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In Topic: Listen up Bucs fan

06 September 2014 - 11:41 PM

Uh huh.  Y'know, if we're going by Super Bowls, it took us a much shorter amount of time to make it to our first than your team had.  Law of averages says we'll be there again before our 40th year, so don't be too surprised if it happens soonish.


Since that's the only argument your fanbase ever has, how's that Lombardi helping you with a journeyman starting qb this season?

Congrats, does the participation trophy look as nice as the Lombardi?

In Topic: Listen up Bucs fan

06 September 2014 - 06:07 PM

The Tampa Bay Browncaneers:  Rebuilding since 1975.

Other than that Super Bowl...


The meltdown on this board that I know will come, will be well worth it.  Won't even post, just going to read all of the posts about how ya'll thought this was your year.  Maybe a few "calm down guys, its just week one, we can't be that bad" posts, you know, from the bunch even more delusional than the rest of you.


Huddle tears taste so good and if I know anything about this forum, more than any other board I frequent, there will be a feast of them this Sunday.

In Topic: Gerald McCoy Best DT in NFL?

05 September 2014 - 10:35 PM

Didn't know he was already making Charles Johnson money. He better dominate to be worth over 16 million a year. It makes both Star and Short incredible deals. I really like the rookie cap.

Yeah the new deal is nice in that aspect. But I have no problem with the team paying a guy with that talent, and more importantly, that drive/attitude that kind of scratch. He's been open about how non-stop he's been going all off-season. It showed in the preseason being pretty much unblockable. Hopefully it carries over into the regular season.

In Topic: Gerald McCoy Best DT in NFL?

05 September 2014 - 10:19 PM

Most guys will stay if the money is big enough. It reminds me of Charles Johnson in 2011. We stayed here only because he got a poo load of money. Then again he stayed the course and was part of the turnaround. I am sure he wants the same thing but while the Panthers are investing heavily on defense Tampa is doing the same on the offense.

GMC is still on his rookie contract which was pre New CBA. His contract figure won't raise much at all and he'd still be the highest paid dt in the league. We haven't got much money tied up long term on offense either. Mankins and V Jax are the only players I would consider getting paid handsomely. McCoy is already the highest paid player on the team with 100 mil over six years.

In Topic: Gerald McCoy Best DT in NFL?

05 September 2014 - 10:06 PM

I wonder how often a guy like McCoy feels wasted on a middling defense and whether they wish they could play on a Carolina or Seattle defense and really dominate. It has to be tough to do your job really well compensating for others who are mediocre at best.
He is never going to say it out loud and will support his team but it doesn't mean he doesn't think about what could have been.

Ahh I see. Like Fitz or Andre Johnson. Well Mccoys situation differs in a few ways. One, he's still young, plenty of time for the team to right the ship. Two, he grew up a Buccaneer fan so he probably enjoys the chance to be a part of a possible revival. Three, while I'm sure plenty of players want to win and I know GMC is one of them, it's probably nice to get the huge contract he's about to get as well.