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#1208725 New York is hopping on the Panthers bandwagon

Posted by Tiger n Miami AU83 on 21 May 2011 - 04:28 PM

I would not be surprised if several of those were AU alumni. The AU message board I go to has several threads about the Panthers and how they are everyone's favorite pro team now.

I would say 50%+ of AU alums leave the state after graduation and go live somewhere else (the state of alabama doesn't have much going for it except Auburn University and Gulf Shores / Orange Beach). When Cam won the heisman there were hundreds of AU fans there and I am sure many are residents. Since I graduated, I have lived in Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and Boca Raton (FL) and spent a couple of summers in Orange Beach.

AU fans needed a franchise to get behind. The Falcons have always been it, but only because it is an hour and a half from AU. There are literally tens of thousands of new Panther fans from the AU fan base easily. And AU fans are pretty passionate and loyal. I'm all Panthers now regardless of how Cam does though I expect he will be successful. With all the crap AU fans and Cam had to put up with last year, I am fired up to see him do well in the NFL and shut the haters up for good (and there are a LOT of them with big mouths, but dumb as hell).

#1203566 Dareus plans to “make it hell” for Broncos for passing on him

Posted by Tiger n Miami AU83 on 17 May 2011 - 06:21 PM

“If I ever get a chance to play Carolina I’m going to make them pay for passing up on me,” Dareus told Michael Irvin on WQAM Monday via BuffaloBills.com. “Denver I’ll get a chance to play them in the regular season and I’m going to make it hell for them every time I play against them.”



You have to understand something, this is ONLY because Carolina took Cam. I am not even sure Dareus was able to sit for a week after the anal raping Cam and AU put on him after spotting his team 24 points at home in his final game at home. Hell, I am not sure he even recorded a tackle after the 24 point lead. He was totally dominated by an offensive line that had 1 7th round draft pick he didn't even have to go against in that game. I am not surprised Dareus is still upset. His embarrassment had to be monumental getting dominated the entire second half while AU went up and down the field on his defense and he couldn't even make a tackle.

If anything he should be thrilled he was drafted before Fairley who dominated him in every single statistical category all year. In fact if you look at all three years with Bama Dareus could not even hold Fairley's jock strap statistically in 2010 and when it counted most, Dareus was a total nonfactor that might as well have sat out the entire second half as his name was not called for anything because he couldn't do anything when his team needed him.

That is all. Cam laughs at Dareus's fat a**.

#1200271 comparing Cam to josh Freemon

Posted by Tiger n Miami AU83 on 15 May 2011 - 03:32 PM

So speed is irrelevant but you have to know when to use it? That makes no sense. And Cam ran what he was told to run at Auburn... often, it wasn't his choice to run first.

And FTR, Josh Freeman is not nearly as fast as Cam.

Cam did run what he was told to run at AU and the vast majority of his runs were designed runs. He really scrambled very little. There were very few passing plays all year where he tucked and run. I would say less than 10 out of hundreds of plays.

Also, I am not sure how many are aware of this, so I will point it out...

After the LSU game when Cam ran for almost 220 yards against the #1 rushing defense in the SEC (along with 198 against Arkansas and 188 against UK the two previous weeks), the Auburn coaches began to call games a bit differently as every team AU played made it their number 1 priority to focus on stopping Cam from running. Here is a breakdown of the second half of the season as far as Cam goes:

Ole Miss: 18-24 for 209 yards, 2 TD's, 0 Int. Only 11 rushes. Cam sat the 4th quarter as we were up about 30 points by then. In Oxford.

UTC: 15-21 for 317 yards, 4 TD's, 0 Int. 1 rush. All in the first half. Cam did not play a single possesion in the 2nd since AU was up 30+ at half.

UGA: 12-15 for 158 yards, 2 TD's, 1 int. The int was on a tipped ball that should have been caught. Another ball was dropped and one pass was thrown out of bounds. Almost a perfect day passing. 150 yards rushing.

Bama: 13-20 passing for 216 yards, 3 TD's, 0 int. Against maybe the best D in the country on the road.

SECCG: 17-28 for 335 yards, 4 TD's, 0 int.

Totals for final 4.25 games (he sat 3 full quarters): 75/108 (70%) for 1235 yards, 15 TD's and 1 Int.
I think Cam did pretty well throwing the ball when the AU coaches let him start throwing more down the stretch.

#1196097 Does Charlotte possess enough swag?

Posted by Tiger n Miami AU83 on 11 May 2011 - 09:44 PM

I was hoping that by drafting Cam most Auburn fans would become Panthers fans since the great state of Alabama doesn't have an NFL team (which is a shame when cities like Jacksonville do).

Well a minority portion of the state has (the better half). The other half (the one you don't want) will probably be anti-Panther.

Anyway, I'm been in Miami for several years but lived in Atlanta after college and never really adopted an NFL team since I had no reason to except living there. For the first time I am really going to be a fan of a team (whether I am wanted or not).

So now I'm ready for the lockout to end so Cam can start really doing what he needs to do and I can follow the Panthers in free agency.

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