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In Topic: Hey, Stsgrl And The Rest Of You Saints* Fans Wanting "proof"

05 April 2012 - 09:51 AM

All this proves is GW is a POS (which I already knew) and should be banned form the NFL permanently. GW was in total control of the defense and this PFP program. NO ONE else!!! Now show me audio/ video of Sean Payton saying/doing the same thing and then we can talk, in fact I will buy the beers.

In Topic: Go Troll The "free Sean Payton" Rally Event On Facebook

03 April 2012 - 04:02 PM

Sean Payton's agent knew about it AND GAVE MONEY TOWARDS THE BOUNTIES, and yet you say that Payton didn't know? Yeah fuging right, nice try.

Please go back and read what I wrote, I never said he didn't know, I said "he was barely involved" I am sure there are rumblings of all kinds of things that go on but do you really think an NFL coach has time to babysit everyone.

To be honest, I've lost a whole bunch of respect for Saints fans through this ordeal. If they'd just sat back and accepted their punishment like adults I would have gained back some respect, instead many Saints fans acted as though they are persecuted Christians being thrown to the lions. It's like a teenager getting grounded and trying to run away from home or a kid throwing a tantrum over not getting the toy they want.

Sorry you feel like that but I cant expect you to understand unless it happened to your team. I was always taught to fight back if I felt something/ someone was wronged. Until I get shown otherwise, I WILL disagree with Goodell.
I will say it again not ALL Saints fans are the same. Some are taking this harder and a little crazier than others but everyone is entitled to and has a different level of feelings.

In Topic: Go Troll The "free Sean Payton" Rally Event On Facebook

03 April 2012 - 12:21 PM

Goodell has previously said he had evidence of the knowledge and cover up of the bounty program yet that "proof' has never surfaced. The media has speculated and blown up this story to epic proportions but what has anyone actually seen or read??? This so called proof was never actually shown to anyone in the Saints organization including Tom Benson even after he supposedly repeatedly requested to see it. The NFLPA is even dissatisfied with what documents were given to them, which is why the meetings b/t the NFL and them are being continued. That is why I said I cannot and will not agree with the ruling until I see something, anything or when someone within the Saints front office finally gets the "truth" from Goodell.

In Topic: Go Troll The "free Sean Payton" Rally Event On Facebook

03 April 2012 - 12:03 PM

What's the level of proof matter when they admit and take full responsibility for it?

Because there is more to the story.... I wont go into all the details but this is the basics...
GW was in charge and at fault for most all of this Bounty crap. He and he alone brought it in! Whether you choice to believe me or not, Payton was barely involved but he has decided to take responsibility for it because he is the head coach and should have been aware of what was going on but wasn't. Once he was FULLY aware, it was too late. From day one, GW requested he have FULL control of the defense. Payton even gave up part of his salary to get GW to sign with us. They wanted to win a championship and they believed GW could make that happen. Well we did but at what cost? It really doesn't matter now, GW was fired, we have Spags and should just look forward to the upcoming season. I am still hoping that Payton's suspension will be reduced but who knows what Goodell will do. At least Plan B is already in place with Parcells agreeing to coach this season. Our team is still intact, they are prepared and that is all you can ask for.

In Topic: Go Troll The "free Sean Payton" Rally Event On Facebook

02 April 2012 - 03:08 PM

You can clearly see the difference between some players talking crap and having a little incentive between themselves and the COACHES of a team organizing a bounty SYSTEM (with the help of outsiders like Ornstein) and then LIED to the NFL for OVER TWO YEARS about it... and lied again when confronted again with it... how can you not see the difference?
Let me ask you this? What would the Saints fans find to be a reasonable punishment?

From what I heard from people on the inside, Gregg Williams is the one who brought the bounty program here. He has allegedly had the same system in place three different times with other teams. His suspension is "indefinite" with a review to take place after this season. So if he is reinstated for 2013, he will have served the same punishment as Payton. Simply unfair.

As for the my take on the punishment, it depends on the level of proof... I have yet to see any.
6 games? 8 games? No games but coaching the entire season w/o pay? (6 million hit)
Ask me again once the evidence is released. Like I said before, I am a fair and reasonable person so if it is as bad as "the media" portrays it to be, I WILL call them on it and be the first to say the one year suspension was justified.