsing on both sides of the ball now, it's on the head coach. I don't think Fitt is giving much roster input yet. Seems like more of negotiator and asset manager than a scouter like Hurney and Gettleman. Picking up Sam's option is his only real blunder so far for me.
  14. Is this directed at me? That’s new. I’m black and usually accused of being “woke” or a Cam apologist around here.
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