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Yesterday, 01:48 AM

any other tri-athletes out there have a Suunto Watch and can give me some feed back?


Putting serious thought into buying this: http://www.suunto.co...-Sport-Blue-Hr/


it's going to probably run me $500.00 but as a training tool it would be priceless if it's as good as advertised.  I'm thinking about getting this instead of a big screen TV haha

In Topic: So I bought my first suit...

19 December 2014 - 06:59 PM

Yeah I know Cleveland County SO has that requirement. Already have that application in and a SGT is supposed to call me in for an interview as soon as he's given the green light (might be first of the year, since Christmas is this coming week).

Thanks for the tips though. Honesty is not an issue. Hardly drink, never smoked pot or done any other drug, and the one charge I've ever had besides minor traffic stuff has been deemed a non-issue by my sponsoring agency and every LEO I've spoken with over the past 4 months, so all is good. It's just getting through the process.

Any idea which agencies may be hiring now/soon? Already putting in at Dallas PD, Mount Holly, Cherryville, and a couple other real small agencies in Rutherford county.

Ive actually just started looking to change agencies myself I know asheville pd is hiring right now and rock hill PD is.

my brother told me about rock hill but haven't investigated that one further yet because I'm not sure if NC certifications transfer to SC, plus I have tattoos and they're not very tattoo friendly.

I work for a small agency right now, and am looking for a bigger one when I make the change, I don't know about bigger ones. but the small agency I work for is very political and more about who you know and are related to then anything else. I got passed over for a position by someone who had only been with the agency for a month and a half because of this kind of bs this year and that's why I'm leaving.

In Topic: We are Under Attack

19 December 2014 - 03:30 PM


Looks like North Korean, Russian and Chinese...

just for the record though we(being the U.S.) are probably the biggest offenders in this by a mile. It's probably a bit tick for tack.

In Topic: So I bought my first suit...

19 December 2014 - 03:25 PM

Congrats on BLET, just so you know some sheriffs offices require working in the jail first, so don't be surprised if they tell you that.

Also ask how they do overtime and if it's comp or not, the difference there can mean a few thousand dollars a year, for example I get overtime but a neighboring agency for me gets comp. also ask about if you get holiday pay or not

Reason being if two agencies are offering the same pay those questions can be easily the difference between $1-3k a year more in pay.

I would research the agencies too, try to have as many questions for them as they may have for you. And above all else be honest.

In Topic: Finding a better job

19 December 2014 - 11:18 AM

I'm 27. My salary has gone up an average of $7,000 every year since I started working. How you ask?

I've worked for five companies. I got laid off twice, quit once and then got fired. Then I did some consulting work, which I was able to parlay into my current full time job. And every time I've taken a new job, I've asked for, and received a higher salary than what I was paid at the last place. I've been with my company for one year, and I just got my first raise ever in my life; 3%.

Imagine that's your salary increase for the rest of your life. Because that's what happens when you stay put.

The only sure fire way I've yet found to get more salary is to move to another company for a slightly better job with a better salary. Gone are the days where you stayed with one company your whole life, got a raise every year, got a promotion every 3 years. You are in the early stages of your career. You want to get more money? Be aggressive. Shoot for a job that you think you can't handle. Don't be afraid to fail at your age. Because even if you do fail, what your next potential employer asks you during the interview is "What was your salary at your last job?" and then they will either match it, or go over that. Where you are at this point in your career, what matters is what you are getting paid, not what your job title is, not what your experience is, not anything else. What you are making now will dictate what you will make later. So always look to move somewhere with a better salary, especially this early in your career. Take risks.

I've flat out told employers that I got fired, and that didn't hurt my chances at all. I just got offered a job that pays $15,000 more than I make now, after I told them I got fired. I turned it down because although it's more money, the title would actually be a step back. And at where I'm at now, title does matter, and having "proposal manager" on my resume will not help me get the kind of job I want later. Where I'm at, I plan now to move around less frequently, and get much better titles and much better salaries when I do, which involves a lot more staying in put and getting some gold stickers on my resume.

Where you are, you should be looking to make a move about once a year, and get a better title, and a better salary. Don't stay put, or you will grow roots.

ive started looking for my next move, I'm expecting a $7-9k pay raise with the next move based on the averages of where I'm looking to go.

I'm trying to kill 4 birds with one stone though with the next move, and the money is a bonus but not the reason for the move so it's kinda tricky. If I pull off all goals but summer it will be a miracle.

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