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Kink in the Enemy Armor

07 August 2014 - 08:34 PM

I haven't been worried about the Saints but I was a little jealous when they went out and signed Jarious Byrd. Found this article from the ESPN beat writer for the Saints. Their weakness happens to collide with our strength. This season will be interesting. Their starting guards and Brees all have small injuries too. When you are in your 30's injuries can become an issue in the NFL.


"5. Beware of the "Theory of 150": In 2007, I came up with the "Theory of 150." I was looking at an aging offensive line of the Chicago Bears, who were coming off a Super Bowl loss to Indianapolis. The starting offensive line had a combined age of 159, 31.4 per player. Four starters were in their 30s. Once a line gets that old, major repairs and a major drop-off are looming. I used the same theory for the Washington Redskins, Cowboys and Giants over the next few years.

A theory alert is developing for the Saints. Evans, Zach Strief and Grubbs are currently 30. At center, 35-year-old Jonathan Goodwin is competing against Tim Lelito. Armstead is 23. If Goodwin wins at center, the combined age of the line will be 152. This isn't to say the Saints won't be fine this year, but they are starting to get to the point where they must look toward the future. Payton places more value at guard than at tackle because the 6-foot Brees needs a clean pocket. If the pocket starts to collapse because of age, Brees could struggle."

If our sophomore defensive tackles take the leap we think they can we can disrupt Brees in that clean pocket he loves.