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#2985489 Rough Meltdown ~

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 28 September 2014 - 05:16 PM

Free Cam? I'm SOOO tired of hearing this. He is very obviously hurt dumbass.


Cam needs to run - you are the dumbass.

#2985431 Rough Meltdown ~

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 28 September 2014 - 05:06 PM

Was hard to watch this game.  My own thoughts (post rage).


1.  Defenders seem afraid to tackle / wait for someone else to make the tackle.  There is no 'hunger' to destroy who has the ball.

2.  No rush at the QB.  Hardy isn't here - next man up.  We need to put pressure on the QB.

3.  Annoyed at the coaches.  If I am sitting here knowing that they are gonna get the ball to Smith, and I also know they are going to run the ball because of last week's fiasco - why not have a game plan ready for this?   Double up Smith and load the box.

                Of course that doesn't matter too much because we seemingly forgot how to tackle.

4.  Cam not running.  Two games now where he is sitting in the pocket.  On the one hand it's awesome, but part of what makes him dangerous is his ability to run.  FREE CAM

5.  Kelvintron is obviously a machine...keep feeding him.  Cotchery balled.

6. Our hog molly's on both sides of the game have been embarrassed now 2 games in a row.  Where are their balls?  Start smashing pukes in the mouth already.


Extremely happy for Steve Smith.  I wanted him to catch 4 TD in a losing effort - I hate they won but happy for the best Panther of all time.


Gettleman needs to get to work.  He is known for making the calls no one else wants to - start cutting the perrennial injured bastages and bring in people that want to play.


#2780383 Grade Our 2014 Draft

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 11 May 2014 - 07:54 AM

The problem with giving grades, either us or media - is because if you go into the draft believing you know the Panthers needs and they dont draft they way you think they should you down grade them.  When they do you give them an A.


I thought our needs were addressed and early - very happy myself.  :)


#2551239 Friggin incredible...In-laws Christmas on Sunday.

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 18 December 2013 - 04:27 PM

Just venting...Family > Panthers but seriously who plans family get together on our biggest game of the year??  NO way I can get out of it.  SURE- I'll be DVR'ing it but I'm going to hate going over there and 'half assing' watching the game piece meal...THEN I get to go thru the whole "dont say anything about the game" and hoping none of my friends friggin text me until I get home "God knows when" and watch it.





#2536819 Opportunity for our coaches now ~

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 08 December 2013 - 11:57 PM

Quite a few areas exposed tonight.  Now it is up to our coaches to create some solutions.  Quick things I saw during the game:


1.  Olsen can't break a tackle after the catch.

2.  Saints still dirty...they all but raped Smitty every catch.

3.  Not one sack.  Our whole game (to me) rested on pressuring Brees.

4.  Overshooting / not keeping tackle lanes.

            - We KNOW they are going to screen / flip passes...should have known anyway.

5.  Cam not running enough.  

            - I saw one designed run and it was poo.

6.  Dwill & Jstew?  Sorry...i've been fans all year and they are on my fantasy team but they cant get it done.


The sky isn't falling, and if I remember back before season started not many here predicted a 10-6 season.  No matter what happens our team did better then most everyone thought they would.


Oline has to improve.  

DB have to improve...get taller or faster or something.

Playcalling this game didnt seem to put us in a position to win.  I agree with the field goals early - that wasnt the place to go for TD imo....sure, in hindsight - but no, not then.


Most dissapointed in our Defense.  Not enough pressure, and worse?  I kept waiting and waiting for an interception or fumble...nothing.


We are still good...and one thing for certain I wouldnt want to be the Jets next week.


#2467641 Gameplan v 49ers

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 04 November 2013 - 08:29 PM

Quick Caveat-

Before the Panthers were born in the Carolina's my team was the Rams.  Ellard, Flipper, Everett...loved the team.  That's why I hate the 49ers...the rivalry (honestly was only one sided but /shrug) lasted forever.


I've seen Shula run some good game plans.  I hope he pulls out some "oldies but goodies" for this match-up.


1.  Screens Screens Screens.  Dwill hasn't had much success between the tackles- was nice to see Stewart not have that problem.  Dinking him the ball in space is what I'd like to see.


2.  The fastball to Smitty on the line.  Shula brought this back a few games ago but haven't seen it since.  Jake did this ALL the time.


3.  Do what we do.  Stop the run and pray to God we can get to Kap in time before he burns our CB.  


4.  I'd like to see our Special Teams improve.  I used to hold my breath waiting for Ginn to break one, now I hold my breath our players get the hell out of the way.


5.  4th & 1.  Rivera is doing the right thing.  The momentum built after these are amazing.


6.  We need to green light our LB IMO...get after Kap.






#2384054 Little things I wanted to comment on ~

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 16 September 2013 - 09:16 PM

Just random thoughts.  :)


1.  I too am done with Rivera...but only if we upgrade.  Putting in an interim coach doesn't seem the best choice.


2.  Officiating really bothered me.  I am still annoyed at the 'face mask' penalty where our guy didn't grab the face mask.


3.  Was surprised the talking heads didn't say anything about it, but the kick-off at end of game by Bills...whoever our player was that caught it and downed it really quick was awesome.  Super heads up play and let our offense have 1 shot.


4.  I want to be more disgusted at Shula than Rivera.  If Smitty believes in the guy I guess I'll buy in too but the 3rd and 5 call...run up the middle...wtf?  No play action pass?  No roll out and hit Olsen?  Not sure why we dont run a LOT more screens...they always seem to gain yards but its always off tackle / up the middle crap.


5.  If Bell sucked so bad why didnt Rivera try and help that guy out?  Put a TE to help block or something.


6.  The Drive & and even Adam Gold both were saying to let Cam loose...free him to do his thing.  Amen.


#1698873 Open Season.

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 22 March 2012 - 07:13 AM

I truly hope every team that lines up against the Saints this year keeps one thing in mind.

3 years of payback.

Personally, I like Brees...but he, his WR, and every player can go to IR this year as far as I am concerned.

#1675949 I miss Peppers.

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 06 March 2012 - 03:34 PM

I try to respond CCB but keep getting distracted at the pic with the big butt.

Nice. have pie.

#1675926 I miss Peppers.

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 06 March 2012 - 03:27 PM

There I said it.

I feel relieved.

Now heading back to my hole.

Be gentle.

#1621453 Which Panther player would you pick?

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 19 January 2012 - 01:01 PM

If they were playing in their prime?

Steve Buerlein v Vinny Testeverde?
Kevin Greene v Julius Peppers?
Beason v Sam Mills?
Walls v Shockey/Olsen?
Stephen Davis v DeAngelo Williams?
He Hate Me v Michael Bates?

For myself I like:


#815734 So...to sum up~

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 15 October 2010 - 11:18 AM

From Huddle posts we should:

Trade Gross
Trade Smith
Trade Dwill
Trade Kasay
Fire Davidson
Fire Fox
Fire Hurney
Get a new owner
Start Moore
Start Clausen
Start Pike
Start Armanti

Did I miss anything?

For myself:
Start Clausen
*He is our future.
Fire Davidson
*inability to stop 10 men in the box, 3 and outs, no screens, no imagination..he has to go

On the fence:
Fire Fox
*which I dont think matters what anyone thinks, I dont think Fox would want to play for JR anymore anyway.

#783948 Why I love Fox and don't understand the hate~

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 30 September 2010 - 11:48 AM

I knew I would get some personal attacks - it's hard to be a vocal minority. I still think Fox has been a master at adjustments. Another Huddle guy said to look at the Giants game - watch it again and see how we came out and stopped the passing that Eli was killing us with. We should have adjusted again to stop the run, but its there.

What coach is better than Fox?
The CHIN: He might be - I thought he was a gutsy if cartoonish head coach.
Chuckie: Something doesn't work with him - the fall that Tampa Bay went through was rough.
Peyton(?) - I like the NO coach
Belichik - he sucked until he got to NE...seems to have been the benefactor from a GM that got him good players.
Smith - ATL coach?
Wade - Dallas?

I just think the list is REALLY thin to just throw Fox under the boss.

#759892 Stick with Moore! The season is NOT over~

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 19 September 2010 - 10:01 PM

Before you yell at me...hear me out.

We are 0-2. That is not the end of the season. How many expected us to go 14-2?? Most people had the NYG as a loss. Tampa Bay didn't look near as bad as they had for the last three years. Give Josh some credit - he played well.
Minnesota AND Dallas is 0-2 also.

Lots of people asking what is wrong. What IS wrong is that teams are making the QB beat them and stopping the run. That's why we aren't running because teams are loading the box. So why cant our QB beat them? Hopefully that is what our coaches work on this week. From my perspective:

1. QB isn't making decisions fast enough.
2. Oline needs to give him 1-2 more seconds.
3. Play calling. THIS game wasn't as bad (thanks Davidson), BUT we NEED more screens. SHORT FAST passes to Smith, Dwill, Jstew. Build confidence and get our playmakers in the open field.
4. Maybe its just the freaky cameras but it LOOKS like the QB follows his target from beginning to end. No looking around, no hand pumps...QB is making it easy to read.

Now, if you agree with these are the problems we are facing - then what reasons do we think Clausen is going to be better then Moore? Neither one seems mobile, Moore has the bigger arm (I think).

On defense our linebackers are busting tail. If we can get more pressure on their QB's we wont keep having our DB's getting burned.

I think our problems are small and can be overcome. The season isn't over. 1 is an accident, 2 is a trend, 3 is a problem....we take out the Bungles next week and we can settle down. I think the Bengals are better then both the Giants AND the Buc's so we can stop this before we do have a problem.

The time to put check down Clausen in is when the season is over.

#752979 How does Huddle feel about female reporters?

Posted by Cat Fanboy on 16 September 2010 - 04:42 PM

Sure is alot of animosity...negative rep?? What the heck did I do?? I never said that if a girl dresses a certain way she is ASKING for it, and I think they should have the same locker room access males do (and YES, men do HAVE access to women's locker room..soccer, basketball).

My real point was I dont like hearing them on the sidelines because most of them are just pretty fluffs talking football which I would bet they don't understand.

As far as the Ines situation, she never said anything about it, it was other reporters that brought the mess up. I dont think she was 'asking' for it, BUT I also think she needs to be a professional, and that includes how she dresses. What the Jets players did MAY have been over the line, I think it was gently compared to what has happened in the past.

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