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In Topic: Pantherspulse About Josh Norman

25 May 2012 - 05:28 PM


Norman has not faced top-level competition at Coastal Carolina and could have an adaption period early on. He will need to contribute on special teams to stick, which he hasn't done much at Coastal. He is taller and can struggle with some hip/transitional movements moving to his left, but it's not a major concern and surely will be part of the adaptation process.

That is what NFL.com has said about the weaknesses of Norman. reading that, I am able to conclude that if he shows up to OTA's as well as minicamp and takes coaching like he is suppose to, he can turn those weaknesses into strengths by the time of the first preseason game. I really like this guy and I feel like he can really come in and command that #2 spot if Hogan or Butler does not show up. I do not want to see another season of Munnerlyn lined up in the #2 position.

Norman can play man and zone equally well and was a physical presence on the outside of the defense at Coastal Carolina. He understands when to take risks and when to play back, and he is physical when he makes his decision to come up. He supports the run well and is a reliable tackler. He works well to feel with his hands to stay on a receiver in-phase, and has the hip mobility to move with his man all over the field.

He has the capability to be a #2 corner his rookie season much like Amini Silatolu has the ability to start at Guard.

In Topic: A Letter To Alex Smith From Me

25 May 2012 - 01:07 PM

To the QB of the 13-3 SF 49ers who felt it was appropriate to call out Cam Newton because, in his opinion, statistics do not equal victories:

First, Your career record is 19-31. How are you the expert on winning? you are in year 8. How were the Niners with you under center as a rookie? You threw 1 TD pass and had 11 interceptions in 2005. Not only was your record 4-12 in a weak division, but Football Outsiders called the niners not only the worst team in the NFL in 2005, but the worst team they have ever tracked. I am sure once Cam has 8 seasons amassed, he will easily be able to dwarf your 2011 dream season, where you average completion was higher than 7 yards for the first time in your career. It would seem that a lack of stats does not equate to victories either. And do not tell an NFC South team about winning just because you have the Seahawks, Rams, and Cardinals in your division. When they turn it around and I think they all got better this offseason, your six freebies in the W column will have to be earned. Your rookie QB rating: 40. Cam Newton: 84.5.

Secondly, you seem to be in the mood to assume that the QB's performance is the sole variable involved in winning. Convenient for you. Your defense led the league in turnover ratio to such a degree your weaknesses were hidden. Had you been expected to carry the team, you would have--right to the basement. Frankly, the name Alex Smith is a lot more similar to Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, and Joey Harrington than it is Peyton Manning (sorry to bring that name up so soon), Tom Brady, or even Cam Newton.

Third, you fail to recognize the fact that the Panthers were hammered by injures on defense, so late game collapses were not Cam's fault. How can you blame the QB for a team losing a lead? For that to happen, the other team scores. Are you suggesting that he should carry the team to victory in the 4th quarter like you have done throughout your career? How many starters were on 49ers IR? A bad team trying to turn the corner and is hit with a third of the starters going to IR (Fua, McClain, Davis, Beason, Otah, Edwards, Gettis--not to mention several others) and you blame the QB? Jeanyus.

fourth, What Beason said. You are lucky to still have a job. You are a product of the system and a stellar defense. If you had been a second or third rounder and the team did not invest so much $$ in you, you would be bagging groceries now. Harbaugh is making you decent, but soon you will have to step up and make plays.

By the way: QBs who throw for over 300 yards have a 54% winning percentage. Cam is a winner on a losing team (in 2011), but you are a loser on a winning team. Stats are for losers, and so are excuses. Accept that the best season of your career by far was below a rookie's standard. Cam had no OTAs, no summer film sessions, no mentoring or coaching from the Panthers' staff untl training camp and he outplayed your best season ever. That is understandable-he outplayed every other rookie in NFL history, but calling him out was Stooopid. He tripled the teams' wins from the year before. He CARRIED the young, rebuilding, injured Panthers on his back to 6 wins as a rookie. You have never carried the Niners to victory--ever. Give your special teams and defense credit and do not try to take credit for the team's wins when you never once rallied your team to victory in the fourth quarter. 19-31? Tell us more about winning football.

I do not care what anyone says, this was a good read..lol. It gives me something to read other than the same usual offseason posts. So if it is a letter written to a Quarterback of another team, and he may not even get it, I'm all for it.

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