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Greg Hardy has left the building....

10 January 2014 - 01:41 PM

and the krakan is in residence.



we all know the guy is a different character in the days leading up to the game.


seems like he's not easing into it, but has come out in more beast mode than i can remember.


yesterday it was this...


"Anybody that goes against me is going to have a bad day. I'm a really, really angry person. I've got a bad attitude. So, it's one of those things, you know."




now today it's


jjones9 1:16pm via Twitter for iPhone

Greg Hardy: If you don't stop me, I'm going to break your quarterback's face


of course there will be those in here with corn cobs up their butt who don't like this kind of thing...but it's the krakan. it's awesome.


the thing i love is that the players who have been talking either have a huge chip on their shoulders (see capt. munnerlynn's comments in another thread) or are just violently mad.


one thing that is for sure...this team isn't taking this game lightly. they aren't looking ahead. they are looking to do some serious damage this week.


and i absolutely love it.


ps...sorry if the title scared you. hugs.

get ready for the ric flair Whoooo! during the game next week...

03 January 2014 - 04:55 PM


BobbyRosinski 4:53pm via TweetDeck

David Newton tells us that Drayton Florence, Mike Mitchell & Captain recorded a Ric Flair Wooo! to play during the game next Sunday


saints @ panthers tickets resale is second highest in the league this week

19 December 2013 - 09:57 AM

pretty cool little thing from david newton about how big this game is according to ticket resale prices


CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Just how big is Sunday's game between the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints in which the NFC South title and a first-round bye are at stake?

According to SeatGeek.com, fans are paying an average of $212 per ticket on the secondary market.

That is the most in demand for a Carolina home game since at least 2009, when the organization began monitoring NFL ticket resales.

It tops last year's home game against the Dallas Cowboys, which drew an average resale of $206 per ticket. According to SeatGeek.com, games against the Cowboys typically are high because of their national following -- especially in smaller markets such as Charlotte.

Sunday's ticket resale is 15 percent higher than the $185 per ticket for Carolina's Monday night home game against the New England Patriots earlier this season.

Less than two months ago, tickets for this game were going for an average of $75 on the resale market. The current resale average is 20 percent higher than it was when New Orleans hosted Carolina two weeks ago at the Superdome for $176 per ticket.

Demand is up 80 percent from the average Carolina home game this year. The average resale has been $118, the 18th highest in the NFL.

Only the Atlanta at San Francisco game for $355 per ticket ranks higher this weekend, and that is because it's likely the time the 49ers play a home game at Candlestick Park unless they somehow host a playoff game.

Some fans are paying as high as $1,000 per ticket behind the Carolina bench.




GREAT article on Cam: "Don't Call It Redemption"

12 December 2013 - 12:38 PM

i'm only going to post a little bit of this article so that you will actually have to click the link and read it because it's one of the few articles in here worth clicking and that deserves it.


that said...i love it because it blows wide open that silly little narrative about cam that the players have obviously grown tired of so much so that they avoid answering questions about it.


which narrative? the "maturing" one. the one that infers that he was some immature little entitled kid when he was drafted and that lasted through the last couple years, but all of a sudden he grew out of which resulted in the season we see.


Only 18 seconds into Sunday night's game, the word maturing descended from the NBC booth. Al Michaels uttered it as Cam Newton prepared to take his first snap. Somewhere, a drinking game halted immediately. Michaels had set a pace that threatened liver function.


When the Carolina Panthers appeared on the playoff radar last month, the redemption red carpet rolled out for Newton, in spite of the murkiness of said redemption and the plain truth that he was not the primary reason for the team's advance into contention.


Blame the QB-centric media and widespread suspicions about Newton when he became the top draft pick of 2011. A staggering rookie season undid the theory that Newton lacked the tools of a pro, but confirmation bias being what it is, his critics mined soft data from his first two seasons to underscore their original point.




"Just in his third year, he's getting better and better," Collinsworth said.


He didn't need to use the "m" word. He wasn't talking about Newton outgrowing obnoxiousness or learning to project the right image. He was just talking about a football player growing in his job. We can all drink to that, can't we?


CLICK HERE: http://www.sportsone...ticle/64533534/

coaches and players alike, when asked about it and they actually answer the question have said that newton is essentially the same guy he was when he got here...not that he hasn't grown some in his role in the team, but in that he wasn't "that bad" of a kid in the first place. he wasn't the guy the media was painting him as.


i just thought it was good to see this written by an outsider.

rivera: "This was a very humbling experience ... Maybe we got a little full of ours...

09 December 2013 - 03:33 PM

per people at his press conference today.


other tidbits...


jjones9 3:06pm via Twitter for iPhone

Jonathan Stewart MCL out this week. Rivera not sure if it's torn. Knows it's not acl. "We will see how he is in 10 days"


Panthers 3:07pm via Web

Ron Rivera on Stewart's MCL injury: “It was not the ACL – that much I know, which is huge.”


josephperson 3:09pm via Twitter for iPhone

Rivera: "As I told them last night, this was a humbling experience."...said Panthers erred on "fundamental stuff."


Panthers 3:09pm via Web

Ron Rivera says the loss to the Saints was humbling and he expects the #Panthers to be ready on Sunday.


Panthers 3:11pm via Web

Rivera on #NYJvsCAR: "We'll have a good week of practice, we'll be home and we'll have good fan support. Our guys will be zeroed in."


Panthers 3:15pm via Web

Rivera says there are things the #Panthers can certainly improve upon. "It was at team loss and we have to play better as a team."


Panthers 3:16pm via Web

Rivera expects G Chris Scott to return this week.


Panthers 3:18pm via Web

Rivera says there were no serious injuries after last night’s game. Jonathan Stewart's MCL injury was the only cause for concern.


Panthers 3:18pm via Web

Rivera: “The most important game is the one we are about to play.”


josephperson 3:19pm via Web

When pressed on Stewart, Rivera said it might be Week 17 before he plays realistically. That's assuming no tear.

(read this as person annoying the piss out of rivera asking if stewart might be out until the end of the season and rivera grunting before going to the next person that didn't annoy him so much)


josephperson 3:31pm via Web

Rivera on the humbling experience in New Orleans: "Maybe we got a little full of ourselves and thought we were capable of just showing up."



i'll post more if i see it.



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