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Backup QB in the 2016 draft

Today, 07:00 PM

I was just watching breakdowns of Kurtis Drummond, S and MSU was playing OSU.  Drummond didn't stand out to me, but who did was the OSU QB.  I wanted to look him up because I had never heard of him, Braxton Miller.  His original senior year was a medical redshirt for a shoulder injury. 


He's a little on the small side, 6'2 215 according to wiki, but he looked like he could be a solid backup for Cam if we got him late in the draft.  Anyone know anything about him?  I'm just going off the one game vs MSU in 2013, so he could actually suck for all I know, but there were a few nice passes (one long TD to our own Philly Brown, was a really nice pass and catch) and he had some good runs too. 


Is he better than a late round QB and out of reach of what we'd want to spend on a backup?  Just curious if anyone here knows more about him.

A mock draft with trades

28 March 2015 - 09:19 PM

Figured I'd take a stab at mocking a draft with trade/s since we have a couple extra comp picks.  I'll probably do two or three just because of the different routes we could go with our first pick.  Instead of putting videos directly in the post, I'll link their draftbreakdown.com page so you can check out more complete videos at your leisure.


Round 1 #25


Jaelen Strong, WR


I still think Strong would probably be the best use of our first pick.  Don't need to go into too much depth, he's been discussed plenty.  Alternate picks could be WRs Parker or Perriman.




Round 2 #57


Cedric Ogbuehi, OT


I'm going with the assumption that the previously discussed interest Gettleman has in Ogbuehi is legit and I've come around to the idea that a 2nd round pick is reasonable to spend on a future LT with a high ceiling that might have to redshirt a year.  Alternate pick could be OT Jake Fisher.




Round 3 #?


Preston Smith, DE


TRADE!  Here's where I think we start looking at moving some of our mid to late picks to move up for a guy.  Smith has real potential but he's not being talked about a lot.  He's one of the few upper tier DEs that is actually NFL DE size.  I like him more than Odighizuwa and probably as much as Bud Dupree who will be long gone by now (pretty much the only other DE sized DEs being talked about in the upper rounds).  I think we move maybe our 5th and 6th round picks to move up into the top 1/3 of the third round.  Alternate pick could be Cedric Reed, another intriguing DE.  Don't think we'd need to trade up for Reed though, he's slow off the snap and doesn't have the motor I'd like to see.  Worth our original 3rd though, probably.




Round 4 #124


Buck Allen, RB


Round 4 is a good spot to spend a pick on a RB without overinvesting.  I think there will be a number of good candidates available, Buck Allen is the best of who I think will be most likely there.  With that said if Ameer Abdullah, Duke Johnson or Mike Davis are available I'd probably prefer one of them (in the order listed).  Alternate picks could be Tevin Coleman, TJ Yeldon or Jeremy Langford.




Round 5 #169


James Sample, S


To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about this guy.  Just throwing his name in there because he's been talked about a bit lately.  I don't know much about anybody in this Safety class other than Collins.  I do think we'll be looking at getting a Safety in this draft.  Alternate picks could be Clayton Geathers or Kurtis Drummond.


http://draftbreakdow...s/james-sample/ (no videos)


Round 5 #174


Jordan Hicks, OLB


He's got an injury history, but he played well last year.  He's got good size, good speed and good eyes.  I like him a lot as a mid round prospect.  Alternate picks could be Kwon Alexander or Mike Hull.




Round 7 #242


Derrick Malone, OLB


Just throwing poo at a wall here to see what sticks.  Need to find someone to take over for TD eventually, they'll bring in numerous people to try to fill those huge shoes.  Can play ST while he learns and is evaluated for future employment.






Here's my second mock with trades going in a different direction.


Round 1 #22


Todd Gurley, RB


TRADE!  Start off the draft with a bang in this scenario.  Sending our 4th and 1st to Pittsburgh to move up 3 spots works out on the value chart (as we all know that's not gospel truth, but it's what we have to work with).  Would definitely want to leapfrog Arizona if Gurley is still available at this point in the draft.  There's been interest shown by Gettleman and Gurley would be a good fit here, especially since we have a stud already in Stewart allowing us to bring Gurley along slower, easing him into a bigger workload, than if a team expecting him to be the workhorse right away took him.  I'm not saying I 100% advocate drafting a RB in the 1st with an injury concern, but if he checks out medically this is a great value.  If not for the injury he'd be the #1 RB in this draft and it wouldn't really be close, in my opinion.  The best RB prospect since AP.  Alternate pick: I guess Gordon, but I wouldn't really want to trade up for Gordon.




Round 2 #57


Cedric Ogbuehi, OT


Sticking with the previous pick here, yea it gives us two medical risk players with our first two picks, but they're both positions we need to seriously think about long term while we have short term solutions available for this year.  I don't think Martin and Oher are THE solution to our OT problems, but I could believe Gettleman is satisfied with the improvement that one or both of them provides over The Human Turnstile for this year.  This 1st/2nd round combo of picks has been speculated on recently here and I was against it, but I'm opening up to the possibility.  Still not my preference but I wouldn't rage.  Alternate pick: Fisher.




Round 3 #89


Justin Hardy, WR


Heh, I didn't think about the parallel between the number of our pick in this round and this pick until I was just now typing it.  I think Hardy could be great.  And no I'm not calling him the fabled "Next Smitty," but Hardy's got great hands, good body control, good game speed, good agility, he's good or great in just about every aspect of the position except height.  I think he could be a very dangerous slot guy at least early in his career, with the potential to develop into more later.  Just in my opinion, I think Edelman is his floor.  Alternate pick: Phillip Dorsett.  I'm not a huge fan of Dorsett, but a 3rd wouldn't be a bad value for him.




Round 5 #161


Cedric Reed, DE


Some might think he could go higher than this, but I see him more as a late round prospect.  He's got decent numbers, but if you look at his videos he seems very sluggish off the snap without a very good motor.  I think he could develop into something, but not the sort of player that's going to have an impact early in his career.  Like the Kraken, this would be a developmental pick for the future.  Let's just hope Reed doesn't get himself involved with any gold digging liars.  Alternate pick:  Za'darius Smith.




Round 5 #169


Clayton Geathers, S


I could be lazy and just put the same pick I used in the above mock here, but since I have no clue who the better S prospect would be I'll put up another guy for consideration.  And this guy has videos to check out.  Alternate pick: Sample or Drummond.




Round 5 #174


Jordan Hicks, OLB


I will be lazy on this pick.  I like Hicks a lot.  See above for write-up and videos link.


Round 6 #201


Corey Robinson, OT


We could very possibly double dip at OT this year.  Robinson is probably a RT in the NFL.  Worth a late round pick.  Huge guy, solid athleticism for his size.  Alternate pick: another fatty.




Round 7 #242


Jalston Fowler, FB


Eh, if we did decide to move on from Tolbert we could use a FB.  From the few sites I checked Fowler is the top FB prospect and expected to go a round or two higher than this, but he's a FB.  Who knows where the first FB will be taken.  Alternate pick: another FB.


No videos.



will be edited in the future to add more mocks with trades.

LBs can now wear #s 40-49

26 March 2015 - 12:37 PM

Didn't see this mentioned in another thread, probably because it's not that important.  But something to note for the future.



Mike Wallace traded to the Vikings for a 5th round pick

13 March 2015 - 06:18 PM

Title says it all. Saw it on NFL Network

Poll: Which team is nose diving harder?

10 March 2015 - 09:36 PM

I gotta go with 49ers on the first question, probably Saints on the second.