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  1. Over a 100 years of experience gave us the worst coaches we’ve had so I’m with him on that being overrated. A smart football mind who is a motivational leader is what I want and I think Greg has that. i believe this is just a stunt to up his stock though. Like McCown, just being considered for a HC gig is a good one on the resume.
  2. y'all realize he has two sports teams in Charlotte right
  3. Belichick failing here would be disasterous. Atleast everyone agrees that Rhule and Reich were inept. Media's going to go in on Tepper if he gets similar results with the 6x champion.
  4. Said this in another thread but I have a hard time believing Frank was bullied into betting his career on a QB he didn't want and then grew a spine when asked to run some RPOs.
  5. So we’re supposed to believe Reich didn’t take a stand on the QB he wanted but chose this as his hill to die on?
  6. We don’t have a first round pick and this team is not talent enough to go far with Andy Dalton. Bryce is getting another year.
  7. nah that would be 2019 when we lost Cam, Luke, and Greg.
  8. Everyone acting like Young was a reach now is dumb. Who cares if Nicole likes him, so did the rest of football media.
  9. I remember going to a Bobcats game, I think it was the 7-59 season, and they gave everyone a ticket to the next game after a fan made a free throw. I didn't feel like waiting at will call for mine.
  10. If Reich didn't have the balls to stand up to Tepper it's on him. He'd get the credit if we were winning, he doesn't get to weasel out of just because we aren't.
  11. All the hype over how smart the organization was going into the season has opposing teams just flexing on us now to make a point. Every week it's cutesy trick plays and Bryce getting fooled by some defensive look.
  12. fans literally marched to the stadium in a parade to see Cam return while we had a losing record bro it's not a mystery
  13. most hilarious indictment on Fitterer is that our defensive scheme isn't helping Burns and this offensive scheme would only work with McCaffery.
  14. There's been so many complaints about the trade up to get him I didn't know he was doing well
  15. I'd jump at this gig as a coaching candidate. Rich and desperate owner, Heisman QB, win five games and you look like Bill Belichick
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