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#1915476 Breaking down the Giants Game w Pics

Posted by Snake on 22 September 2012 - 01:40 PM

Ok so the coaches film just came out for our game and I had a chance to pic a few plays to review. I have to work to day so this is all I have so far and will break down the second half of the game later.

Moving on here is what I saw from our defense because most of the film is on them because of what happened.

Well as I discussed in my other thread about our defense true to form we indeed did not change our game plan. Here is us using the over one on the Giants.


Here is them using it again with Eli in the Gun


On that play Godfrey was playing run and gave up the TD.

Alright so now we know what we were running lets discuss how the Giants countered it.

When manning saw Godfrey in the box he did two things. One was run a screen and the other was a quick pass to his WR on slant routes.

Now we countered this by playing a simple nickel man.


Well how did Eli counter this you ask? He attacked outside the tackle box and isolated the CB.


Here you can see that the LBs are out of the play and the only person stopping the back is our S. No a good thing...

Now we countered that with changing our Dline. Johnson line out wide to stop the attack but we stayed in the nickel. So what did the Eli do? Yup ran it to the inside.


Now time to focus on our Dline

To put it nicely the Giants Oline won the battle. To put it blunt, they woop our asses.


He we actually did blitz Manning with a LB cross fire. Guess what? No go...


Well thats all I have on the defense for now(not like it was not enough) but moving on to the offense.

The number one problem that night was Gary Williams. You are not going to have success when guys go free like this.


I could post some shots of JPP holding and sniffing out the zone or the Giants knowing we are running when we get into the single back set but really its not worth the time. Just know that there Dline sniffed out the zone on every play. It did not work and we did not adjust. The sad part is that Williams was not yanked. Cause he was the number one problem and the Giants exploited it.

Alright that all I have for now. I would say enjoy but there is not much joy in it(it was hard to watch again).

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#1915083 Breaking down why our defense is bad

Posted by Snake on 22 September 2012 - 08:31 AM

We more or less do have scrubs at every position. Not very many of our defensive starters would crack the starting lineup on a good franchise.

Way to be a drama queen. Do you really believe that cause if you do your a dumb ass as well.

#1913752 Breaking down why our defense is bad

Posted by Snake on 21 September 2012 - 01:03 PM

Comes down to talent. We don't have the right pieces or enough pieces for our defense to be clicking on all cylinders. A lot has to go right for our defense to succeed.

Thats not really true. The scheme is supposed to get the players in the right position so they can make plays. If your not in the right position and the offense knows whats coming then I dont care if you have the 85 Bears D, its not going to work.

#1913693 Breaking down why our defense is bad

Posted by Snake on 21 September 2012 - 12:49 PM

So as everyone saw last night our defense looked like a wet noodle. We gave up yards on the ground and in the air. Nothing worked and every drive led to a score. So I want to review why I think some of McDermotts plays have failed and why.

Lets take a look a this picture


Here we see a cover 1 defense out of the 4-3 with Godfrey dropping into the box.

The advantage of this is that we have very good run support in between the tackles and can blitz out of this package.

Now lets look at some of the disadvantages.


With all of our CBs playing man and Naka playing deep zone it allowed Brees and Manning to use slant routes and RB screens to seal off the edge and make the CB make the play if they were not blocked. We did not adjust to this until the second half of the Saints game and never really adjusted to it with the Giants.

Here is another version of it in the Nickel.


and here is what we used on the Giants all game long last night.


We used different coverages but from what I saw we kept our Safetys deep and both our LBs and CBs in zone coverage with this package.

This is why the Giants had so much success on us because we did not change our gameplan on defense from the Saints to the Giants. What they saw on tape was what they got that night and it allowed them to shred us in the open areas the zones left. When we did go man we used cover one and it allowed them to just use slant routes on us. They knew what they had because we did not try to mask or hide what we did. To make matters worse we used the same stunts and four man rush we used on the Saint. Almost the same damn game plan. If you want to know why our defense crumbled under Backups this is why. They knew what we were going to do and they gameplaned for it.

I really say shame on Rivera and McDermott for not changing things up and not adding more blitz packages in there. Its going to be a long season if we dont change our game plan from week to week cause other teams will.

#1911587 Rivera Post Game Press Confrence... B4 the actual presser

Posted by Snake on 20 September 2012 - 10:53 PM

This offense just doesn't work without Stewart.....that falls on Chud. 2nd week in a row we entered a game with essentially the Stewart playbook.....and the offense imploded.

I thought the D gameplan was bad.....but it doesn't help things when you has guys like Beason whiff on guys in be backfield for what should be big losses.....and they go for big gains. Miss gimme INTs when the opponent gifts them.

I mean when we are in position to make plays and don't......that isn't Rivera. But yeah, these aggreesive scheme is a myth.....we rely on Big Money and the front 4....and big money is good but not the type player worth the cash Hurney paid him.

Going to agree with you CRA. Seems like we have sold out on the zone read and cant gameplan other wise. Sad too because good OCs can taylor gameplans to anyone. Just ask the Giants tonight who came in and stomped our ass with a limping team.

I will also agree that our LBs have looked very poor and Beason was a Pro bowler. Bad tackling and angles have nothing to do with injuries.

#1911447 The biggest problem with this loss...

Posted by Snake on 20 September 2012 - 10:39 PM

We dont need Credit. We need Wins and better coaching.

#1910364 Why Rivera Stands There Still

Posted by Snake on 20 September 2012 - 08:37 PM

Team looks like Rivera... Flat.

#1903868 Poor Drew...

Posted by Snake on 17 September 2012 - 08:48 AM

Someone should have come in at the end and finished him off...

Posted Image

I.E. Ripped his helmet off and kneeded him in the head repeatedly.

#1903280 Kuechly

Posted by Snake on 16 September 2012 - 08:31 PM

The Kuechly apologists make me shake my head. They are either hoping for injuries or have resulted to personal attacks.

#1899267 Rivera on RG3 vs Cam

Posted by Snake on 14 September 2012 - 11:41 AM

I rather hold my Opinion on RG3 till the 3rd game when Teams have some film on him. Right now he has the upper hand but man he took some shots in that Saints* game. One that spun him like a rag doll.

#1894914 90 percent of the huddle

Posted by Snake on 10 September 2012 - 06:02 PM

High expectations are expected when your center says there super bowl bound and then the Oline shits the bed the first game.

#1894360 Snakes Monday Game Review

Posted by Snake on 10 September 2012 - 11:10 AM

So after rewatching the game and reviewing what both sides did on the field yesterday I have a few opinions to share.

You hear this a lot in football and mostly from the losing team but its worthy in this game. The Refs were stinking up the Joint. Although I have not watched other teams I have a feeling there is a trend. The Replacement officials are not calling PI and holding as much as the NFL officials would. So what does this mean? Well it means passing teams are going to have a hard year if it keeps up and running teams will rule once again. When you don't get the PI calls and CBs are allowed to maul your WRs its a Rushing league. I counted 2 huge plays that were negated by PI for the panthers and 4 holding calls that would have resulted in 4th downs. Thats the difference in close games.

Alright moving on.

After blaming the Refs I'm going to start to point my finger to who holds the most blame, and thats the Panthers for losing this one.

The biggest factor in us losing the game yesterday was negative plays. The run was shut down from the start and was putting us in the hole to make the situation worse. Chud was running the option plays but Cam did not decided to run once. This lead to the defense keying on Dwill and stops for loss. I saw 3 huge holes cam could have used but elected to pass to Dwill. Furthermore I don't know what tape the bucs got of the panthers but they were on top of us more than once. I counted 5 times blitzes were placed perfectly in the right gaps to totally shut us down.

The next biggest problem yesterday was Cam Newton.

When things started to break down Cam did not react well. He held the ball too long and did not throw it away. If he is going to keep looking down field and not tuck the ball he needs to learn to throw it away and not put us in the negative. One play he rolled out and had no WRs in that area yet was still looking down field. Not a smart move on his part. I really could go on and on about his bad decisions yesterday but im going to leave it at that.

The last thing that killed us yesterday on offense was missing Stewart. On a ton of those option plays Stewart would have gave us 2 or 3 yards not minus 2 or 3 yards. The game plan was poorly suited for Dwill and everyone knew that. In Chuds defense he prob was told that Steward would be able to play and didn't change his game plan for that matter.

I know I am skipping the Oline issues but IMO they were a avg unit yesterday. They were blitzed early and often and it didn't help Cam got stupid on more than a few plays.

Alright on defense

For the most part this defense did there job and didnt screw up but here is what I saw.

Norman was getting welcomed to the NFL by Vjax. He was fooled more than once and well looked and played like a late round Rookie.

Gamble must have watched some Norman tape and played like he was at Coastal Carolina because he went full retard in the first half.

Both our CBs were also playing way off there man while the Buc's played Small ball all day. This allowed the WRs to be able to pick up 5 yards with ease.

The second thing the Bucs attacked was Luke. They used the FB and formations to confuse him and it worked. He looked just like Norman at times(lost).

All in all these things can be fixed and its not the end of the world. A few adjustment by Chud and McDermott and a few more hours watching game tape and our players should be good to go. The ship is not sinking it just rocked a little and my biggest concern are the way the Refs are calling games. We may need to use more of a rushing attack this year than last because of it.

Alrigh now


#1894092 Did the Bucs scout us @ IMG?

Posted by Snake on 10 September 2012 - 09:08 AM

We poo the bed, its is simple as that.

#1885566 Its about to start raining fans

Posted by Snake on 05 September 2012 - 09:01 AM

I just cant wait to bash some opposing fans trolls this season instead of arguing with all of you assholes.

#1885561 Bucs fans are talking smack via YouTube

Posted by Snake on 05 September 2012 - 08:59 AM

Oh hell nawwwwww.

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