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Mark Barron Traded to Rams for 4th and 6th round picks

Yesterday, 02:54 PM

Solid Deal For the Rams. I figured He woud end up going somewhere for a 3rd considering where he was drafted and still being young.



Why don't the Panthers seem concerned about the past two games?

29 September 2014 - 07:11 PM

I am not saying the sky is falling but the Panthers just suffered back to back blowouts. Two losses is not really a big deal but when you lose like the Panthers have it should not be overlooked. Back to back blowouts don't usually happen in the NFL unless the team truly sucks. I don't really know what excuses can even be used. The damn Vikings just put up 40 points without AP and a string of QB injuries. The damn Bucs just beat the Steelers who blew the Panthers out last week. What the hell is going on behind the scenes?


The offensive line is going to get Cam and any running back put behind it killed. It doesn't take an expert to realize that. There are 3 actual Tackles on the damn roster and there has been no word on bringing in any for a workout. What happens if Bell or Chandler get injured during a game?


Safety play has been terrible. Why has Roman Harper been used in coverage so much these past two games? What is up with Tre Boston? If he is not going to play just IR him and give a guy like Chris Clemons a look. Same goes for Charles Godfrey. If you are not going to use him because he is terrible / apparently not better then Harper just cut him and open a roster spot.


Coaching has to be held most accountable yet there is no mention of anyone being on the hot seat. How can Shula come out and say oops maybe I should run the ball more than 10 times per game after a blow out. Then in the next game decide to call draws on 3rd and 7 when once again being blow out. It is the NFL and he can barely figure out how to score more than 10 ppg. Why is he still playing the time of possession battle when the score is 28-7? How do you manage two 12 men on the field penalties in a single NFL game? WTF Ron. Game changing Special Teams blunders in back to back weeks c'mon man.


What the hell is going on right now in Panther land?

Speed at Wide Receiver

15 September 2014 - 02:40 AM

Besides the inconsistency on the Oline I feel this is our biggest weakness on offense. We went deep today to Kelvin and Avant and neither got much separation from the DB. Cam sails some of his long balls so having someone who can run them down would be great. Even though he had trouble catching Cam would throw a bomb to Ginn last year at least once a game and he did haul in a few. Plays like that can be game changers. I liked what I saw from Philly on the reverse and he did snag a nice deep ball in the preseason. I hope he continues to develop into a reliable receiver. I trust the coaches with Hill and if he shows something on the practice They will bring him up to the active roster.


TLDR: I feel the panthers need to develop a speedster to be the teams deep threat. It is one of the few pieces missing from this offense.

Any news about working out Safeties or Offensive Linemen?

01 September 2014 - 12:52 PM

I'm glad to see the Panthers are working out some wide outs but does anyone know if we plan on bringing anyone else in this week. I didn't really see anything special released in the O line department but a few of the Safeties seemed like they were worth a look.


Not a big twitter user so it is hard to keep up with this kind of stuff.

Am I the only one who thinks the Panthers will be even better this season?

30 July 2014 - 08:32 PM

Yes we went 12-4 last season which was an awesome ride. It seems though that this offseason people are already losing hope. I guess because of the fact that so much from the past decade of Panthers football is gone. Maybe that makes fans uncomfortable. Fans may think that last season was a fluke, which is how most of the media seems to feel.


Our defense last season was scary good with a patchwork secondary yet it seems we still don't get the credit we deserve. This season it should be even better. Our front 7 is arguably the best in the NFL. Our secondary on paper, is better than what it was last season. Defense alone should give us the opportunity to win every game we play.


Offense is where I feel most people think we are in trouble. Yes Gross retiring is a huge loss. With upgraded play at gaurd, which a healthy Silatolu and Turner should provide, will help mask the loss. Our guard play last season was god awful. Lets pray the line stays Healthy this season and I think it will be better than years past.


We finally gutted the WR corp after years of us begging for it. I know most wanted it to be done while retaining Steve Smith but thats over and done with now. I am not really sure why the media acts like we lost 1500yds and 10tds. Our new group of guys including TEs should be better than what we trotted out on the field last season. I am not really sure how you can argue against that.


The only thing I really worry about is the return game with the loss of Ginn. You would think the coaching staff would have realized how important it is to have a true return specialist. As of now I don't even know who is going to be fielding kicks for us this year.


Overall I don't see how anyone would think we will not be as good if not better than we were last season. As long as the coaching staff doesn't take a complete 180 and stays with the philosophy we ended last season with, The Panthers are in a great place now and for seasons to come.


It's time to believe in the Panthers as top dogs in the NFL. There isn't a single team we cannot defeat on any given sunday.

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