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#2952176 Six take away in 2 games.

Posted by CalculusDude on 14 September 2014 - 04:00 PM

Do we even have a giveaway yet? We're playing really good team football. This is a complete team. Once we get a running game going we can really take control, we lost ToP but still were in control most of the way. The only points we gave up were on an extremely short field to an explosive Lions offense.

#1826155 Think about This for a second

Posted by CalculusDude on 14 July 2012 - 02:42 PM

I've thought about this for a second...

Matt Schaub
Arian Foster
Ben Tate (Who had nearly 1000 yards)
Lawrence Vickers
Andre Johnson
Owen Daniels (Who had seven more receptions and over 100 more receiving yards than Olsen)
Chris Meyers
Brian Cushing
J.J. Watt
Whitney Mercilus (A rookie who may be just as good as Kuechly - it's a push, but it's certainly possible)
Johnathon Joseph
Glover Quinn Jr.

You can argue with this a bit, but overall it's a very similar team to the Panthers in my opinion. They have a shutdown corner, good linebackers, a solid receiving tight-end, a few respectable defensive lineman, a two fast/reliable backs and a nice fullback, and a potential hall of fame receiver.

Drew Brees
Darren Sproles
Pierre Thomas
Marques Colston
Jimmy Graham
Jahri Evans
Ben Grubbs
Aubrayo Franklin
Curtis Lofton
David Hawthorne
Jabari Greer
Malcolm Jenkins

And before you argue "Pierre Thomas sucks! He's no damn good!" he averaged 5.1 yards a carry, and they have a good three-headed rushing attack developing in their own right. Will Smith and Vilma could replace Hawthorne (who has 100+ tackles in the past three seasons) and Thomas on this list, and ultimately the only weak player would be Jenkins, and he's not bad.

Tony Romo
Demarco Murray
Dez Bryant
Miles Austin
Jason Witten
Doug Free (He's solid, albeit not Gross manning the LT position)
Tyron Smith
Anthony Spencer
Demarcus Ware
Jay Ratliff
Sean Lee
Brandon Carr
Morris Claiborne

They have a lot of unproven talent in the secondary, but I think every Panther fan before the draft secretly was hoping Claiborne would fall to us, not Kuechly. Doug Free isn't great, but he's not bad. The rest are definitely talents I would love to have.

Michael Turner
Roddy White
Julio Jones
Tony Gonzalez
Todd Mclure
Tyson Clabo
Sean Witherspoon
John Abraham
Jonathan Babineaux
Brent Grimes
Asante Samuel
Thomas Decoud/Ray Edwards/Matt Ryan/Dunta Robinson

This is a stacked team and I couldn't decide who to fill that 12th slot with...

Michael Vick
Lesean Mccoy
Jeremy Maclin
Desean Jackson
Jason Peters (He's not healthy, but he was the best LT in football last year without question (in my mind, of course))
Evan Mathis
Todd Herremans
Jason Babin
Trent Cole
Cullen Jenkins
Nnamdi Asomugha
Dominique-Rodgers Cromartie
(You can also add Brent Celek, OJ Atogwe, DeMeco Ryans, or MIke Patterson to fill in Peters's shoes)

I'm finished, but the Steelers, Ravens, Giants, Bengals, Chargers (debatably), Packers, Bears, Patriots, Jets, Bills (think of their free-agents), 49ers, maybe Chiefs, Broncos, Titans, Lions all have twelve players.

That leaves the Browns, Jaguars, Raiders, Seahawks (besides Lynch, Rice, Clemons, and their corners/safeties, I can't think of anyone else), Cardinals (same as Seattle, although at different positions), Vikings, Bucs (although they're getting there), Dolphins, Redskins, Colts, and Rams who can't match us according to your rubric.

I may be wrong, but this isn't the way we should be thinking moving forward, especially if you look at the list of players of the five teams I analyzed: The Eagles, Falcons, Saints*, and Cowboys, who have more than enough to excel, and they under-accomplished (two didn't even make the postseason, another only scored two points in the postseason, and another lost a shootout against Alex Smith). The Texans, on the other-hand, had a lot of talent, although some star linebackers were hurt (and their quarterback/wide receiver were injured for major parts of their season), and they over-accomplished. I think, if anything, solid depth eclipses star players on certain positions.

Before Tl;dr, basically I nitpicked some rosters, found a lot of good players and refuted the original poster's claim. I'm not playing troll, just being realistic/objective.

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