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#2739126 Gantt with the blast/PFTcommenter with the kill

Posted by PantherFeez on 14 April 2014 - 03:30 PM



am i doing it right guys?

#2738373 The Kraken's random tweet

Posted by PantherFeez on 13 April 2014 - 05:51 PM

Kraken got his heart broken? Caught a bad case of the feels?

#2737566 We Have More Cap Space Than You Think

Posted by PantherFeez on 12 April 2014 - 03:58 PM

Godfrey and Williams IMO go as June 1.


We already cut Smitty as a June 1. Limit is 2 June 1st designations per year

#2736484 Canadian Connection 2.0 - Alex Hall

Posted by PantherFeez on 11 April 2014 - 03:11 PM


As previously pointed out, a Giants connection

#2734557 Panthers sign Ed Dickson

Posted by PantherFeez on 10 April 2014 - 01:25 PM

Jonathan Stewart ‏@Jonathanstewar1[/size]  4m
Everyone welcome my fellow former duck teammate @EdDickson84 to the carolina panthers #goducks #PantherNation #isitfootballseasonyet

Stew breaking it 2 mins before anyone else haha

#2732485 Josh Norris will be on WFNZ at 910

Posted by PantherFeez on 09 April 2014 - 08:36 AM

Brought up that CJ is sort of in a contract year. They either extend or part ways with him after this year since cutting him saves $11.4M (only 6 dead). Not sure we can afford both he and Greg at 12+/- a year.

#2731957 Colin Cole re-signs with Panthers

Posted by PantherFeez on 08 April 2014 - 04:23 PM

Joe Person @josephperson

#Panthers have agreed to terms on 1-yr deal w/ DT Colin Cole,per league source. Cole started 13 G for CAR in '13 after being out of FB 2yrs.

#2731892 Prospect Meetings By Position *Up to date*

Posted by PantherFeez on 08 April 2014 - 03:09 PM



I think Adams qualifies as private, since Fresno's pro day was gone when Proehl visited.


"on-campus work outs do not count against the team's limit of visits" per rotoworld. He shouldn't be counted in the 30 unless he comes to Charlotte

#2725251 Panthers work out WR, Robert Herron. Speedy, but that's about it right now.

Posted by PantherFeez on 02 April 2014 - 08:40 PM

panthers have now either worked out or have visits with the following WRs


Robert Herron

Brandin Cooks

Marqise Lee

Davante Adams

Cody Latimer

Philly Brown

Jordan Matthews

Matt Hazel

Jared Abbrederis


Left out Kevin Norwood

#2724020 Panthers have 3.98 million in cap space

Posted by PantherFeez on 01 April 2014 - 07:30 PM

Is that taking into account the summation of contracts from previous selections at our specific picks in past years or is a broad brush numbers crunch for every team?


Ok, I checked Star's estimates to what he actually got and they are damn near identical


estimates on Star (#14 pick)

Star's contract


I would trust his estimates based on that alone. Here's the contract breakdown for every pick this year.


Like everyone's said in this new CBA, rookie contracts really aren't negotiated anymore, they are pretty much set in stone. That's why his numbers seem to be so accurate to last year. He does a good job over there, same with spotrac.com -- but OTC has been much more involved this year vs spotrac

#2724004 Panthers have 3.98 million in cap space

Posted by PantherFeez on 01 April 2014 - 07:09 PM

that may be enough to sign our 1st rounder plus some change.

at some point you people are going to have to come to the realization that the cap doesnt work the way you think it does.

the Panthers will shift and move money around without the slightest bit of difficulty as any team does. they are capable of signing anyone they want because of this.


According to overthecap.com (article here) we only need $1,669,283 in new cap space for the draft. The 7 contracts will cost about 4.6M but we'll gain back the bottom 7 contracts in the top-51 equation; thus only costing 1.6M in new money. 3.98M is plenty.


Also, if we sign FA's, we'll gain $ that leaves the top-51 contract equation. Bottom 51st right now is a 495k contract. If you sign an FA for 1M, you gain 495k -- meaning the new player only costs 505k in new cap space.

#2719674 Rivera says Cam wasn't consulted in WR moves

Posted by PantherFeez on 28 March 2014 - 01:13 PM

Brady was surprised and disappointed that the Pats let Welker go. He then proceeded to put on his big boy pants and lead his team to the playoffs....again..just like Cam will.

I swear some of you think that an NFL franchise is more like a soap opera or sorority than a business.

Four letters. E. S. P. N.

#2717231 2014 Draft | Balanced approach

Posted by PantherFeez on 26 March 2014 - 02:47 PM

I'm guessing Ju'Wuan James won't make it to our 3rd round pick (#92). He's a starting RT who isn't going to be passed up. I'd take him at 3 if he's there though

#2717193 Dark horse pick for our first rounder... Mass Suicide would be had by all

Posted by PantherFeez on 26 March 2014 - 02:17 PM

Outside of Star, every pick last year was sort of a "what the fug" pick. DT back to back, Kug (no one knew him), LB and RB.


I'm going into this with 0 expectations for who the collective thinks should be picked come our turns. But just like every year people are going to freak out because "their guy" got passed over.


The board is going to fall differently than any mock can predict; so I'm just going to sit back, accept Gett's decisions and root that they work out for us

#2716945 Gettleman believes reaching a long term deal with Hardy is more likely now

Posted by PantherFeez on 26 March 2014 - 10:59 AM

What does not make sense is this:

Gettlemen is a slow player. That is how he gets the best price. He did it with Munnerlyn last year, Edwards, Mikel, etc While I am sure Cam is on board with it and understands his position, he is doing it with Cam.

Right now, Hardy's stock has never been higher. Gettlemen knows that if Hardy has a 16-sack, 78 tackle season in 2014, his price is not going much higher. However, if his numbers drop, he could get him for much less.

Now include Cam's contract and CJ's contract status. If Hardy gets 10 sacks and 46 tackles, he cannot ask for elite money. Hardy's price drops to that of players in that range, which is about $8-10 million. CJ has less guaranteed money and could be cut, but he could take a cut or restructure, allowing us to keep both. If we pay Hardy top dollar now and he bombs in 2013 with 7 sacks, for example, we are locked into possibly having to cut our best DE (CJ) to make the room we need to sign Cam. On the other hand, if Hardy has 17 sacks, we could re-sign him because he is a proven blind-side rusher, cut or trade CJ, and draft a stud LDE. Signing Hardy long-term right now gives us security that he will be a Panther long term, but eliminates options.

I understand that $13 million is a lot, but hardy is asking for money in that range anyway. 16 more games will give us a better indication of what we have-if the 15-sack season was a fluke or not.

Some here will get upset over this opinion, but if you were the GM, you would make the safe plays and I do not see giving him a top-dollar, long-term contract after 1 elite season as the safe play.

I agree that to get Hardy at the value price we would need to let him play through this season; but I think it does create some hurdles.

He'll be a FA again and will be able to field offers from every team and get the best $ deal possible. He gains leverage because the Panthers don't have exclusive bargaining rights once the 2015 league year starts (though there is a cushion from the end of week 17 to that point of exclusivity, but Hardy can still hold out to field offers). This could lead to another tagging which, if deserving, wouldn't be a bad move (back to the situation we're in now, but he could demand even more with cap increasing).

Here's what might throw us off getting him at 8-10 (w/o 2nd tag); other teams (in our division in particular) could offer him 12-13 to get him. Even if he had just 10 sacks, I can see any team who needs a pass rusher bidding 2-3M/yr over true value just to get his services.

I'm just stating the other side of things even though I agree with what you've said (there's a lot of what if's on both sides).

I do see that if CJ doesn't get restructured this year (point being he doesn't increase his 15' dead $ by ~5M) in 15' he'll have 17.4M hit vs 6M dead money (11.4 savings). To me, those numbers point to extending or moving on from a player. If this is true, both of your DE's are essentially in a contract year in 2015. You could lose none, one, or worse case both.

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