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#3176283 Let's talk Kelvin Benjamin

Posted by VGcollector on 03 January 2015 - 11:51 PM

Yea i think his drops are becoming a problem, Doesnt mean its unfix-able just means that for the remainder of the playoffs hes gonna be like this except catch one or two of those drops. In the beginning he was really great though as cam fit it in tight spaces. But after looking at those plays more they were more of body catches then straight hands. Wasnt just him though cam was off and the other receivers were dropping here and there too because of the weather and maybe playoff jitters. I liked when philly brown caught one clutch pass and cam ran to him immediately. Both of them hugged and it was as if cam was saying "thank you for someone finally catching the ball" and philly saying "dont worry i have your back".  I can see KB being like moose with clutch catches but we need to add someone who is the more traditional WR. KB had 10 i see him being a 5-6 drop guy a season which isnt bad.

#2795128 Build Your 2014 Charlotte Hornets

Posted by VGcollector on 20 May 2014 - 11:21 PM


PG: Walker, kirk hinrich(FA 4.5 mill), jordan Clarkson(draft)
SG: Henderson, Neal, Taylor, nik staus(draft)
SF: Kidd-Gilchrist, james jones(FA 1 mill)
PF: cody zeller, payne(draft)
C: Jefferson, Biyombo, haseem thabet (FA 3mill)

Hey so first just wanted to say i have been here for a while and post here and there but for most part just kinda stay in background and read post. Also when it comes to building team for nba i feel that you have to do it through free agency then draft, im not biggest fan of trading unless its picks or quality backup.

Now that thats out of the way can explain choices.

Kirk-so i chose him because feel we already have have a pg who can attack think we need a pg who can run the floor a different way. He can also score so just in case other pickups dont work he will help soften the blow of that.

James jones-feels he is underated player. Good shooter in limited touches and provides vet experience and one that has been on winning teams

9Th nik stuaskas sg feel from reading reports will be good stand up 3shooter and safe pick. Will be able to come in and contribute but not expected to be savior.

24Th. Adrian payne pf. Again guy who has a nice shot and can shoot anywhere on court not best post player.

45- jordan Clarkson pg. Feel he can be filler.

Feel like an offseason like this really improves team and puts us up to the 4 spot. All while not destroying us in contract money. This allows us to have big splashes in next years free agency as alot of our contracts for players we may not want ends after this season. Like henderson or bismack and few others. This also sets us up to have good role players who can either gain experience and build chemistry so that we will have good depth so that in future just need a starting sg, resign kemba, and depening on how cody plays a pf.