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31 August 2014 - 12:30 AM

Decided to keep this out of your general forum for obvious reasons but, I agree with other Bucs fan's posting on this site, Lavonte David is and will show that he is a better player than Luke Kuechly in every phase of the game. Bucs win this one as long as the o line plays to a serviceable level.

In Topic: A Cautionary Tale - Tampa Bay Opener

30 August 2014 - 04:15 PM

From what I have seen, just put a double linemen up on McCoy then throw a running back at him to help and the others wont be an issue (if the past and preseason is any indication).  Our success as a team is dependent on if McCown can limit the head scratchers in degree and frequency and if the o line can put together an acceptable showing.  Our defense will be at least above average as a whole and we have weapons on offense.  A teams offense can only be as good as the o line allows them to be though.  If we can beat either ya'll or St Louis in these first two weeks, with those d lines, it will be a pretty good indication that we will be a solid team this year.

In Topic: A Cautionary Tale - Tampa Bay Opener

30 August 2014 - 03:33 PM

Thanks for the insight. I had a hard-on for ASJ with our first pick, and, while I'm glad we got KB instead, I was and still am sickened you got him-a rare, freakish size/speed/hands/body control combo for sure.

I paid more attention to this draft than I have in years past.  Really loved that pick.  Didn't care for Evans at 7 value wise.  Liked KB where he was picked more.  Pleasantly surprised with Evans so far though.  Didn't think his run after catch ability would translate as well as it has.  


Also surprised by ASJ's character.  Good dude, smart enough to impress everyone with how fast he picked up the offense even while missing some of the offseason due to NFL/college rules.


On topic though.  I feel like a team that can spread their offense out and work the middle of the field will make it a lot easier on themselves against us.  Our secondary has big play ability with Banks, Goldson, Barron, and Verner but they are inconsistent.  Leonard Johnson at nickel gets bullied game in and game out and our linebackers are still a little iffy in zone.  


Running the ball is always a part of success but against us, you wouldn't want to throw all your eggs in that basket.  You will have to pass.  And more importantly, take care of the ball. Our offense hasn't shown much in the way of sustaining long drives and through the preseason, we have scored a TD 75% of the time after turnovers so giving us good field position is even more key to a Tampa win than most teams.

In Topic: A Cautionary Tale - Tampa Bay Opener

30 August 2014 - 01:22 PM

What has been the overall tone of pre season for the Bucs? Other than hearing about the bad O line, everything has been quiet. How is Mike Evans looking? Does Mccown look as good as last year? How has their D looked? Anyone give me the lo down?

I like to consider myself a realistic Bucs fan/NFL fan so I think I can give you a scouting report with little bias.


Some major points:

The O line was bad.  Opening preseason week was so bad that there was no way they could possibly go into an NFL season with the bums we had.  Some say it takes time to gel, I don't necessarily believe that, at least not to a large degree.  They were just bad.  Particularly our guards.  We seemed to be intent on starting Oniel Cousins (who's been described as the worst guard ever seen by ex pro Steve White) and Patrick Omammeh, who doesn't have much on tape to really know what he's about.  So when we hit the oh crap button and traded for Rishaw Johnson and Logan Mankins, it came with little surprise.  


Both moves will pay dividends for us and while Johnson is still a project, the rest of the line is stacked with at least capable players (Collins, Deitrich-Smith, and Demar Dotson who finished last years rated highest amongst right tackles over at PFF).  Now while the names sound good, I don't necessarily know how good this line will be.  My guess, average - above average depending on the week.  Collins will have to show he is a capable starter. Mankins will have to show he's still got it.  And whoever we start at RG (probably Rishaw) will have to develop well.  Your d line is good so we will have some issues but by fixing the guard issue, our o line will be substantially better than it was with Cousins and Omammeh in the preseason.



Offensively, see above really.  Tough to judge an offense when the o line is a sieve but, in the one acceptable game they played, vs Buffalo, the offense was rolling well.  Doug Martin seems to be ready to return to his 2012 form.  Mike Evans, who I honestly didn't like in the draft at 7th, has looked better than I thought.  V Jax is going to be V Jax.  McCown is gonna McCown meaning he will throw some head scratches but is capable enough.  I will take those head scratchers due to over confidence in his arm over a guy too scared to make a play.  A guy to watch on offense is Austin-Seferian Jenkins.  Due to the team seemingly wanting to evaluate our other two TE's (Brandon Meyers and Luke Stocker)  ASJ didn't really get much opportunity.  But by all accounts, he picked up the offense incredibly quickly and will be a major part of this offense.  http://nflspinzone.c...ferian-jenkins/  ( a little write up on the 6'6 260 lb prospect).  I have a feeling he will be getting quality pt in the regular season.


Defensively, we're right where we left off really.  Run defense through the first 3 weeks of preseason (discounting the 4th due to bubble players starting) Bucs allowed the lowest ypc, rated 4th best run defense over at PFF, and our starting D only allowed 3 points total all preseason.  The run defense will be impressive this season.  The biggest issue on defense is teams with that shifty slot receiver.  Lance Moore types will give us fits due to Leonard Johnson being weak in coverage out of the slot.  Find a way to pick on him, and you can get some easy yards off of us.


 Pass rush wise, Gerald McCoy broke the rating system over at PFF.  PFF uses cumulative scores on players through the year and with his limited snaps in preseason, McCoy has already surpassed Haloti Ngata's rating at the end of last year.  This isn't just a stat either.  Watch him through the first 3 games and you will see a man unstoppable.  You will have to double team him though he was beating doubles in Miami for sacks.  Good news is, other than McDonald (our nt) no one else on the d line has shown much in the way of pass rushing.  Michael Johnson and Adrian Clayborn will have to step up to bring the pass rush to the next level.


Also, I have to mention Lavonte David because he's Lavonte David.

In Topic: Carolina Panthers Sign Tiquan Underwood

22 March 2014 - 02:16 PM

I honestly believe Underwood will be a solid #3 

Actually interested in what makes you believe that and what exactly do you mean by solid?

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