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#3257744 Stevie Johnson Released by 49ers

Posted by KSpan on Today, 12:17 PM

He put up 35/435/3 as Kaepernick's #3. He must've been wide open by a mile every single play for Kaepernick to hit him that many times. He could walk in be our #2 and come close to 800+ yards and atleast 5 times as many TDs as Cotch last year.

So 5 TDs?

#3257735 Nice Saturday AM haymaker thrown by TimTom Hasselbeck

Posted by KSpan on Today, 12:13 PM

For someone to make a comment like this, I have to honestly question if they've watched a single game Cam has played in the NFL.

#3257719 Stevie Johnson Released by 49ers

Posted by KSpan on Today, 12:06 PM

I could be okay with this at the right price, assuming he passes DG's 'is he a head case' screening.

#3256273 Hawaii help

Posted by KSpan on Yesterday, 09:19 AM

Would just add that if go to Maui and desire to "bike down the volcano" you should skip the big tour operators and rent a bike from a local shop. Just like the big outfits they drive you and the bikes up to the summit to catch the sunrise. (Which is freaking cold btw!)

The other operators leave right from the summit with their bikes because they have federal permits. The local bike shop (LBS) has to drive you back down 1000' to the park entrance.

The benefit (beside a better bike) is that you are free from there to go any freaking where you want. The big tours require you to wear matching jumpsuits, full face motorcycle helmets, ride single file all together and can only stop at designated spots for photo ops.

Ride down to about 5500' and head west past vineyards until you get to the lava fields. Then work your way back east and down. Great full day of riding with just a little climbing. And you don't feel like a tourist.

This. Haleakala Bike Company was fantastic - the guide was hilarious on the way up, they cut us loose to ride at our own pace, and drove their truck around from time to time to make sure no one needed any help with a flat tire, derailed chain, etc. Bikes were well-maintained too.

#3256268 Panthers NFL Draft Prospect - Justin Coleman

Posted by KSpan on Yesterday, 09:15 AM

Bene was one of the highest ranked corners in the entire NFL last season. Why move him to corner?

I agree with you, and Bene's abiliy at both spots gives the Panthers flexibilitywhen it comes to corners. If the value is there during the draft for a guy better suited on the outside, they could take the same approach they did with Captain and let Bene play outside in the base and move inside in the nickel.

#3255537 Greg hardy to seek reinstatement

Posted by KSpan on 26 February 2015 - 04:28 PM

Is it also going to be Good for him if he ends up in Atlanta? ?

Yes, it would probably be quite good for him.

#3255413 Olsen always trying to get an edge

Posted by KSpan on 26 February 2015 - 02:36 PM

I worked in a lab that did cryogenic preservation and we had 'hot tubs' at -180 C. It's cold, but cold, dry, still air of the vapor phase isn't all that bad for short periods of time (think of an igloo being 60 degrees) as long as you're not in contact with a surface that cold and/or wet and as long as there is air circulation (lid is open). It's actually rather refreshing, and I preferred it to working in the ice water or directly handling the stuff kept in the -80 freezers.

That said, you absolutely do not want bare skin to come into direct contact with the liquid nitrogen.

#3255258 Post a pic, any pic.

Posted by KSpan on 26 February 2015 - 12:36 PM


I like both those guys as actors, but that's pretty funny right there.

#3255052 Panthers interested in bringing back Ted Ginn

Posted by KSpan on 26 February 2015 - 10:23 AM

He might get cut in august because theres a chance Gman goes HAM in the draft and FA and gets a few legitimate weapons. I said might. If we have a younger, cheaper version of Ginn i could see him being the odd man out. Kinda like the hair guy this past season. Like i said, may. Who knows what type of talent we will have at WR come august. All i know is we have some cap space and draft picks.


Definitely a possibility, but I don't think it's likely.  Regarding Tiquan Underwood (the hair guy), he got cut because he significantly underperformed, something I wouldn't expect out of Ginn. I think the team was counting on Underwood to be the 'speed guy' we were lacking and he was just too bad in camp to keep. Had he performed as expected, either as a reciever and/or returner, Bersin may not have made the roster (remembering that both Avant and Cotchery were around at the time). 

#3254684 Andre Johnson could be released if he refuses to take pay cut

Posted by KSpan on 25 February 2015 - 09:06 PM

1 year prove it type deal

Johnson has nothing to prove. He's not a top-tier receiver anymore, but he still commands (and deserves) quality starter money.

#3254194 Jacoby Jones released by the Ravens

Posted by KSpan on 25 February 2015 - 03:12 PM

Good call. That Joe Adams guy out of Arkansas is a stud, and can probably be had in the 4th round.

What's Ryne Robinson up to these days?

#3253766 Ravens willing to move on from Torrey Smith

Posted by KSpan on 25 February 2015 - 08:57 AM

To play devil's advocate, and assuming his declination of the contract is true, maybe he just wants out of Baltimore.

#3252752 Breaking News..Cleveland Browns Unveil New Logo

Posted by KSpan on 24 February 2015 - 12:32 PM

They're preparing to change their name to the Cleveland Clementines.

#3252589 So how do we restructure/extend Charles Johnson?

Posted by KSpan on 24 February 2015 - 11:13 AM

Since he's only 28, it would be nice to add 2 or 3 years averaging 7-9 million a year and spread the hit to be bigger this year and next, with a slightly decreasing number annually. Maybe be down around a $9 or 10M in the last year of the contract, as he will still be in his early 30s and capable of production that matches that number.

#3251010 DeAngelo released...

Posted by KSpan on 23 February 2015 - 03:39 PM

So buying this All- Pro thing is worth it huh?

Every penny.