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07 November 2009 - 09:46 PM

I think Will Smith vs. Jordan gross is a pretty big matchup as the Panthers have had trouble protecting Jake all year long. Smith put up a monster game last week which wasn't even his 1st of the year, it wouldn't surprise me to see him have another and force some TOs out of Jake.

I can certainly buy that one.

In Topic: Hey Folks!

07 November 2009 - 09:29 PM

So as a Saints fan, what do you think are the most interesting player matchups on sunday?

Well, since you are asking the Saints fan, i will tell you.

First up is Drew Brees vs your #1 pass defense. Now, I keep hearing things like, "oh that stat is skewed because you can run on them." I hate ignorant comments like that because i am used to hearing it as a Saints fan...ugh. Anyway, to me this is a big one because i know our run game is doing well this year, but let's face it as much as I LOVE Pierre Thomas, he certainly benefits from having Drew Brees being the object of the opposing defense's affection.

Secondly is definitely Peppers vs Bushrod. While Bushrod has held his own at left tackle, he has certainly been average. I dont mean average in a bad way, but he hasnt exactly been Jamal Brown, and Brees has been on his back more than in previous seasons and he is throwing less. SO, which Peppers shows up this week? Disgruntled Peppers or vs. Arizona Peppers? Big match up here.

Finally, I say Jake vs our secondary. Not to sell Steve Smith short, no pun intended, but i think Steve Smith will be steve Smith and I dont think he make the plays he is known for against this Saints secondary without the help of Jake. What i mean is, i dont think Jake can throw up a prayer and hope Smith comes down with it. First and foremost, if bad Jake shows up, it will be a long, ugly day for Panther fans...but i think you already know this. IMHO, I dont think bad Jake shows up. Jake typically plays well against the Saints and I think at worse, you see average Jake.

The double trouble backs are not a major matchup in my opinion. I think you know what you will get. They will have solid days, I dont think the Saints def can "shut them down" but i also dont think they will have career days against the Saints def. Let's just say, i would start both of them in my fantasy lineup.

Anyway, those are my matchups to watch!

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