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In Topic: NBA Offseason Trade/Free Agency Thread

Today, 01:49 PM

Phoenix has to think that GH is a good player. Too much tape and he has shown limited growth in his 6 seasons?

Id do it but...

In Topic: Justin Blackmon, not Josh Gordon, is now the dumbest player in the NFL

Today, 01:41 PM

Its not phisically addictive...addiction to being high or using Mary to cope with other issues is another thing.

Some people just have an adversion to sobriety despite the costs.

In Topic: Kug to have back surgery Aug 8th, done for year

Today, 01:27 PM

What's the source?

Backpain and overweight.

In Topic: Israel Shelled UN-run school used as shelter in Gaza

Today, 10:41 AM

Lets not be so quick to defend Isreal who are as aggressive and criminal in their own right. They do this all the time. In non Hamas hideouts.

I know Hamas is all kinds of fugged and Isreal is surrounded by folks wanting to blow them into ashes but blind support to Isreal Is not the best policy. I totally think Obama is wise to distance the US a bit from them as he has.

Im mean in the end this is about a holy war about religions and rights to land and the amout of bloodshed over this is obscene.

In Topic: Players check in this morning....

Today, 07:12 AM

Wait I have this black helmet thread I was wanting to start..

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