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In Topic: Republican blogger: The GOP wins set up party for spectacular, catastrophic f...

Yesterday, 01:00 PM

97% incumbent re-election rate.


CLEANED UP IN HISTORIC FASHION! The tides, they are a-turnin.

In Topic: Cam Newton Stat Trivia

21 November 2014 - 11:31 PM

I wouldn't even consider this a good stat when one is aware of our lack of check down options and short, high percentage routes. When you only have 20 yard slow routes available to throw to, of course you'll have more YPC. But also lower %.

In Topic: Republican blogger: The GOP wins set up party for spectacular, catastrophic f...

21 November 2014 - 09:19 PM

Rand or bust for me.


Is this the same Rand who was key in shooting down the NSA reforms the other day?

In Topic: I don't think I've ever seen the fanbase against our HC coach this mu...

20 November 2014 - 10:49 PM

Gettleman does not have to get up in front of reporters and answer question several times a week. Rivera does.


Do you actually think Gettleman didn't realize what the Panthers had at OL going into the season?


It is ludicrous.


It his is job to know. Sure he takes input from coaches, but ultimately he is the one responsible for stocking the cupboard. This season, he didn't have any money to stock the cupboard. It just wasn't there.


What was Rivera supposed to say??? " Well, I really don't like the hand I am being dealt by my GM, but I guess I'll just have to deal with it." ???


Running and coaching an NFL franchise is not as easy as playing smart guy on an internet message board.


I think Gettleman's thoughts on the OL were simply this: I have a veteran QB. He is entering his 4th full season as a starter. If there is anyone I can count on to pull some extra weight and take a little pressure off a part of the roster we just can't address, my franchise QB is the guy to do it.


It hasn't just hasn't worked out that way.


Gettleman signs the players, but Rivera sets the depth chart. He hasn't put the best 22 players on the field. Everyone with any sense has seen that our line is at its worst when Silatolu is in the game, and instantly better when either Velasco or Norwell are in his place. Yet, week after week, Rivera starts Silatolu and that's when we give up the most sacks. He refused to pull him out of the Eagles game when it was clear he was in way over his head. There are several other examples of Rivera either stubbornly or ignorantly starting inferior players.


He said it himself that the Eagles game was an eye opener that our WRs can't get any separation. So what did he do after the Eagles game? Absolutely nothing. He started the exact same line-up against Atlanta (save for Brown returning from injury). We ended up having the exact same problem, surprise! He is incapable of being proactive, only reactive, and only reactive when his hand is utterly forced.


He'll continue to start the Invisible Man Ed Dickson, when there is an explosive athlete on the depth chart behind him. He'll continue to start Blanketed Bersin when we have a deep threat on the practice squad. He won't take any chances with the roster, just like he won't take any chances on the field, and it will continue to cost us games.

In Topic: Bill Cosby accused of raping a lot of white women

20 November 2014 - 10:33 PM

That's really not a very relevant point. It's not a big number skewing thing because millions of molestations of girls go unreported too. It may not be to 'brag' but it'll be out of shame or guilt or any number of things. There's not some phantom hidden 90% of molestations that would balance the scales between male and female teachers molesting people.

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