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Get it together guys...

10 March 2015 - 04:52 PM

The superbowl isnt won in free agency. Teams overpay for team needs during the FA frenzy and are often left crippled by rash decision making (see miami in a few years). Your first objective in any season is to win the division because if you do that then you have a shot at the superbowl, so you base your team needs around that aspect first and foremost. We have had a good enough team to win the division the last two years and offensively we do not have a "stellar" unit. What does that mean? it means we dont have to sign Murray, Thomas, Johnson, and Maclin in order to reach our goal. Why overpay when you can let the market deflate and find solid players to provide position-wide competition?


I personally trust Gettlemans every move and will continue to do so until proven otherwise. I would advise you all to do the same and quit thinking we need to sign big-name players year after year.

Warren Moon on Cam (and the other 7 QBs)

10 January 2015 - 12:39 AM




Cam Newton


Cam had pretty sluggish middle part of the season, but he has really bounced back. First, he came into the season unhealthy after ankle surgery in the offseason. Then he broke some ribs in the preseason. Then he had the car accident later on in the year. So it’s been one of those years where his body has been physically tested. As a result, Cam hasn’t played to his full potential, but I think he’s feeling healthier right now, which is just the right time.


He is 3-0 since the car accident. That says a lot about his resilience. The fact that he has both running backs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart healthy also helps lighten his offensive load. With running back support now, you can see that their offense is playing a lot better.


It’s going to be a big game for Cam coming into the intimidating environment at CenturyLink Field. How can he handle the noise? How can he communicate in those conditions? If the defense makes some big plays against him, how is he going to handle the adversity? Those are going to be the big questions for Cam. When things go wrong, he doesn’t always handle it very well. So I want to see if he’s able to overcome that adversity.


That said, I think he’s matured. He’s handling things better as a leader. I notice the changes in the way he talks when he’s in front of a podium after football games—win or lose. You’re starting to see a guy who carries himself more like a quarterback. As a quarterback, you’ve got to always present that positive and confident front. You speak for your guys—for your team. You’ve got to be that positive voice and that positive identity for your whole football team. Everybody has to know that even after a rough week, there’s another week ahead.


For Carolina, that leadership has to start with Cam.



I think all his questions are on point and i hope to see Cam ball the fugg out. Its also nice to get a noteworthy person that has actually paid attention to Cam's maturity.

Hot Routes?

05 January 2015 - 06:40 PM

I went back and looked at the int from cam and the biggest concern to me is that we did/do not have hot routes installed in the offense. we have "option" routes, but those are a little different. If we do then philly just forgot to key back to cam when he realized the nickel blitzed. for those saying cam should signal to philly pre-snap. maybe so but then that would tip the nickel not to blitz. once the all 22 comes out tomorrow i can go back and look at the whole game to see if that was consistent.



Cant have benji doing this saturday

30 December 2014 - 06:00 PM



After a robert lester interception in the endzone on the cards opening drive, we drive the ball down the field to set up 3rd and goal from the 4. cam hits smitty right in the hands for a field goal. im just now getting to this part of the film but who knows how going up 7-0 after a turnover could have changed the outcome.


I expect benji to step up and make these catches but hopefully we wont be kicking FGs because of something so simple.

Ill just leave this here in all it's glory

29 December 2014 - 10:53 AM