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  1. I’m going to be over the moon if we get either. I’d be perfectly happy with Slater too, but Pitts and Sewell are the type of prospects that we have no business having a chance at.
  2. I may end up regretting this but I don’t want Lance anymore. Don’t see him as a sure enough bet over Darnold to justify the #8.
  3. Yep. The organization and the fans have made it clear that he’s no longer welcome here. Brought that on himself too. The coaches were being supportive until he threw them under the bus. Also the article in the OP is 100% speculation based on Denver inquiring earlier and Houston for obvious reasons, but I agree with Sizzlebuzz that there’s no need for Teddy with Tyrod on the Texans.
  4. We're a lot more talented than the Jets. Just compare Teddy's season to Darnold's last year with Robby and the gap quickly starts to close.
  5. This makes him sound down on it but he said the Jets didn't develop Darnold and spoke highly of their chemistry together in the same interview.
  6. Higher ceiling than Teddy and we got him cheap. I'm all for it. Draft Sewell or Pitts and I'm stoked.
  7. Anyone but the damn Sixers in the first round. Philly is like built to destroy us. Our worst matchup in the league.
  8. For me it's that he's not even the veteran presence he's made out to be. I could forgive him underwhelming on the field if he was at least a good role model for the younger guys. He was the opposite more often than not.
  9. He'll be back for the playoffs no doubt. The guys have really stepped up.
  10. Would have been better off just admitting to looking for sex and denying forcing anybody. This is just embarassing
  11. The league really wants 18. This is just the stepping stone.
  12. Preseason should be no more than two games if they're going to start doing this.
  13. As with many employers there is no due process in the NFL. The harsh truth is that this all comes down to optics and from an outside perspective this is a bigger mess than Roethlisberger or Kobe, who got the benefit of doubt in a lot of coverage due to the questions around consent in their cases. We’re looking at a possible serial offender here. This can’t be swept under the rug as a one off incident or a drunken mistake.
  14. Because the Jimmy Clausen vibes weren't uncanny enough already...
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