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In Topic: For those who are interested, here is where Cam first hurt his left ankle

25 March 2014 - 01:12 PM



Go to 2:29:02 (near the end of the game).  Cam runs toward right end, gets tackled, and his left ankle gets stepped on by 330 lb. Marcell Dareus.


That was one of only two times (the other being in the BCSCG when he took a helmet to the lower back) where I saw Cam actually react in pain in a game.  Considering the number of hits he takes, he's pretty darned durable.


I had forgotten all about that play until Rivera mentioned that this injury went all the way back to his playing days at Auburn.  I'd sure hate to get my ankle stepped on by Marcell Dareus.   :startle:


I watched the whole game, it that doesn't scratch your football itch, what will?

In Topic: Panthers Interested In Eric Decker and Hakeem Nicks

11 March 2014 - 06:21 AM

If he is replaced with a younger player of his equal and nothing else than the team is certainly better off. He has at the very most two years left and needs to be replaced no matter what else happens. 


No doubt about that, his days are coming to a conclussion. But younger players are a dime a dozen. Great players are rare as hen's teeth. We will most likley never find another steve smith. I was hoping for a transition where he could help a young talent also become great. Maybe I am still trying to hold on to whats gone, but he has been the mainstay at carolina and I am sad to see it come to an end.

In Topic: Panthers Interested In Eric Decker and Hakeem Nicks

10 March 2014 - 09:23 AM

Alright! Not only is Steve above evaluation now......he should also be the general manager?

Yeah, people need to get a grip


Not saying that, it just we have a weak recieving corp, losing smith would not help the cause. We need someone as good as him and another good reciever. Its obvious he will have to take less money or be gone. But if he gets gone and we only replace him, we are no better off. If ginn could have been depended on for the long ball, they would have been a great tandem pair of recievers.  

In Topic: Panthers Interested In Eric Decker and Hakeem Nicks

09 March 2014 - 07:11 AM

so you think cutting smith would give the $$ to sign the both of them? You're delusional! Wo would only recoup a/b 2 million dollars by doing it & we'll still be paying him 3 mill over the course of the season. Stop w/ all this it's time to move on crap when you clearly don't even know what "moving on" from him actually means. Nicks said he grew up watching Smith & I doubt he would even still wanna come here if we cut him. The best option would be to keep him, put him in he slot, & make Nicks the #1. Decker is out of the ? Either way. there's no "hoping" he won't want a lot of $ cuz if he didn't he would jus stay where he is

they should ask smith who he would want to sign as a wr, perhaps he would adjust his money willingly if he got a guy that could actually help him reach his "stats" goals. Smith wants a ring, he wants 15,000 yards, he wants records. The guy is still a keeper, but we all know he has been a solo act for a long time. If he had been on a team with a great qb and some help, he would already have his ring and records.

In Topic: Cameron Jerrell Newton

01 February 2014 - 04:56 PM

That could be it. I was --repeat, was---not high on him because I thought he folded in the fourth quarter.  He did.  My criticism of Cam was based on a few things--all based on his potential to be one of the greatest qbs ever to play the game.


He needed to be more of a leader and understand that role--while his teammates say that was overblown, Cam said that his father and brother talked to him about it and he watched tape and did not like what he saw.  I was thankful to hear that because it made me realize he needed to grow.


Cam needed to understand that winning was the best way to get respect, not self-promotion.  It is difficult to watch a QB pretend he is super man when the team is 2-8.


I am so pleased that these things are no longer issues.  Cam has matured in a football and leader way, and that is great.  I have seen enough to pay the man a franchise QB salary.  The longer the contract the better.  However, Cam needs to work on some things--his accuracy and touch on deep balls are 2 things that hurt us this season.


Do I apologize to anyone for any criticisms of Cam last year and even at the beginning of this season?  NO.  He fixed what I was complaining about, for the most part.  I think people who were singing his praises before he changed should feel stupid.  I guess I coached too long to celebrate potential with undying worship.


For Cam to be great, he does not need to lead the league statistically. Russell Wilson doesn't.  Cam has a stout defense and is about to be given a stout Offense to navigate. 


Everyone has a buy-in point, and I was not satisfied that Cam deserved the accolades until I saw him close out games and become a true leader.  He earned the C this season and we won games decided in the 4th quarter.  That is when I bought in.  If others bought in sooner, good for you.  I don't play fantasy football, so maybe that is the difference.


You guys that sit around and psycho analyze like you are doctor phil get to me. Either be a fan or go root for someone else. I cheered for the team even when Clausen and the crappy team played. Cam is a great athlete and people just need some patience. People who expect perfection after a few years in the league need to chill. He is just a young man, give him a break. I think the guy is great and am willing to be patient and let him develop.