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  1. Either some galaxy brain coach speak from Rhule or Ian's not ready to lie down just yet.
  2. Spot on. He gets a pass on year one because he was new and the roster blew, but I haven't seen any indication that he's an above average NFL coordinator yet let alone head coach material.
  3. This is said a lot around here but I'm just not seeing it. Snow put them in zone coverage all year and every once in a blue guys like Chinn would make individual plays. We weren't the worst defense in the league but what little success we had was not because of anything Snow was drawing up. On the other side yeah have weapons but we managed three 1000 yard receivers out of a QB who struggles to throw deep, who didn't have his star weapon, and who wasn't good enough to keep around even though he was under contract. That speaks volumes on Brady's play calling and it's why so many of us are
  4. Atlanta. Saints games come close in intensity but Atlanta is closer in proximity and success.
  5. My bad but the point stands. Whole room already knows Sewell is an offensive lineman, why toss that in? He's defending writing him first and he wouldn't do that if they were sold on picking him at #8. It actually makes me feel better about picking Horn. They did their research and chose a guy who wasn't the consensus BPA. They knew they had to pick Sewell if he was there but they weren't in love with him.
  6. Noted that Rhule said "Sewell, because he's an LT" when he wrote his name on the board. He didn't throw in extra justification like that for the other names. Tells me they weren't in love with him but knew they had no choice if the top LT fell.
  7. Left out Burns and Chinn because I don't think we can afford to trade them, but I agree that they're our most attractive pieces.
  8. Robby might be the most tradeable asset on the team right now. Still pretty young, career year, position we can afford to downgrade. I think this was just due diligence going into draft night.
  9. Yeah I'm Team Fit all the way after watching this too. Like I'm sure everything didn't fall in line quite as perfectly as they're depicting here, but masterfully executed. I love that the front office is more cerebal than instinctual now. Rhule deserves credit as well. They work like they've known each other for years and Rhule's proximity to the college game is invaluable. Hope he keeps up with it as time again. I can't imagine Ron doing half this much scouting.
  10. I'm talking about personalities I don't care about postgame playerspeak. Sam actually seems great at BSing those, probably thanks to being put through the NY media ringer from the jump. I just wish he was more fun/animated. It ultimately doesn't matter and has zero bearing on the win column, but this is all just entertainment and guys like Cam are more fun to watch for me. Maybe once he gets comfortable he'll loosen up a bit.
  11. This is the best behind the scenes content they've ever put out. Really awesome getting this close of a look. Sewell and Horn were their top 2 confirmed.
  12. Jets wins followed closely by Green Bay. We should have some new stuff when Charlotte FC gets rolling. Love their “For The Crown”
  13. We went 15-1 with a goofballs like Cam and Greg you don't have to be boring and stoic to win games
  14. Rotate Sweet Caroline, Don’t Stop Believing, and Bohemian Rhapsody to celebrate white culture
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