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In Topic: Cam Newton is not a person of interest in club shooting!

Today, 05:53 PM

I have my doubt about Cam as a long term QB...but these character concerns other fans have and whatnot are fuging retarded. Cam is a clean kid.

In Topic: Peytom Branning

Today, 03:35 PM

Do a Suh/Clausen

In Topic: Stop wasting your money on ridiculously priced Monster Cables.

Today, 03:23 PM

Ebay for $5 free shipping.

Have been doing so since hdmil came out. Tried a $100 monster hdmi cable a couple years ago, no difference.

In Topic: When you are hungover....

Today, 01:40 PM

I prefer alcohol to weed. Weed does have a hangover, just not a miserable one but all my friends smoke and are brain dead afterwards and some are always brain dead, slow, lazy and forgetful. They think it's funny, I think it's stupid and annoying. I'd much rather deal with a headache. I've yet to meet an intellectually (not philosophical) intelligent, habitual smoker (not doubting they exist) literally out of know hundreds over the years but each to their own.

That said learn your limit and choose a chaser like powerade/Gatorade. I learned over time my limit is 5-7 shots (4-6 on empty stomach) followed by a powerade chaser, followed by another couple gulps of water. Once I near 10 shots, it's too much. I feel great, sleep great, and wake up just fine.

In Topic: Top 5 favorite movies

Today, 01:28 PM

Leon the Professional
Saving Private Ryan
Dumb and Dumber
Silence of the Lambs

Obviously I grew up in the 90s.