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Anybody else feel like HDtv is unrealistic sometimes? For example watching SNF last night and Collingsworth looked awful. Every flaw in his skin was visible. Nobody looks like that in real life. Now, Cris Collingsworth is ugly AF, but Jesus. Even decent looking people look terrible in HD. Is it just me.

Steelers rushed 3 people and still got pressure.

21 September 2014 - 10:21 PM

Our offensive line is so bad the Steelers were dropping 8 people in coverage, and rushing 3, and still got pressure. Unless we find a new LT on somebodies practice squad we're screwed.

Murderer out of jail kills girlfriend, eats her brain.

16 September 2014 - 02:07 PM

"An Indiana man is being held without bond for allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death, then cooking and eating parts of her body, according to a probable cause statement obtained by CNN affiliate WHAS.

Joseph Oberhansley, 33, is charged with murder, abuse of a corpse and residential entry in connection with the death of Tammy Jo Blanton. He’s being held at the Clark County Jail.

Jeffersonville Police Department detectives responded to a welfare check at Blanton’s home on September 11 after a concerned co-worker called authorities to report Blanton had not shown up for work that morning. The co-worker informed police that Blanton had been having trouble with her ex-boyfriend the previous night.

When officers arrived at Blanton’s home, Oberhansley answered the front door and told police she was not at home and he did not know her whereabouts, according to the probable cause statement.

Officers said they observed a fresh injury to Oberhansley’s hand, and after taking physical control of him, police said they located a folding knife in his back pocket.

“The knife had blood and hair on it,” the document stated.

A search of the home revealed several blood stains, as well as evidence that the back door to the home had been broken through, investigators said.

When police entered the bathroom, they discovered a large amount of blood, as well as a fabric tarp covering the bathtub. Police then pulled back the tarp and discovered Blanton’s body.

“The front of the victim’s skull appeared to have been crushed and brain tissue appeared scattered around the tub,” according to the document.

A deputy coroner who examined Blanton’s body determined she suffered numerous injuries to her head, face, neck and chest.

“A large section of the front of her skull was removed. A large portion was missing. Several cuts to her chest created a large opening,” the corner said, according to the document.

The coroner further stated that Blanton’s heart was removed.

“A plate with what appeared to be skull bone and blood was found in the kitchen. A skillet and a pair of tongs with blood on the handles were found on top of the stove,” the probable cause statement said. “The cooking surface of the skillet was blacked with a void in the middle where the cooked material had been removed.”

During a police interview, police said Oberhansley initially denied being aware of Blanton’s death but later confessed.

“He confessed that he had broken into the back door of the home and also broke into the bathroom where Blanton had locked herself inside. He struck Blanton several times with a knife, causing her death. He also admitted to mutilating her body, using a jigsaw to cut open her skull, remove a portion of her brain and eating it raw. He further admitted to cooking a section of her brain and eating it. A bloodied electric jigsaw and jigsaw blade were located and collected from [the] scene by detectives,” police said in the probable cause statement.

When asked by police what happened to Blanton’s heart, Oberhansley allegedly told investigators that he had removed it and eaten it along with part of one of her lungs.  

“During Monday's appearance in court, Oberhansley said he didn't commit these crimes and he didn't understand what the judge was talking about. He appeared anxious and said his name is ‘Zeus Brown,’” CNN affiliate WHAS reported.

HLN left a message with the Clark County Public Defender’s Office to determine if Oberhansley has retained an attorney."

A few weeks ago somebody posted an article about a guy in Iowa? that is doing life for selling weed. This man had no business being on the street, and the family should sue whoever the hell decided he should be out of jail.

Ray Rice

11 September 2014 - 09:18 AM

In our reactionary society it was only a matter of time before people like Kieth Olbermann used the Ray Rice incident to get on a soap box and talk about the horrors of domestic violence, or "hatred of women". For the record, I think Ray Rice should be suspended for the season, and should have probably served a jail sentence for the cowardly assault on his wife. However, come on. I don't know if this is how Ray Rice treats his wife on a regular basis, but incidents of domestic violence doesn't mean the people involved are bad people. My parents had what seemed to be a loving relationship. Sometimes however my dad would say something my mom didn't like, my mom would slap the poo out of him, and my dad had to restrain her. There were some times when calling the police was warranted, but the mutual distrust of the police prevented that from ever happening. Neither of them are "monsters" are "sick" or "abusive". Sometimes people fight. People get emotional, and tempers flair. 


On the other hand, had Janay knocked Ray out, we would have laughed at Ray Rice and there would be a billion memes about how he got knocked out by his girlfriend. Had Ray Rice knocked out a 5'4, 120 lb guy, we would justify it because the guy kept getting in Ray's face. Neither of the incidents would be warranted, and the act itself would be just as heinous. Again, what Ray Rice did was awful, he should have been suspended for the year, and gone to jail, but making this out to be more than what it is pathetic. 

Jack the Ripper "found"

08 September 2014 - 12:06 AM


A self-confessed “armchair detective” claims to have solved perhaps the most notorious whodunit ever by claiming to have discovered the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Russell Edwards claims Aaron Kosminski, a 23 year-old Polish immigrant who ended up dying in an asylum, was “definitely, categorically and absolutely” the man behind the grisly killing spree in 1888 in London’s East End.

Edwards said a blood-stained shawl he bought in 2007 after an auction in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, held vital DNA evidence which led him to the killer.

“I’ve got the only piece of forensic evidence in the whole history of the case,” he said. “I’ve spent 14 years working on it, and we have definitively solved the mystery of who Jack the Ripper was.

“Only non-believers that want to perpetuate the myth will doubt. This is it now – we have unmasked him.”

Jack the Ripper murdered at least five women, slashing their throats, removing some of their internal organs and leaving their mutilated bodies in alleyways in Whitechapel.

Edwards, 48, from Barnet, north London, was “captivated” by the murder mystery and had been investigating it in his spare time.

In 2007 he saw a shawl found by the body of Catherine Eddowes, one of the Ripper’s victims, was up for sale.

He bought it, and enlisted the help of Jari Louhelainen, an expert in molecular biology, who used pioneering techniques to find DNA from her blood and that of the killer.

“Here I am with the shawl and possibly the evidence to solve the most unsolvable murder in English criminal history. But where do I start? That was the big question.

“I enlisted the help of Jari and we embarked on a three-and-a-half year journey.

“When we discovered the truth it was the most amazing feeling of my entire life.”

However, other Ripper experts cast doubt on the claims.

Richard Cobb, who runs Jack the Ripper conventions and tours, told the Times that the shawl had been touched by many people over the years, which made any DNA samples less reliable.

“The shawl has been openly handled by loads of people and been touched, breathed on, spat upon,” Cobb said.

Edwards said the discovery 126 years after the murders proves beyond doubt that Kosminski – one of the six key suspects commonly cited as the Ripper – was the killer. His book on the subject, Naming Jack the Ripper, is published in the UK on Tuesday 9 September.

He said the shawl had been taken by acting Sergeant Amos Simpson, who was on duty the night of Eddowes’s death and wanted it for his wife.

But horrified at the blood-soaked wrap, she never wore it, and it was stored away and passed down through the generations until it came to auction seven years ago. 
Mr Edwards said: “Thank God the shawl has never been washed, as it held the vital evidence.”

The author, who said he was part-inspired to take up the search for the killer after watching the Johnny Depp film From Hell about the Ripper murders, said police had identified Kosminski as a suspect, but never had enough evidence to bring him to trial.

Kosminski was a Polish Jewish immigrant who, fleeing persecution by Poland’s Russian rulers, came with his family to England in 1881 and lived in Mile End Old Town.

He was admitted to a string of lunatic asylums, where he died in 1899 of gangrene in the leg.





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