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In Topic: For all you Luck fans that wanted Luck

08 January 2011 - 01:55 AM

for the record im black.

but if a white guy is acting as if he is black (mallet if you have ever seen any of his interviews), and especially a qb, i would take that as a sign of him being retarded.

As a long-time reader and occasional poster on the Huddle, I hate to have this come up in a thread but it appears I do not post with enough frequency to merit starting my own thread under the current rules.

Seeing many people post on here, whom I take to be well-spoken and well-educated adults, using the word "retarded" or any variation thereof has become increasingly embarrassing not only for me, but as a fan of this organization and someone who hold the fans that post on this board in exceptionally high regard.

I am a student of the University of North Carolina that spent my summer in an internship role promoting the abilities and capabilities of the disabled community, and I promise you that nothing is worse to them than the casual use of the "R" word in reference to a person with disabilities. I would like to publicly, cordially ask that people associated with CarolinaHuddle and our fan base as a whole please take this into consideration before you post anything.

For mocking or sarcastic comments, please PM them to me directly as opposed to posting as a response to this message. Mods, feel free to move this post or thread accordingly.

Again, I apologize for my inability to start my own thread anywhere on this issue, but to be frank I am ashamed to see grown men resort to such terminology online. Should this post become a point of mockery and ridicule, I fear that many of you will be no better than the racists that Zod publicly called out several days ago.

Go Panthers, Go Heels. Please be mindful of the communities around you before you say or post something online.

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