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#3049014 That Roman Harper injury timeout....

Posted by Evil Hurney on 27 October 2014 - 01:59 PM

There was zero consistency with that call yesterday.


1) On the TD, the clock stops. The next play was an un-timed down. We lose a TO for an injury (Harper), which makes zero sense since it wouldn't affect the flow of the game or the game clock.


2) On the ensuing kickoff a Seahawks player gets hurts. Again, the clock stops automatically. However, this time the Seahawks do NOT lose a TO for injury. To me this is the correct interpretation since this injury has little to no bearing on the game clock or the flow of the game.


Now none of this mattered for this game, but is easily could have mattered.

#2660882 Seahawks Release Sidney Rice

Posted by Evil Hurney on 21 February 2014 - 02:01 PM

Rice, seems like the kind of player DG would go after. 1yr band-aid with some upside that won't break the bank. Rice's best days were with a gunslinger in Farve throwing it up to him IIRC. So, his strengths seems to be conducive to Cam's strengths -> i.e. deep and sometimes high.

#2382863 Charles Johnson restructures contract -saves $4.26 Million (old thread b...

Posted by Evil Hurney on 16 September 2013 - 02:20 PM

I took a look at the details. It looks like we save over 4.2 mil this year, then add on 1.4 mil in 2014 and 1.4 mil in 2015.


It LOOKS like we spread some of it around yet still save money overall. 


CJ probably wins by ensuring he's here at least one more year. (2014 has him at 16mil cap hit or we release him for a 16mil hit, thus little advantage to releasing him)


With the salary cap rollover that would net us an extra $2.8M in cap room next year. More flexibility to sign, cut, and trade.

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#2379089 I can't wait to see the Rivera presser

Posted by Evil Hurney on 15 September 2013 - 04:31 PM

Some things I'd like the reporters to ask:


Why not bring (any) pressure against a rookie QB?


Noticed the DE's basically doing a rush designed to contain EJ Manuel and not actually apply pressure. Were you really that scared of him running?


Far too many times I looked on the field and saw 3/4 of the D-line composed of 2nd stringers. Do our starters lack conditioning to play more snaps?


Do you have plans to get Cam a cleaner pocket? Was high most of the day and most of those occurred when he was unable to step into the throw.


Liked the shots downfield, but the offensive still felt like it lacked a punch most of the game. The exception was the 2 minute drill in the first half, so why not go with more uptempo offense in the second half?


Do you think the read option is actually effective if the QB never keeps it?


What was up with the wildcat...you have a QB that runs as well as most HBs?


Why kick that last FG and not go for the win on 4th and short? A FG doesn't really help you there.


I realize there were several injuries in the secondary, but the D on that last drive felt really soft. Why not apply some conflict either with pressure or tighter coverage at some point in that drive?