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Rape Victim Ordered to Pay Child Support.

02 September 2014 - 08:37 PM


The skinny is he fugged a 20yo when he was 14. 14 is below the age of concent in AZ. He didn't know he had a kid til 6 years later. He freaked, called bullpoo & just ignored it until the state tracked him down & started garnishing wages. At this point he had to accept it was real & decided he should not only start paying, but get involved as a father. The involved part seems to be denied at this point. Also, it seems the back pay goes back to the child's birth including the 6 years he didn't know she existed.

Now I know he fugged up when he panicked & just ignored it, but this is fugged.

When I Say "We Need Stricter Gun Laws"...

26 August 2014 - 04:38 PM

... this is a good example of what I'm talking about.


The skinny is the cop responded to a domestic violence call. The woman tells the cop the guy hit her. He takes the woman away in his car & tells her that she can fug him or go to jail. She's terrified & agrees to go to a motel. Once there, he draws his sidearm & says he wants to put it (yes the gun) in her ass. She starts crying so he "just" has his way with her. Oh, & he takes her back to the guy who she called the cops on in the first place.

He goes to trial, & there other reports of him being violent & doing poo similar to this are made public. He's convicted, but was given his right to have guns back after he got out.

Prankster Almost gets Shot.

16 July 2014 - 08:48 PM


Years ago one Halloween, several of us were going to a party. Don decided to dress as a Klansman. Don's black, very dark skinned. We thought it was hilarious. (This was long before Dave Chappelle for the record. ) He tells us he needs to go by his granddaddy's house so we swing by... This damn fool goes up to the front door of a man who has managed to survive to old age in rual NC despite being a "race man" since like the fuggin 30s, hood & all, pounds on it like a nut screaming "Give me some candy n****r!!!" When the double barrel came through the door, he whips the hood off & yells "its me granddaddy! It was a joke!"

His grandad calmly broke the breach, took the shells out, took off his belt and started whupping the poo outta Don.

We just sat there.

Don finally gets in the car & bleats "why didn't you assholes help!?!"

His grandad sends the belt through the window, missing me & popping him in the mouth like Pootie Tang yelling "Cuz they got an ounce of gawddam sense you moronic muthafugga!"

5 Year Olds Playing the "Mommy Daddy Game"

15 July 2014 - 11:23 AM

So... the faire is abuzz with the fact that a couple of kids got caught in... er... well, pretty much foreplay. Seems that each had walked in on their respective parents during sex & got "the talk". "When a mommy & daddy love each other very much, they get married & etc..." Well, since they always hangout at faire, people started calling them boyfriend & girlfriend, they decided to "get married",had a cute little wedding before the guy who plays the court bishop & got started doing what mommies & daddies do.

They got a clearer version of the talk, I figured that would be it & it would become a "be careful what you say to kids" anecdote.

Instead, several people are feverishly plotting to make sure their similarly aged sons stay away from the girl since she's an obvious temptress.

Many of the same laugh & joke about how the boy has game.

Crazy fugs.

When Office Politics Goes Wrong.

01 June 2014 - 10:00 PM

Ok, this is an insanely long story so I'm just gonna sum up...

My wife was teaching at a college on a tenure track. Basically she had a contract that allowed both parties to cut & run with no consequence at the end of each year, barring certain clauses.

The guy who wanted to take over as chair of her Dept. directed a show & she was costume designer for it. (Note: He's the hack who can't even find a job in summer stock but thinks he should be on Broadway/in Hollywood. He makes up for lack of talent by schmoozing rich patrons.)

This guy totally screws the pooch (I'll leave it at that since its boring actor stuff) & throws everyone else (6 people including my wife) under the bus to keep his dream of being chair.

Well he gets chair, & all 6 announce they will start seeking employment elsewhere. He gets mad & decides to fire all of them before they can turn in letters of resignation. He does this by claiming they are incompetent, yadda, yadda...

They protest, & are offered mediation. (Unusual, but they defend their work/names) & they win. He gets all snarky & says it was just so they know he really won & was able to make them jump through hoops because he... is the muthafuggin chair.

Turns out the moron activated a clause in the contracts that made year to year go to 4 years & since the mediator favored them, instead of the final 3 months pay, they get 2-3 years pay depending on when they were hired.

Upside is I've been after my wife to start her own business while I taught. Now she has the capital to do so.

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