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a whole lot of kuechly love from the steelers (w/ a little for TD as well)

21 September 2014 - 02:04 AM

i was bored and couldn't sleep and i found this gem while perusing through a thread on a steelers forum.


very good read, imo.




The Force Is With This One

Over the last two seasons combined, the Panthers rank fourth in the NFL against the run and fifth overall defensively.

Remember those good ol' days, Steelers fans?


Yes, while the Steelers were finishing up their era of elite defensive standing, the Panthers ranked 24th overall in the 2010-11 seasons combined.


The seemingly abrupt change in the Panthers' defensive rankings over these last few years is due mainly to the drafting of middle linebacker Luke Kuechly with the ninth pick in 2012.


The NCAA's No. 2 all-time leading tackler (532) in only three seasons at Boston College, the Cincinnati-born Kuechly came to the NFL with the following names attached to the awards he received after his junior season: Dick Butkus, Vince Lombardi, Bronko Nagursky, Ronnie Lott and Jack Lambert.


Yes, there IS a Lambert Award for linebackers, but it's not likely Jack made a personal visit to Boston College to hand Kuechly his trophy the way Butkus did.


"I played against him," Steelers tight end Rob Blanchflower said of UMass's 45-17 loss to Boston College in 2011. "I just remember being very impressed with Kuechly and how good of an athlete he was, always making plays, coverage, blitzing. He was good at everything."


"I don't remember too much," Steelers running back Dri Archer said of Kent State's 26-13 loss to Boston College in 2010. "But I know we had a big game plan for him. He was just like he is now, but he's even better now."


"He's a great player," said Steelers linebacker Sean Spence. "Him being in the ACC I saw him play a lot. I had a chance to play against him. He's everything that everybody says."




"Luke Kuechly is quite simply one of the best in the business," said Mike Tomlin. "I think he is legitimately in the argument of a J.J. Watt in terms of some of the most exciting young football players in our game. There’s nothing that he can’t do. He is good at blitzing. He is good versus backs when he gets on running backs. Backs have a problem from a protection standpoint. He is a sideline-to-sideline tackler. He has innate instincts. He can slip blocks. He can defeat blocks physically. He is great in the passing game in zones and man. There is really nothing he can’t do. He doesn’t have many holes in his game as a linebacker."


"And you've got Thomas Davis right next to him," said Haley. "Those two are really the cornerstone of the defense as you watch on tape. They're in the middle of the action down in and down out. Up front they have a great rotation. But I would say it starts with 59 in the middle."


Davis, the weakside OLB in the Panthers' 4-3, leads the team with 22 tackles, with Kuechly trailing by three. Last season, Kuechly made 176 tackles to lead Davis and the rest of the team by 25.


read the whole thing: http://pit.scout.com...h-this-one?s=68



Panthers' Benjamin focused on clicking with Cam, not replacing Smith

31 May 2014 - 09:20 PM

short read. nice and fluffy. still very good stuff to be hearing from the young giant.


LOS ANGELES — Kelvin Benjamin understands the external pressure to become the Carolina Panthers' replacement for Steve Smith.

But Benjamin doesn't really understand the direct comparison.


For starters, Benjamin dwarfs Smith. At 6-5 and 240 pounds, Benjamin looks more like a tight end or pass rusher than a wide receiver. He stands as tall as his new quarterback, Cam Newton, and has shoulders nearly as broad as those of Jadeveon Clowney.


"We're totally two different receivers," Benjamin said while comparing himself to Smith, the 5-9, 185-pound firebrand who set most of Carolina's significant receiving records over 13 seasons before being released in March.




"I have to really come in and be focused. I have to grow even faster as a player. I don't have much time for error, can't really say, 'Oh I'm a rookie,' " Benjamin told USA TODAY Sports at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere.


"I really have to come in and have a veteran mentality."




"Really, I mean I could say I want to be rookie of the year. But really all I want to do is win. I feel like if we win, I will win rookie of the year. But I just want a Super Bowl," Benjamin said.




"We're building that chemistry," Benjamin said. "He needs to know I've got his back."

there's a little bit more to the article that i almost posted, but i didn't want to quote the whole article and it's worth the click, imo.


good to see he's not willing to sit back and redshirt his rookie year or make excuses. he's demanding from himself to come in and act like a veteran player. i like to see that bar set high.


it's also really good seeing about that chemistry building with cam going on. i'm really hoing we have something special getting ready to start this year between these two guys.

interesting thoughts on the direction the pats and the league might be going

15 May 2014 - 03:55 PM

at least according to evan silva on twitter a couple days ago.



Evan Silva @evansilva May 13

#Patriots drafted 3 power O-Linemen, a running back, and 3 defensive players. Pretty nice hint at how they see their team going forward.


Something to chew on as NFL teams continue to build defenses specifically for subpackages: What's best way for an offense to defeat "sub" D?


Because the whole point is to beat the other guy. So when defenses are loading up on small guys for "sub", what's the best way to beat that?


So while ppl keep talking about the "passing league," the smart teams are building to run right over the teams building to defend the pass.


NFL: Cyclical matchup-based "numbers" league where volume run teams already king & others will copycat. "Passing league" owned by run teams.


i hate them, but the patriots somehow tend to stay ahead of trends...at least offensively, which is a huge part of the reason they've been so successful for so long.


one person commenting on silva's thoughts about the pats "new" direction is that this will likely add a few more years to brady's career (gag) because they will be relying more on the run game than brady's arm.


for anyone that has been following football for longer than this past decade, you will have noticed the cyclical nature of the league. the pats were at the forefront when the passing game started really taking over and were the first team to start adopting the spread offense philosophies that so many within the league said would never work in the pros while the pats and other teams were setting records and making trips to the playoffs and the superbowl using the spread.


for the most part, the reason that pass heavy teams were so successful were because of the rules protecting the passing game. but another huge reason was that defenses were slow to learn how to stop pass heavy teams because they were still operating under the mindset that the game is built around the run game and job #1 is to stop the run. offenses got faster and ran/passed circles around defenses.


defenses have started to adapt and have gotten leaner and faster to stop the passing game and are using more nickel and dime packages with smaller defensive players on the field.


now, since teams are for the most part totally embracing pass first/heavy football and defenses are more gearing to stop it, it makes sense that the passing game start to take a backseat (or at least be de-emphasized) and start running an offense built to take advantage of the smaller defenses being fielded.


in essence, power football is likely to make a return in a very short amount of time.


as far as the panthers are concerned, i think the defense is being built in such a way that they are ready for anything. we know we for the most part run a base 4-3 D, but we don't see 4-3 on the field. we usually see DL and 2 LBs. that may start balancing out this year somewhat. that front line, though, is built to stop the pass and the run and the LBs we field are solid at both as well. we also seem to be breaking away from the midget DB mold we somehow fell into and are leaning towards 6'+ guys.


here's where i think we might have an issue.


we have had a reputation for about as long as we've been around as a power-run first team. two things we've prided ourselves on in the past, a big OL and productive RBs (although we didn't really have much in the way of 1k yard rushers until dwill, we still were near the top in rushing yards and TDs pretty regularly).


we were still at the top in rushing yards and did pretty well with rushing TDs last year, but we all know that has more to do with the cam newton threat than our RBs and OL. tolbert has done really well, esp. in short yardage/goalline situations, but for the most part our run game has been pretty bad and ineffective.


i like gettleman's philosophy of getting hog mollies and i think he's done a good job of getting them on defense, but aside from trai turner, it's pretty much been a bunch of big fat guys. the size has been there, but the quality hasn't...or at the very least they've been hurt a lot.


i think we have the makings of a very solid interior OL. kalil is one of the best in the league. trai turner will be in very short time. i think the competition for the other side is solid enough to make us one of the best interior OLs in the league. i like silatolu and kugbilla and think between those two (contrary to common perception in here) we are set...as long as at least one of them can get/stay healthy.


i think the group of RBs we have is more than adequate enough and even if we can manage to rid ourselves of the burden of one or two of the contracts that weigh around our necks, that the guys we have should put us back at the top.


what we need, though, is on the outside. i know this is going to sound like i'm beating a dead horse, but we need a lot of help ontthe outside and i'm not at all satisfied with the lack of attention it's been getting. we aren't too far away from being a complete and dominant team who can beat opponents in any phase, but the thing that is going to be holding us back is OT on both sides.


before you start thinking that this is just another bitchfest, i'm excited that we seem to be going forward and building for the  future....something that wasn't the case in the fox/hurney era.


the issue i have is that i don't see any sense of urgency in strengthening OT. it might be there, but it more seems like rivera/gettleman are content to maintain the status quo which is weak and without depth or real and legit competiton.


my hope is that i'm wrong about things (which wouldn't surprise me) and either bell at LT and chandler at RT are going to be good or gettleman does have a sense of urgency and he's got an eye on several potential FAs that could step in right away and that he's got the cap space and eagerness to get them here.


i do think, tho, that we are headed in the right direction and while we may have been slow getting to the whole pass heavy party, we might be set up perfectly for a return to a more power run game focused era that is just around the bend.

Greg Hardy has left the building....

10 January 2014 - 01:41 PM

and the krakan is in residence.



we all know the guy is a different character in the days leading up to the game.


seems like he's not easing into it, but has come out in more beast mode than i can remember.


yesterday it was this...


"Anybody that goes against me is going to have a bad day. I'm a really, really angry person. I've got a bad attitude. So, it's one of those things, you know."




now today it's


jjones9 1:16pm via Twitter for iPhone

Greg Hardy: If you don't stop me, I'm going to break your quarterback's face


of course there will be those in here with corn cobs up their butt who don't like this kind of thing...but it's the krakan. it's awesome.


the thing i love is that the players who have been talking either have a huge chip on their shoulders (see capt. munnerlynn's comments in another thread) or are just violently mad.


one thing that is for sure...this team isn't taking this game lightly. they aren't looking ahead. they are looking to do some serious damage this week.


and i absolutely love it.


ps...sorry if the title scared you. hugs.

get ready for the ric flair Whoooo! during the game next week...

03 January 2014 - 04:55 PM


BobbyRosinski 4:53pm via TweetDeck

David Newton tells us that Drayton Florence, Mike Mitchell & Captain recorded a Ric Flair Wooo! to play during the game next Sunday


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