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Rebrand Hornets

01 April 2012 - 11:19 AM

Giving us our Name back will affect the connection that the fans feel with this team, It would restore the atmosphere at the arena (SHOULD STILL BE THE HIVE). This historical team name bleeds the determination and free will that Charlotte area locals have, as well as pays tribute to those that helped make this Country free. At this point the NAME WILL BE AVAILABLE according to multiple sources since NEW ORLEANS doesn't want that name since it doesn't connect with their community.
IT will affect play at home games when you have win ravenous fans completely pumped like we used to be, and even before we were winning we were crazy in love with our Hornets. The costs would be surpassed in the first year with ticket, merchandise, as well as the publicity that the nostalgia affect would have. Just the initial burst of sales would surpass the costs and make the team a profit. It pumps up the the players since they will notice the fans energy and that in itself would be worth a few wins itself. It would turn into one of the toughest arenas to play in and it would truly be the HIVE again. Also there are two hornets nests on the Charlotte city emblem.

I was following the other threads were some arguing was going on but in light of New Orleans announcing a rebrand is a must, and the strong showing the we BEElievers showed on Friday night, Is anyone else pumped as much as I am about buying 2013 Charlotte Hornets Tickets!!!