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What Lofton claims Cam said to start the brawl....

07 December 2014 - 05:48 PM




According to Lofton, “Cam took it to a new low. Right in my face he said, ‘I fug you up more than Katrina did.’ There is no room in this game for a blow like that. I would fight him anytime he says poo like that.”


Now, coming from such a reputable source as whynotgivehimthebusiness.com it's hard to dispute this...but I find it a little hard to believe.  Maybe Cam did say it, maybe he didn't.  Feel free to lock this down if this is too sensationalistic, but it's the only place I've heard anything about it.  Even if he did say it, don't care.  Middle of a rivalry game and it got in their heads.  Could also be a case of either Lofton mishearing, or completely making it up.  Wouldn't put it past a member of the saints to fabricate something like this to justify him starting a fight.

STL blowing out OAK

30 November 2014 - 04:02 PM

52-0 with 4ish minutes left.  Holy crap has there ever been a worse blowout?  Surely not a worse shutout.  Crazy.

As dumb as Mike Smith can be...

25 November 2014 - 07:19 AM

...at least he owns his mistakes.





“After reflecting on and analyzing how that played out, I would have done some things differently,” Smith said, via the Associated Press. “Given an opportunity to think about it through the night and doing some analyzing, I didn’t do the things that needed to be done to put our guys in the best position to win the game. There are a lot of plays in a football game that can affect the outcome, and I didn’t do my best to help us win.”


A mid round prospect I've fallen in love with

23 November 2014 - 01:26 AM

Justin Hardy, WR, ECU



I know some people here have mentioned him, so when I was watching some videos on potential WR targets I decided to give him a look.  He has good shiftiness, he's fearless, he attacks the ball very well and has amazing hands.  If we bring in a WCO type coaching staff, he seems he'd fit in perfectly in that slot receiver role that's been pointed out as absent on our team.  I've never seen a little guy with hands as good as Hardy's.  Even if we don't bring in WCO staff he could easily have a role, though.


Right now my dream draft would be Cooper in the first, a starter caliber LT in the 2nd, a starting FS in the 3rd and Hardy in the 4th.  I'd be ok with taking him in the 3rd though.  A WR corps of KB-Cooper-Hardy could be simply amazing.  Regardless of whether we take Cooper or not though, I want this guy in the middle rounds as it stands now.  LT-FS/other position of need-Hardy/something else-something else/Hardy would be good too.

Another "ranking the backup QBs" list from NFL.com

14 November 2014 - 10:02 PM



DA takes #5. 



5. Derek Anderson: He started Week 1 when Cam Newton was hurt, making a healthy number of difficult throws into tight windows. Anderson is going to stick around the league for a while.


Cam gets a mention in Sanchez's writeup.



It's a little unfair Sanchez nabs the top spot after only one game, but he's 1 for 1. It's also unfair that Sanchez gets to play in Chip Kelly's quarterback-proof system, but no one said life in the NFL was fair. Imagine how good Cam Newton or Ryan Tannehill would look if supported by Kelly's uptempo approach?


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